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  1. Maybe look into stem cell therapy. I have heard good things about it, but have no personal experience with it. Below is an example of a website discussing it: https://www.bostonstemcell.com/conditions-treated/stem-cell-treatment-for-elbow-pain/
  2. Irons are sold also. Lots of nibbles on the putter. Let's get a new home for that!
  3. For Sale - No Trades 1. Srixon Z Forged/Z 785 combo - 4-6 Z785 and 7-GW Z Forged Modus 120S (4 iron is still in plastic) Standard loft, lie, and length $600 shipped OBO SOLD I have only played one round with them, but did hit them at the range some - tried to show any blemishes. Happy to provide more pics to interested buyers. 2. Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 35 inches (like new) - $235 shipped OBO SOLD 3. Super Speed Golf Green, Red, and Blue - $120 shipped OBO SOLD
  4. Index 5.7 Cally Mavrik Pros with Tour Elevate (120 grams)
  5. Sorry, standard length. It is exact same length as the evenflow shaft in my Cally SZ. It measures 44 inches from top of grip (which is pretty worn) to end of tip. Grip is Niion grip, but you will likely need a new one given I played it for a year.
  6. 1. Srixon 765 4 - GW, all standard, Modus 120 S I hit the 9 iron only about 20 times; all other irons are in plastic (heads and grips). I had big plans for these, but decided to go in another direction. My loss is your gain. Asking $**SOLD** shipped or best offer 2. Project X HZRDS yellow, 6.0 handpainted - Ping tip. I played this shaft in my Ping G400 max for the last year. Asking **SOLD** shipped. 4. Trump Scotland Swag - hat, Dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls with Trump Scotland logo I won these in a tournament when I went to Aberdeen, Scotland for work. **$100 **shipped/OBO
  7. I am selling the following items: 1. Ping G400 LST 8.5 degree with Tour 65 stiff shaft - excellent condition (includes headcover) SOLD 2. Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9 degree, Hzrdus Yellow 76 6.0 - excellent condition (includes headcover) SOLD 3. Titleist 913D 8.5 degree, Speeder Motore stiff - good condition (includes headcover) $100 shipped 4. Titleist Stand Stand bag - used one year - shows typical wear. All zippers work, but one tab/puller is missing. $100 shipped I can provide more pictures upon request. Not looking for trades. Thanks
  8. [quote name='mtgjr' timestamp='1444700709' post='12448238'] PM sent. I will take the AD DI. [/quote] AD DI 6s is sold.
  9. Up for sale are the following items: Miura CB 57s (3-PW, 3 wedges) KBS Tour Stiff o Set of excellent condition, right handed Miura CB 57s that were custom built in Houston. 6 iron is 30 degrees loft and 61.5 degrees lie. Length is 37.50. Swing weight on all irons is D2. o Wedges: Gap 51 degrees, sand 55 degrees and lob 59 degrees o KBS Tour FST shafts: All clubs frequency out between 5.2 and 5.3. o SOLDTitleist 913 D3 driver, 8.5 degree, Fujikura Speeder 6.2 Tour Spec VC Stiff shaft - Gamer for a year or so. Some graphics have worn off so you cannot see the 6.2 and stiff anymor
  10. [quote name='Etzwane' timestamp='1433841623' post='11717150'] [quote name='rajman' timestamp='1433778931' post='11711162'] In the S&T 2.0 videos, P&B recommend that speeding up the arms in the downswing will help correct the head going back and the loss of spine angle or early extension. Have instructors had success with that. If so, how does one speed up arms. What confuses me about speeding up arms in a S&T downswing is that I though arms and body are connected (tees under armpits) so how does one speed up arms without also speeding up everything else? [/quote] I'm on the
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