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  1. Anyone know if it is possible to buy the 2016 Shell Houston Open telecast anywhere. Can you purchase it or acquire it from the network? Thank you!
  2. [quote name='mizunostaffer' timestamp='1441108258' post='12244110'] Triceps rather than biceps [/quote] Do you think doing triceps exercises in the gym would help?
  3. My arms are collapsing during the backswing. What are some good drills to create and maintain width in the backswing? Thank you!
  4. I have large hands and play normal grips. Has anyone switched to midsize grips and seen the clubface open up or become more square with the change to midsize?
  5. How was Oak Tree National? Looking at doing US Open Qualifying there.
  6. Ive been on one a couple times. It is basically a board with a felt like material that leaves the ball trail. It is a great training aid as well. Many people hit too much up on their putts which hits the ball into the ground and it begins bouncing.
  7. Anyone have any good drills or tips on how to create/get more depth in the backswing?
  8. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1423544740' post='10922633'] Try to make your right arm as straight as you can at the top...for a right hander [/quote] Do you know any drills to help achieve that?
  9. Looking for some drills for creating and maintaining width. Arms are finishing the backswing and collapsing in some.
  10. [quote name='Matt J' timestamp='1423506254' post='10918231'] Are you guys sure that all the test balls are the same and equal to the final version? Wouldn't seem there is any purpose in running a test if that is the case. [/quote] I was thinking the exact same thing
  11. [quote name='Isaac_Newton' timestamp='1423505713' post='10918171'] With the nice weather over the weekend and near 80 degrees I found the time get 36 in yesterday with the new Pro V1X. Played the 13 X almost exclusively for 2 years. Comparisons of 15 to 13. - Higher mid iron spin. For me certainly the most noticable difference. - Longer off of the tee. - Slightly more green side spin. - Slightly softer putter feel. Overall I was pleased but worried about the iron spin. I will finish the box and possibly try something else. Not sure yet. [/quote] How did you feel the spin off the driver was compared to the 13? Did you feel the distance off the irons was the same but with more spin?
  12. Can you tip a Titleist 915HD Hybrid? If so what would a 1/2 tip and a 1" tip compare. Any feed back would be great appreciated. Looking at putting the 105 gram AD DI shaft in 915HD Hybrid.
  13. I am dealing with trail side hip pain. Anyone have any exercises or advice on how to resolve it? Thank you
  14. [quote name='pingbling23' timestamp='1423148312' post='10889633'] So we have opinions from the ball is shorter, longer, harder, softer, and the same as last years model. Thread fail? Lol [/quote] Haha very valid point. I am going to rephrase my question. Has anyone who is a consistent ballstriker done an on course comparison of the 2013 and 2015 Prov1x?
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