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  1. There are other things I would check (length / swing weight for starters) before I started tipping the shaft - as 1/2" isn't going to change much. Also hitting one driver straight with a shaft that isn't the exact same shaft wouldn't be an accurate barometer. Yes, they are both "counter balanced" but even then they don't share the same balance point or profile.
  2. Wow... From the two guys that need a little positive PR. This video made me feel .03% better about the situation. "Kuchar didn't know how to make it up..." Sure sounds like they are on the same page.
  3. May your pathways be of Teryllium and Charcoal Mist. Much love and respect. You are second to none.
  4. very limited time with my raw mc-501... they don't/won't disappoint. hands down best irons i've owned (which is saying something given how many specialized sets over the years). dispersion is crazy good.
  5. 6.5 in irons and wedges - same feel in all clubs.
  6. knowing that miura himself was the last person in line to touch my irons...incredible.
  7. once you bite the bullet - you wont regret it. the moniker "hands of god" is true. my mc-501 are incredible. functional art.
  8. my raw MC 501s came end of last week. tonight will be my first opportunity to hit them. i don't have any new level experience...
  9. What has the general feedback been with the 90tx vs 80tx?
  10. like them or not - TM has done an amazing job keeping the heel to toe sizing consistent across the board 730/750/760/770/790...
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