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  1. Yes, the static measurements are a place to start. But then we need to start to put heads and shafts together to get desired ball flight. Personally, I am 2* up green, but play black and use +4 grips to help with my draw. So, in other words, get fit!
  2. I'm waiting for the new Ping offerings and then decide from there. Season is pretty much over here, so I have time. No golf till April now?!
  3. If these feel and perform like V6s, they will be winners!!?
  4. As far as I know, it is only for retailers/fitters. Could email Ping to see if they will send you one?
  5. Srixon X5, King Forged Tec., HMB, 921 Forged, '21 Apex pro, P770, new Ping releases for '21. Maybe G25s, once we have them in hand? Off-set wasn't too bad onto 410s?!
  6. Golf64

    Driver options

    Hard to beat G410 as a fairway finder?!
  7. There are a lot of variables here in play. I use the 105s due to firmer tip to help with my draw, lightweight because of my 75MPH swing speed. Also the 105s launch higher, which I need. OP, also depends what heads you are using too?! What do you want your irons to do/performance? Maybe buy one and put it in your most used/fav. club and see if it works for you?! I agree with the above, try to get to a fitter and see what the optimizer suggest and go from there?!
  8. Demo some OP and see if they hit the window you are looking for!? Personally would game one. Easy to launch, forgiving, versatile.
  9. Ping BP for me. I think they are more 'forgiving'. Prefer the satin look.
  10. Went on Golf Town website. That is the price posted.
  11. Now that the new Titleist drivers are out, can't believe the price?! With taxes, $850 here in Canada! No thanks!
  12. Looks, feel, consistency, price.
  13. At this point, I would wait till next year when the new stuff comes out?!
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