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  1. I would buy if I didn’t just buy the exact heads this morning. great price. Shouldn’t last long
  2. Love all the information that can be researched. Nice to have a forum where there are others that love golf like myself. Also the classifieds is perfect to fuel the club ho addiction
  3. Man I haven't heard of strongBad in awhile. Lol. That takes me back
  4. Driver: Cobra 3-wood: taylormade Hybrid: Adams Irons: mizuno Wedges: Cleveland Putter: seemore
  5. Mizuno mp 32 Mizuno mp 64 Bridgestone j38 dpc Titleist 680 mb
  6. +1 for the jet speed 3-wood. So far, it's stayed the longest in the bag.
  7. Cobra driver Taylormade 3-wood Adams hybrid Bridgestone irons Cleveland wedge Renegar wedge Bettinardi putter
  8. Yeah I don't think it's coming to retail. Just some one offs
  9. Anybody else see this? Looks pretty amazing. I wonder what it feels like. Sorry if this is a re-post
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