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  1. Hum. I went from taylormade tpmb 14 to the MP5. The mb I recal as slightly softer feeling than the mp5s livelier feel. The mp forgave a mistake a tad better. course you can toss my thoughts as I now game g710.
  2. I have an old ping Kushin that just feels wonderful to me. I use an anser, which also has a sound slot, and it feels nice but not as nice as the kushin to me. I line up the anser better I suppose. I love practice with the kushin though (it’s the one that’s home for carpet time). is your gamer the best feeling you’ve tried?
  3. The new ones are heavier, really, you look and see a near identical design don’t you. For me the heavier the putter the softer the feel but it is harder to get the speed right. I like an accelerating stroke but tend to get a bit of a snatch or flinch trying to get a heavy thing to the right speed.
  4. 2Down

    Anser question

    Thank you. would you also know if the silicon bronze ones are as well. Also have an old ti pixel anser f that I want to change slightly.
  5. 2Down

    Anser question

    Have an old anser that is manganese bronze,,, I think. I was wondering about slight bends to it. Is that metal somewhat soft and bendable or more like the old isi or eye2 bc heads that can’t be bent.
  6. Pick up an old anser for next to nothing and see if it works for you. I did it a while back and am pleased. The lighter weight and the sound slot insure you feel every putt.
  7. 2Down

    Ping ie1

    You’ll lose the same in bounce on every club. Set will play different. Better to just say now I hit a 7, 150.
  8. I think a shaft and loft combo that’s right for me regardless the brand will be the unicorn I seek I will be looking at mizuno and srixon in my quest
  9. Arcoss came with my ping purchase. I like it but it doesn’t have a way to input that you hit a knock down or three quarter or any other variant. It then computes your smart distance based on that it sensed you hit an eight or whatever. So yea it’s works but it needs a long time or many reps to get the smart numbers you can look at with a feeling they are relevant. Still it’s great info, it’s not yet perfect but it keeps getting better. Love the range finder on my watch part and I like looking at the strokes gained section.
  10. I’m not in that shaft but I do play the G710 with a dg 105 r300. I just ordered the four iron to match my set and will be getting rid of my trusty old Adam’s hybrid. The 710 are easier to play than hybrids for me. I was surprised as that old Adam’s has been in the bag for a long time. Anyways, good luck with them.
  11. I’m out already. Ordered a four iron to complete my g710 set. Out with an Adam’s 9031 and in with an easier to play iron.
  12. Ping recently is in the no graphite camp as the glue weight is to high. But looking at the rapture they were using twice as much with all the webbing in the top. did work for me and I’m a Spider-Man fan from way back, double win.
  13. Small changes here and there over all but for the finish. The hydro pearl finish seems to work. The stealth glides are kinda halfway between.
  14. I’ve had my set for a couple of months now and yesterday I finally decided to get the old Adam’s hybrid out of the bag and ordered a four iron from ping to match my set. I’ve waited patiently for two days now. Hope it comes soon, I’m not sure how much longer I can wait.
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