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  1. Was told 6-8 weeks here in Canada. Got fit yesterday at national fitting centre.
  2. Got fit yesterday at the Titleist national fitting centre and asked about SM9. They haven't seen anything about SM9. Should be released in the spring as usual time line.
  3. Was at Golf Town yesterday, was told there will be a shortage come Q1 2022. Best stock up gents/ladies?!
  4. i59s now $2,350 here in Canada for 4-PW. I'm definitely out! Was told ALL equipment will have price increases and Q1 there will be a ball shortage. Best stock up guys!?
  5. Ping is back on the radar at that price. Now can they deliver?!
  6. OP, go get fit! JPX Hot Metals maybe a place to start!? Graphite shafts for increase club speed?! Also look at your ball you are playing. A ball change could help!?
  7. Bridgestone E6. Stole it from a buddy's bag. Still have it.
  8. Finally got the fit cart head in and got to hit it today. Nice looking, feel solid with a hollow feel to them?! Definitely diff. Plenty of spin and launch with them. But, at $2,150 CAD$ for a 7 piece set, not going to happen for me! New wedges are $279. I will be playing something else that is cheaper. Sorry Ping! Long time player of your irons.
  9. Ping has a flat setting that will help with your 'lefts'. Also take a look at Titleist. They too have the adjustability to help. As always, get fit! A shaft change could help!? Maybe look at 5 and 7 woods. They might surprise you?!
  10. OP, MMCs are a stronger loft vs. T100. Since you don't have trouble with distance, go T100. Also look at the JPX Tours.
  11. Spin could do with being a bit higher. Decent angle is very good. Might be time for a diff. shaft/ball?!
  12. If you have clubs to play the rest of the season, I would wait. Not a lot of season left here and with a 12 week wait on custom orders, I am waiting till spring.
  13. Depending on the other numbers with the ZX7s, maybe a change of shafts, ball? If you were not launching the ball too high, maybe weaken the lofts 2* to add spin/launch to shorten your distances?
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