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  1. Last years sim max with the ventus 5r will work and the price is around 400.
  2. Eight year layoff. You should be due a bit of beginners luck. the 5.5 s are older and heavier shafts. Maybe a change is warranted but, a change now while your swing is changing might not be in your best interest as it seems your physical issues are still at hand. Get some lessons geared towards where you are now and then work with them towards gear that works better for you. welcome back to the game but try to fix your swing so it doesn’t hurt. Till then stay put.
  3. I put g710 in the bag 4-U. So, i kinda have hybrids all the way to my wedges.
  4. I think my SIM Max driver is getting me to places to use my Ping G710 irons or my RTX Raw wedges to stick it close and use my Mizuno V Putter with the P2 Grip to score. Lots of love for everything in the bag now so it's hard to pick a favorite. But, I have been driving the ball really well since the SIM MAX went in the bag. I mean I will try things out here and there but really nothing beats it right now. I did chop an inch off the butt of the stock Ventus Red and added a heavier weight to it from billy bobs and it's been far more consistent for me than anything I have tried to beat it with.
  5. I put G710 in the bag one year ago. They define the genre in many ways except I don’t they are ugly. My handicap is down and I now hover about 0-3 since the new handicap system has been in place. There are so many myths that I just can’t confirm with my results over the last year: Low spin and they won’t hold a green. Wrong wrong wrong. I can and do back the ball up when I need to. And still get the you backed it up as a compliment even though I was short to begin with. Bounce on hard pan will ruin shots. Again wrong. They work as well for me as any other clubs I’ve used over the many years I’ve played. They sound bad, I’ve will admit a bad swing will get a loud sound. Do like a good one though and watching a bad one still go as wanted is rewarding in a different way. so I’m a fanboy with probably as many or more years playing this game as most here. If you play a forgiving 460 driver why not play forgiving irons as well.
  6. I’m back again. Tried many times to find a better ball or at least less expensive. last was the divide. Really liked them for practice and it was easy to find and I did not hit a wrong Ball while they were in play. Went to get more but dicks was sold out so I tried the new proV1 in yellow. They play so nice feel so good and will stay pretty till you take one off a path. Played four rounds and was on the fifth with one ball till it found water on the 16th at my course. dam, four rounds and still in play makes for a less costly ball doesn’t it. anyways playing the t again for the whatyith time.
  7. I’ve noticed that the one I borrow from my partner works best.
  8. Been playing the g710 for about a year now. They sound great to my ear when I flush em. Sound good on a near miss and warn you not to do that on bigger misses. Most of those non flushed shots will still be in play. Hope you continue to enjoy em.
  9. Just get an old Nike Sasquatch and hit it on the range before you hit the ping. the ping will then sound good to you.
  10. I wonder if batting gloves would work for you, they are similar to a golf glove but a thicker leather. next time you're in a sporting goods store try a pair on.
  11. I put a P2 on my V and am making a lot of good putts. the p2 is a heavy weight and the V’s sweet spot seems to have shrunk a tad but everything is rolling down my line and a perfect stroke is just a rewarding feel. being able to change things with the weight kit is really nice, Mizuno is leading the way I think. Bet others will be doing a similar thing soon.
  12. Will be following this. Have the same wonder. So far I believe the max requires a really good fit with the shaft. I tried it with a regular ping shaft and it was to high spin. I Went with a Taylor with their version of a Ventus ( which is a 10 for me).
  13. Petty much what I thought, but they were out of stock.
  14. As they come into the bag, if they feel ok, they stay but as I change them I always put on iomics. Question, does anyone use thirteen different colors. Just another quick check to insure your swinging the right club. Quick peek and it hey this isn’t the right part of the rainbow.
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