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  1. Looking for some advice as to what type of blade (Nike, Cally, Mizuno, Titleist,..) to purchase and what type of shaft to put in it (Project X, KBS, or DG). I am currently playing Nike's first blade with DG S300. Time to renew and possibly change to a different shaft. Inputs will be greatly appreciated.
  2. What is the difference between the FT-9TA and the FT-Tour? I believe Phil and Ernie are the playing the FT-Tour and murdering the ball. Are these heads pretty hard to come by? Thanks for reading.
  3. You should look at playing Hoots Hollow at Country Creek in Pleasant Hill. Fun links style course at a great price.
  4. Tour Issue Nike driver?I have Nike SUMO 5000 driver and it has a serial number the begins with FTO. It has a grey fill face and no alignment aid on top of club. Is this a tour issued Nike driver? Please help.
  5. You are going to love playing the two courses on base (Wildcat and Old Hickory).
  6. I do not know if this has been discussed, of the tour issued Burners (Ver 1 or 2), which is the better of the two? I know that the Ver 1 is a low launch and low spin head and Ver 2 is high launch with higher spin. I have an Ozik F7M2 shaft that I would like to use. As per the For Sale section of the website and Ebay, I see some Ver 1s' and more Ver 2s'. Which is the better head, Ver 1 or 2? :russian_roulette: Thanks
  7. My swing speed is between 105-107 mph. I prefer a mid to high trajectory. I want shaft combo that will provide me with that trajectory but with low spin. I have not hit it yet. I do not think I can compare it with my Nike Ignite 460 (tour issue, one w/ a Tour Spec 757 and the other with Shaqx). I did have success with an T60 Accra shaft.
  8. Tour Issue Sas headI have a tour issue Nike Sas clubhead. At the present time it does not have shaft in it. I am looking for some suggestions on what would be a good combination for this driver. The clubhead seems very heavy. I do not have a way of weighing it. It is a legit tour head though. For starters, I have been considering the Diamana, Tour Spec 757, and even an ACCRA series shaft. I am not an expert on this matter. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. NikeProto, With that being said, what is the true "Tour Issue". I am a huge supporter of Nike equipment. Their equipment is not inferior to the others. Excluding Tiger, Nike staff players have won quite a few tournaments this year. Thanks for responding to my post.
  10. What are the specs on the shaft? Also, how do I send a PM. Thanks
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