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  1. We will differ on the face being shallow. here is a good starting point for shaft changes.
  2. I think you’re looking at it wrong. Yes a better ball might cost a tad more but I believe it gives me a better shot to win a bet. Short game is where I save or loose strokes. A ball I can spin adds that possibility to my short game.
  3. Quick wonder. I had always thought the lighter the shaft the heavier the head. That to put a head from a graphite shafted iron on to a steel shaft you would end up with a high swing weight I have dynamic gold 105 r shafts in mine and I think the flight very similar to my old ie1 with dg gold s300. So if loving the x95 but want a bit low or flight try the dg105. and last I don’t think of the g710 as a shallow faced iron.
  4. I play at a club where many of the members have use of a single cart through the winter. Cart covers and a heater are pretty big game changers. This years covid restrictions will have a say, everyone wants to be in a covered cart by themselves. Otherwise I go with long johns, lined pants, Wool Socks and Hothands Toe warmers top is a base layer, shirt, sweater and a down sweater. Hothands hand warmers for the front pocket are essential. the slick fabric and compressible down make these Down Sweater things perfect for cold weather golf. My old patagonia las
  5. Mizuno t7 were nice and can still be found in great shape. Haven’t hit the t20 but looks similar to the t7. Probably going to feel like a mizuno, which isn’t a bad thing. I haven’t seen some of the things out there people have in their bags. The random grind things look cool.
  6. I kinda remember it as about a half shaft offset but can’t recall a number. They were my first set of pings.
  7. 2Down

    Ping ie1

    Played ie1 for a season. I had dgs300 in mine and don’t think you can’t find a more stabile feel through the ball. Very soft nothing feel when struck well. I just put g710 with dg105 regular in the bag and it is a different feel. very lively but I’ve learned to love it. Think the i500 feel much the same as the g710 so be ready for a big change in feel when you get the 500.
  8. I played one for a bit loved the alignment but never got right with the weight. Four five footers were easy but my lag putts were way off. I went back to my old anser f which is far lighter and easier to swing for me. if the weight is right to you I’d say get it. Love the fetch part. Think it’s played on tour by good old what’s his name I have my eye out for a light mallet with a bit of toe drop but everyone seems to make them heavier than I want.
  9. I’ve always played played through the year and I have always played the same bag. check out the Wilson duo urethane once it’s really cold. Then enjoy your longest drives ever once the ground is frozen. If you ride get a cart cover and a heater they make a world of difference. Otherwise walking will keep you warmer.
  10. My bag has changed through this year. I was in MP5 last year at this time and could win when my game was on. But I also still played when my game was a bit off to completely gone. So I started to tinker when my game was on. I've always thought it was better to change things when you’re on rather than try to fix some flaw with equipment. First try was some old ping I series and then on to ie1 and now I have G710. I still know when I’ve struck it well. I still have days where Im off. But my bets are paying off more often now. So no I don’t think there is s
  11. I don’t think drivers in general hold their value. Putters sometimes if you get lucky.
  12. X = G710 (5-U) and my handicap dropped ½ point in a month. and that included scores from courses I don’t play often. satisfied customer = yes.
  13. Played well with the 400lst driver for a long while but switched to the 410+ looking for a bit straighter and got it. Was a bit longer with the lst every once in a while but I am more consistent with the plus. Will be giving the 425 max a look. I can always use any little bit better for my game. Tiny increments for sure but I think Ping actually does it a bit better with each iteration and my game can always use better.
  14. Back home and have played them more now. These are a big change from last year at this time. Mizuno MP5 were in the bag. I’m still adapting. I have: grown to appreciate the feel with a good strike. A lively sweet feel at the other end of the ping spectrum than my ie1 which had a nothing here feel on a good strike. not experienced the fliers I see others report with sgi things. found I can work the ball and flight it pretty well. Dropped my handicap come to an understanding with the arccos grips but they will probably be gone soon. Like the
  15. So small headed bullet baller as many mentioned, cobra f8+. I played one for over a year but it has since been replaced with a ping g410. I find it a more flexible tool in my bag. I’ve since gone pretty much all ping in the bag as the woods were so good for me.
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