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  1. I liked the callie better. for some reason never got along with the F. Maybe too soft for my liking. The Donna is way above both of them for me. The other 2 just sit in my second bag. maybe I should take them out for a spin again..
  2. You should try and find an original "donna". Double wide anser style putter. I own 2 because they feel sooo good. I also have a callie and callie-f. Callie was my first I bought new at golf galaxy because every time I went I would putt with it and couldn't miss. They are great putters if you like the styles. But the donna is my gamer for about 10 years now.
  3. I think the $30 rebate ended june 30th but the GolfWRX code still works. I ordered mine last tuesday and it arrived today. I have always used a gps but I think this will work so much better and combined with the gps it should be great. Havent got it on the course yet but I can tell you how far away all the light poles in my work parking lot is and also the slope yardage to the steeple on the church down the street. LOL
  4. I just signed up last night and coupon code "birdie20 "still worked for $20 off so only $25 is worth a risk.
  5. All of these putters in this thread are simply amazing. Does anyone know where I can find a 2012 Studio Stock #9 or one with the wide body double bend shaft and fit face? I can't seem to find one and been looking for awhile.
  6. Yep still open and still good food. [quote name='putts4bogey' timestamp='1424964965' post='11032311'] Is the DQ on Route 134 that closes in the winter but open in the spring/summer still in business? [/quote]
  7. [quote name='Colin20' timestamp='1421905797' post='10795797'] The Bettinardi Studio Stock #9 is face balanced and has a nice wide body somewhat similar to the Scotty Cameron Squareback. My friend has one of these and the finish is more spectacular in person. Bettinardi is a high quality manufacturer, this may be what you are looking for. [url="http://theputterplace.com/?p=313"]http://theputterplace.com/?p=313[/url] [/quote] That is my dream putter. Where can I find one?
  8. COLOR: BLACK/RUNNING WHITE/LIGHT SCARLET Size 11 Thanks for the contest
  9. [color=#282828]Happy Birthday Monte !!![/color] [color=#282828]Thanks for everything you do here. [/color]
  10. My putter head weight is 360g. I didn't change anything but the grip but I guess you could add lead tape if you needed more head weight.
  11. Yes it is. golf galaxy has them installed on some of there putters. As soon as I picked it up it felt good so I bought a grip and put it on my putter
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