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  1. I find this is a two sided thing. There are people that have never played with a solid low single digit so when they hear of someone shooting 69-70 on a 6500 yd muni with a course rating of 70.1 they call BS and accuse you of lying. Then there is the guy that finally plays with a good player and see it in person when they drop a sub par round on them and it blows their mind.
  2. Very nice condition. No dings finish is nice. 34” stock. Stock headcover and grip. Would really like to trade for a Betti Armlock or Newer Odyssey Armlock. Will sell for 200.00 plus actual shipping.
  3. Arizona/Scottsdale for me. There are so many nice courses in that area.
  4. Players club is worth the money just for the range balls.
  5. Agree with the other comments. Hitting fairways is important at El Dorado. Rec is more open and you can be more aggressive on most holes. At El Do, watch your tee shot on 11 and 13 and 15 as you can reach the water.
  6. Very nice condition. MCC +4 grips. Blue dot, Std length. Faces are great. Sold!! shipped to lower 48. Absolutely no trades.
  7. I can see a million ways to come up with 6000 yards and par 67. More par 3's than usual, and a couple par 5's. No par 5's and and a few longish par 4's. In the end it will be a 6000 yard track with an average hole length of 333 yards lol.....
  8. Looks great. Tom is one of the best in the golf industry.
  9. Did Ping do this for you? No, I did it myself.
  10. Very nice condition. No pop ups. 45" at D1'ish. Stock headcovr included. 300.00 shipped. ONLY, ONLY trade would be for a 2017 M2 w/AD DI 6s.
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