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  1. Ping may have priced themselves out of the running for me?!
  2. Scared to see how much these will cost in Canada!?!? North of $2,000?! BPs are $2,400 here.
  3. I'm liking the BS RX/S balls. Great feel and perform for me in all situations.
  4. I'm in the small minority @ #27. Then again, I don't play Links courses.
  5. Finally got to hit the G425 irons. Great sticks. Was told 10-12 weeks fro custom here in Canada. Going to wait till spring at this point.
  6. I am a 'strong arc' putter. Rolled the Anser 4 yesterday and really liked it. Would love to try the Kushin and Tyne for comparison. The supply here in Canada is not good!! Was told 10-12 weeks for custom!?
  7. Always fit a ball from green to tee. What works best around the greens is the one to go with. Recently have tried the BS RXS. Really liking this ball!!
  8. Vardon grip all my playing years. And yes, iron head covers too.
  9. OP, you need a second opinion. Your spin is too low and launch too high. Those are not optimal numbers! I would also wait till your back is 100%. If your swing changes, so does your fit.
  10. garyt, you need to find a good fitter and tell him what you want. As a past fitter, head first, then shaft to fine tune your clubs. Ball should be fit green to tee. If you want/need control around the greens, urethane. If not, surlyn. The pre-fitting interview is so important to find out what the golfers wants/needs. I'm here if you have any other concerns/questions.
  11. A ball will def. help. Maybe we need to tweak your driver loft a bit? Maybe add some loft?! More spin/higher launch?!
  12. It's even worse here in Canada. I wanted a Ping golf bag and was told 'see you next year'. Sold out for the year. With all these delays, I am going to wait for spring to see the new releases and order then.
  13. For me, golf is about accuracy. So shorter and more accurate would be my choice. But I hear ya OP. Prices are worse here in Canada! If money is a concern, hard to beat Mizuno! Hopefully you can get dialled in to get better accuracy with the STX?!
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