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  1. You should invite him to this thread, via PM.
  2. Mavrik 3 hybrid, 18 degrees. Project X Catalyst 65 shaft, 5.5 flex. Golf Pride white tour wrap grip. Pics show condition, club shows virtually no signs of use has been used for 3 rounds probably 10 balls total. $165 OBRO shipped/ paypaled USPS priority w/ tracking. I'll make other shipping arrangements if seller wants to negotiate that. First to Paypal gets item. New stock headcover included. EDIT: Apologies for sideways pics, not sure why that happened.
  3. Spackler is back in stock in both colors!
  4. Agreed with the above - sizing is inconsistent. Great shirts, but they need to be purchased in person unfortunately.
  5. Did acetone take the black paintfill out, or something else? I find it really hard to read the loft due to the font of the numbers.
  6. Swiftwick makes a good wool (merino I think) golf sock too. Sounds weird but super comfortable and durable. I'm a fan of Balega hidden comfort socks. They aren't cheap but they last and are super comfortable. Obviously if you wear pure white socks they are going to look a lot more "destroyed" than a gray or other colored sock will.
  7. Update - Arrived today. 7 weeks + 1 day. Long time to wait but I'm happy now as long as they spec properly when I pick them up in an hour!
  8. There are also tons of videos that show just how substantial the difference is - across the face / outside of the sweet spot. The center is the center; problem is most of us don't hit it there all the time.
  9. I agree with above poster - newer drivers are "faster" across the face than those of 12+ years ago. That's where most of the improvements are happening, outside of the sweet spot. Also, having the ability to dial in the launch and spin characteristics that can help folks get the most out of a particular head/shaft combo has changed things substantially.
  10. Ordered MP20 HMB's with Steelfibers and GP MCC Align's on 3/11 from my Mizuno fitter / local pro. He was invoiced about 10 days ago but we still haven't seen them. Tomorrow will be 7 weeks total.
  11. They are legit - I would be stunned if you had any issues.
  12. I'd advise you to call and ask. I ordered SM8's (stock shafts, initial stamped) back in early March and was quoted 6-8 weeks. My pro followed up a week ago and they told him late May-early June. I cancelled them. Picked up Mizuno T20's instead.
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