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  1. I recently found these in a bag I picked at an estate sale. Hopefully someone can provide some info. The first ball with the oddly placed #14 is noticeably smaller than other golf balls. Pics 1&2 are of the smaller ball. Pics 3&4 are the same ball and the last pic is the 3rd ball. Thanks for the info.
  2. I don’t mean to rain on your party, but you know you can get 4 dozen for 150.00 in stores right now.
  3. Looking for any info I can get on my Wilson 8802 Texas Wedge. From grip to head it’s in excellent condition as the pics show. I’ve contacted Wilson but didn’t get any help there. Looking for age, was it a limited, special run...?
  4. This crazy Texas Ice storm has me a bit stir crazy. Going through the closet and cleaning out Shoes, Pants and shirts. First listing will be for the shoes. The ICON, DJT and Dry Joys were kept with shoe trees and shoe bags(not included in the price) 1. FJ ICON MyJoys, White/Brown wingtips. 8.5M. Less than 5 rounds. Sold! 2. FJ ICON Black wingtips, size 8.5M. Approx 10 rounds. 80.00 shpd. (Pics at end for some reason) 3. FJ ICON White/Black saddle of smooth ostrich. 15-20 rounds. Some cracking around the heel I tried to show in pics. 8.5M. SOLD
  5. Talked to my local rep yesterday. TSi2 and TSi3 are currently being seeded on tour. The consumer fittings are scheduled to begin October 15th. A different weighting system on driver and fairway metals as well as a new Titanium face. Excited to see them in person
  6. Oh the things we forget we have. First up is the Team Titleist Lanyard... not the easiest to find... 30.00 TYD #2 is a FootJoy drawstring backpack/shoe bag. 20.00 TYD #3 is the “I’d Rather Be Driving a Titleist” sticker...15.00 TYD MAKE IT EASY.. all 3 for 40.00 shipped Priority Mail.
  7. Cleaning up and thinning the herd, so to speak. 1) Scotty Cameron Custom M2 putter. Plays at 34.5". KBS CT Tour Putter shaft in Black finish, SuperStroke CLAW 1.0 grip. 2, 15g weights and standard L/L. Shows a little wear due to being used for a few rounds on the sandy greens of South Texas. No longer available 2) Scotty Cameron SquareBack with custom FlowNeck. Plays at 34.5". Like the M2, has a KBS CT Tour Black putter shaft, 2, 20g weights and standard L/L. The grip is a SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 that has been dyed black. Shows a bit more wear than the M2 due to having a bit
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