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  1. You think I could sell the idea of this to my wife as "art"? She's been looking to commission someone. My feeling is, this fits the bill. LOL
  2. Sorry man. My bad! I was looking for a "tour driver" along with the shafts. Sorry about that. Love those shafts. A tour head with one was making me drool. GLWS!
  3. Totally agree. Larger more forgiving forged head with a beautifully thin top line. Miss my old set.
  4. Pending payment. Man...I probably am going to end up regretting this. LOL
  5. All PMs/DMs replied to. Lots of interest but still available. Some of the clubs look unhit...not kidding. Thanks all!
  6. Hey guys, These are back on the market. Had a change of heart and decided to hold onto them, but need to lighten my load and unfortunately can't hold onto these beauties any longer. Taylormade RAC Forged TP Iron in Excellent Condition 3-PW (8 clubs) True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Stiff Shafts Coin Forged S25c Carbon Steel Cavity Backs As shown in the photos, the furrels do not all match. 3 & 4 Irons have Golf Pride MCC 4Plus Mid Size Grips, 5-PW have Lamkin Crossline Mid Size Grips. 5-iron length shown in the photos. An
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