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  1. Generally, going a bit thicker grip(or +4s) and flatter lie should/might help a bit. A heavier shaft would be next to try. Also take a look at the Mizuno shaft optimizer for shaft suggestions?!
  2. Tensei orange will be a bit more stable shaft vs. Alta. Personally, Tour 65 fits me best. I'm sure your fitter will dial you into the right head/shaft combo?!
  3. Steel Fibre. Find the right weight for your swing. Maybe start with 110g? Maybe try Mizuno shaft optimizer for some suggestions?
  4. Golf64

    Custom Fitting

    There are National fitting centres here that have prices listed on their sites. On avg. I have spent $250 for a full bag. TXG is a diff. story. Again, last I checked, their prices are on their site. Or you can email them for prices and schedule a fitting. Ping here in Canada is $50 for a full bag.
  5. Golf64

    Putter fitting

    More in depth with Quintic.
  6. 3W, 3H, 5-PW, 56*, putter. Played this combo for years.
  7. Have to agree with the guys above. Lots of hybrid sets out there. Cobra, Cleveland, Wilson, Tour Edge.
  8. Heavier heads have a higher MOI. That is why Ping are one of the most forgiving heads out there. With a heavier head, you need counterbalance shafts so not to have to high of a swing weight.
  9. WOW, I think you got screwed. As a fitter there are many questions that need to be asked and answered before even hit a club. I always like to have your old equipment there to compare. Mizuno shaft optimizer is a great place to start to narrow down a shaft for you. I would go back and try again. Sorry you had a, IMO, bad experience?! An iron fitting should be at least an hour, if not longer!?
  10. Clic works best for me. Easy to push, wide stance. Love it!!
  11. JPX 921 forged, Hot metal/pros, weaken the lofts if need be.
  12. Lots of options out there. Go get fit for a driver and see what happens. While there, get fit for a 3 wood for off the tee. Results may surprise you?! In one of my past fittings I had an 11 yard diff. between 3 wood and driver. So in that case, why carry a driver?! Especially at the prices of drivers these days!? If you can get away without a driver and still score well, why not save money and make the bag lighter?!
  13. Sorry, I wouldn't. Not a fan of black except maybe putter.
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