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  1. Boost vs. insole - that's interesting information and does shed some light on the marketing of Boost. However, it doesn't matter to me what causes them to be the most comfortable golf shoe going, the entire Tour360 line has been amazing since inception. I do notice that they are heavier than my Gallivanters, Roshe's, and Puma Ignite's. For me, they are the most comfortable AND they looked really great. Sporty enough to look athletic, but clean lines and traditional enough to work that way as well. Just a fantastic all-round line of golf shoes. I think the ZG21 has lost a bit of that loo
  2. I just wish they didn't look like the $49.99 Adidas traxions you can buy all day on Budget Golf. They just didn't nail this design for me. But I agree with you on everything else; and Boost is the best thing going in a golf shoe, IMO.
  3. Follow up: I sent an email, got the auto-reply but then a follow-up today saying they wouldn't have my order ready until May 18th. That's 3 months total wait time. Cancelled the order, that's not reasonable. Again, some people have real problems and I'll obviously get wedges elsewhere.
  4. I'm 7 weeks today into a WedgeWorks order, and I'm not thrilled about it. It is what it is, I guess. Some people have real problems, but it is a bit frustrating.
  5. Shop for sales, man. J.Crew, Bonobos, and VVines all have great sales from time to time. Sign up for their email mailing lists and keep an eye out - if you move quick it's not uncommon at all to get these for 1/2 that a pair - sometimes less.
  6. Nelly; what color are the Greyson pieces? I can't tell if they are navy or purple. Thanks!
  7. Peter Millar, Bonobos Golf, and vineyard Vines all have really nice 8" inseam golf shorts.
  8. I got an email from Callaway for the 150% trade-in, not linked to a demo day.
  9. Agreed, Q. Seems similar in price point and style to Peter Millar. Problem is, they don't have the kind of rep in the marketplace that Millar currently has. I think it's going to be tough sledding.
  10. I wouldn't say he's fat.... but I wouldn't call him fit either.
  11. That's not good at all. The treads don't even have wear on them. Not a good look by Adidas on this one, that's a bummer.
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