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  1. Red X2. Yea. It arrives tomorrow but here’s pics second swing had up Seems there is a red x run going on
  2. and found a Red X2. a 330Gm Mallet with alignment features I like. scotty may have borrowed an idea here and see more said see you in court. from what I hear its called the lawsuit putter. anyways its one of those putters I lusted after back in the day and now here it, well its on its way to me. I was surprised they used Fed ex for the standard shipping, its scheduled to arrive Monday.
  3. Had to set the wayback machine to 2004 to find a 330gm mallet Red X2. Not in hand yet but so looking forward to its arrival. I was surprised they used fed ex for the free shipping. Due in my hands Monday. Will post a few when I get it.
  4. Never mind, doesn’t matter anymore, found a red x at second swing and it is on the way.
  5. 2Down

    ISI vs eye2

    The toe looks a bit different. Looks higher to me but it’s more the shape probably. good luck
  6. Here in the mid atlantic it’s often twice a year. In the spring after everything starts growing again and fall before things go dormant. But it’s not set in stone and it’s not always just a half inch hole, new equipment these days and the greens are back pretty quick.
  7. Here in the mid atlantic it’s often twice or more a year. In the spring after everything starts growing again and fall before things go dormant. But it’s not set in stone and not always those big a** holes. new equipment is pretty cool and the greens heal pretty quickly
  8. You could add some tennis grip tape to it, play it a few rounds, see if larger helps you. then, if no noticeable difference you still have a scotty with the original grip which seems to be important to some if you ever sell it.
  9. Been looking at old Scotty Red X mallets, the weight on the 35" is where I like and I like the setup a lot and they feel really good to me. I have seen a few Futura Phantom Mallets about. I like the stainless rod bent to the shape of the mallets I'm liking, they do look forgiving. Anyone know how much the heads weigh? the 35" Red X I like is 330gm is the Futura mallet the same? Thanks
  10. find out when they plan to aerate the greens. Delay changes til then.
  11. I went and had a Glide stealth es 58º bent to 60º. Now its a ten degree bounce and plays a bit less strict with a full shot. still works well in the sand and around the green for me. have had a few friends who played the game well and often they had wedges flatter than the rest of their bag, seems to work for me. Guessing a bit flat brings the bounce into play better for my delivery, specially if your doing heel grinds and stuff like that.
  12. I go back and forth to each end of the teeter-totter. On the forgive side, Ping is in the bag, My exacting side prefers Mizuno blades. Past exact were MP 5, tied my low round - previously held by MP 68. Forgive list is a long one from I's G's S's up to my current G710 as sig shows When on I really like blades but I feel I am a bit more consistent with Pings. they would have probably tied or lowered the record several times but for whatever putter was in the bag.
  13. 4. Taylormade driver then Ping down to my wedges where a Mizuno t7 52º hides out then a Ram Zebra
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