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  1. Modus 105 is a bit heavier and a more stable tip with a higher ball flight vs. DG105.
  2. Was at Golf Town yesterday, was told there will be a shortage come Q1 2022. Best stock up gents/ladies?!
  3. i59s now $2,350 here in Canada for 4-PW. I'm definitely out! Was told ALL equipment will have price increases and Q1 there will be a ball shortage. Best stock up guys!?
  4. Ping is back on the radar at that price. Now can they deliver?!
  5. OP, go get fit! JPX Hot Metals maybe a place to start!? Graphite shafts for increase club speed?! Also look at your ball you are playing. A ball change could help!?
  6. Bridgestone E6. Stole it from a buddy's bag. Still have it.
  7. Finally got the fit cart head in and got to hit it today. Nice looking, feel solid with a hollow feel to them?! Definitely diff. Plenty of spin and launch with them. But, at $2,150 CAD$ for a 7 piece set, not going to happen for me! New wedges are $279. I will be playing something else that is cheaper. Sorry Ping! Long time player of your irons.
  8. Ping has a flat setting that will help with your 'lefts'. Also take a look at Titleist. They too have the adjustability to help. As always, get fit! A shaft change could help!? Maybe look at 5 and 7 woods. They might surprise you?!
  9. OP, MMCs are a stronger loft vs. T100. Since you don't have trouble with distance, go T100. Also look at the JPX Tours.
  10. Spin could do with being a bit higher. Decent angle is very good. Might be time for a diff. shaft/ball?!
  11. If you have clubs to play the rest of the season, I would wait. Not a lot of season left here and with a 12 week wait on custom orders, I am waiting till spring.
  12. Depending on the other numbers with the ZX7s, maybe a change of shafts, ball? If you were not launching the ball too high, maybe weaken the lofts 2* to add spin/launch to shorten your distances?
  13. I would wait for the new MP line, then demo.
  14. Cobra Stingray 40 with slant neck. Nice flat stick!! Hope she works well when I take'r out!?
  15. Going to try Tour Speeds.
  16. Ping may have priced themselves out of the running for me?!
  17. Scared to see how much these will cost in Canada!?!? North of $2,000?! BPs are $2,400 here.
  18. I'm liking the BS RX/S balls. Great feel and perform for me in all situations.
  19. I'm in the small minority @ #27. Then again, I don't play Links courses.
  20. Finally got to hit the G425 irons. Great sticks. Was told 10-12 weeks fro custom here in Canada. Going to wait till spring at this point.
  21. I am a 'strong arc' putter. Rolled the Anser 4 yesterday and really liked it. Would love to try the Kushin and Tyne for comparison. The supply here in Canada is not good!! Was told 10-12 weeks for custom!?
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