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  1. 2Down

    Raw wedge

    I tried a Cleveland rtx 56° raw a bit ago and quickly ended up with a 52° and 60°. all with the spinner gold shaft and mid bounce. Love the look and feel of these guys
  2. Wondering how many times I’ve posted in this ever lengthening thread. this time it’s a Mizuno M-craft V. Have the lightest weights in and put a heavier P2 grip on it. Putted well with it yesterday.
  3. I changed Irons a bit ago and while I haven't seen a huge change I believe things have stayed the same, and that's a good thing. First and foremost I have maintained a fairly low handicap as I age. I think that, in a similar fashion, while I'm not longer with driver X from nowadays compared to the ago days Driver I am near as long as I once was. Modern drivers have helped me stay long, so far. Now I believe the same is true with my irons, modern distance drivers and irons have helped me. Thanks
  4. I25 up to i200 with dg s300 sounds cool. The cavity looks nicer to my eye without all the appliqués decals and stuff in the i25 cavity.
  5. 6’4” and have several length putters in my stable, stabile may be the wrong term given that I’m not even close to stabilizing on one. I putt best with a shorter putter but can’t practice as long with it. Practice is maybe the most important part of a good putter Currently in the bag is a mizuno V at 34”, which feels great and seems intent on staying in the bag for a bit.
  6. Get the lead tape ready. The midsize are a bit heavier than the regulars and might make the heads feel a bit light, or not.
  7. SIM max 10.5 w/ ventus red 5r. Ping 410 5 set at 16°.
  8. I go Driver Five Wood then a bunch of G710. the 710 is sold as an iron but really what is the difference in their construction vs a hybrid,
  9. # 26. who played without a putter
  10. If you can find them the old STX putters had a rubber insert. They might work for you. Some odd shapes but also traditional can be found.
  11. Last October I put new G710 in the bag. Since then the old Adam’s super hybrid was changed to another G710 4 iron. Then the three wood left and the five wood was set to its lowest setting then the driver changed and then finally all the wedges. The 710 were a big changed from previous irons and the whole bag was adjusted to them over the last year. Biggest change from my bags in the past was the dropped three wood and setting up the five wood as a kinda weak four (Callaway sold strong fours which was a three wood shaft in a four I went with the five wood shaft).
  12. 2Down

    Wedge issues

    The rtx zipcore. I got a 56° Raw mid and loved it. Quickly put in raw mid 52° & 60°. Love the raw look and the feel these have on a solid hit is exactly what I want.
  13. My favorite club is always the next club I pull. if you have a favorite you’ll try to use it in situations where another club is the right choice. Don’t have favorites have the right tool instead. so that’s how I should be thinking but there is a new favorite wedge. The Cleveland rtx 56° quickly led me to purchase the 52 & 60° to have the top of the bag looking and preforming as good as it ever has.
  14. I just put a mizuno in the bag. The V so not quite the one you like but I will add that the weights you get with the Mizuno are a nice touch. Not that they make up for the cost but I was able to put on a grip and set the weight as I wanted. I was down in Myrtle and was putting poorly so off I went to the store. Spent and hour and a half putting with a rotation to find the winner. Cleveland was a runner up as I really liked the sink fit grips they use. I recently did go with Cleveland rtx tour rack at the top of the bag, Cleveland has stepped up their game quite a bit recently.
  15. I recall hearing somewhere that at some point the ping anser was shafted with a one iron shaft. Don’t recall the flex. Do recall people loving feel.
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