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  1. Togatown22

    2020 US Open

    Same. I think what may be meant by 'not having to change the course to host a major' for WF basically means grow rough longer + make greens a bit faster. I think its a very fair course from tee to green, even for mid handicappers.
  2. They are great tees; very durable. As someone said above the 'cup' chips a bit, but I can easily get through a round with a single tee. Really unique colors too, I find myself ordering from them a lot... my tee stash is growing!
  3. Wow I definitely remember that username from back in the day. Wob; pass along some good thoughts from me, he was a solid contributor here for sure.
  4. But it was just a matter of time. It's a numbers game. The Tour is administering almost 400 tests at the beginning of the week. Those 400 people then interact with the world, each other, and travel to the next city. I'm surprised we only have one positive test so far, actually. Plus, as someone else mentioned, they happen to be playing in parts of the country where cases have been on the rise recently; places that have re-opened things like restaurants and stores. I don't think it's a joke; it spreads very easily, most people know that by now don't they?
  5. Yep; great catch! I think they look pretty slick. I'm interested to hear more about them.
  6. That's a little strange; guys who have been here that long, with that many feedbacks don't get banned all that often. I think you could name him here without it being a smear campaign. Someone may have an idea about why he was banned.
  7. I have 3 pair of Gallivanters; I think they are the most comfortable golf shoes I own. Every time I wear a pair of them I'm amazed at how light they feel on my feet, as they look like a heavier, traditional golf shoe such as the FJ Classic Dry Premiers (I still love them too!). They are lighter in weight than Icons and and Tour Boost 360's. I have had zero issues with water, and though the spikes are aggressive, I don't have a problem knocking them together a few times and maybe picking a few leaves out with a tee during a round.
  8. 100% Pima cotton golf shirts are my favorite if it has to be cotton for golf. Pique cotton is just not a great material for a moving around activity like golf. It also shrinks and doesn't fit right after about 10 washes.
  9. Nice looking irons. Just remove the yellow paint fill in the cavity and they will look real slick in the bag too!
  10. It's nice to see K59 back. I had some good success buying from them their first time around.
  11. That sounds nuts to me. The best reason to ship USPS is Priority. It wouldn't even occur to me to not use Priority; do you even get a tracking number w/o Priority?
  12. Amazing work; very impressive. You have a lot of talent!
  13. I don't see why this thread would be locked before pics are posted by the OP of the returned putter, once he receives it back. Seems to me that's the crux of the whole thread.
  14. I find the Kjus rain gear is on the slim side, definitely not baggy at all. I just got the Pro 3L 2.0 rain pants and I really like the quality and fit of them. They are pricey, but I figure these should last a long time.
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