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  1. No but when I was there in November I planned to play after and I had time but every course that was worth the money was fully booked so I ended up at an awesome practice place in Arlington. So book your golf!
  2. I live in the Heights and struggling to prove I live here. I cant work and don't have a US driving licence - trying to use my UK passport and US Social security but still waiting to hear back from id.me - so frustrating!
  3. You wouldn't like my home course then, when the rough is up if you miss the fairway(narrow) then you loose a ball. It was where the original 5 minute rule for looking for lost balls was introduced!
  4. I drove up there to get 3 clubs reshafted after I got fit into PX 7.0 for my blueprints. So I think the time it took them to reshaft 1 and a half clubs! This is them at the range straight after. Mine did not really need done but I was right there anyway. I think I will head up in late May ish and get them re done again. and get a second set to take back with me to Scotland for use sometime in 2022.
  5. I think it looks awesome, would love to be a member there. So many boring easy wide open courses; you become a better golfer being a member of a hard course.
  6. Do you still game yours? Mine are almost a year old and had one blast by them and in great condition, if I move back to Scotland this summer I am going to get a backup set made. Also spoken to Jamie about a 2 wedge setup for my old man!
  7. basically if you are hotel quarantining. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56095362 https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/news/scotland/hotel-quarantine-begins-for-international-arrivals-to-scotland/ proof of loop hole https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-56078511
  8. because of hotel quarantine. strange from Houston flights to the main hubs are far cheaper than via New York to Edinburgh.
  9. certainly don't fly direct to Scotland, that would be silly. you would arrive Heathrow 7am ish and be in Edinburgh for 11 easy. that's what I do via Manchester or Heathrow back from Houston, I never go a direct Scotland flight.
  10. My dad is 69(heart medication); he carries on 95% of rounds still. Plays at a links course so just he odd hill and in Scotland so never gets too hot. There is no real cart option without a medical certificate. So he does have a battery push cart for the wet days or rounds he is just real tired going into.
  11. For me we have been asked to subsidise this years fees for last years lack of visitors. Our intake from visitors was 5% of what the estimate was going to be. There is no major work being done this winter. I was shocked how low we were asked to pay extra.
  12. read https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-56170916 basically, nothing changes in the short run but mid April things should change. Basically she has no idea and covering her a**, reaction at home has not gone down well at all!
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