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  1. I was In the same boat till august last year. I gave in with walking and the Texas summer heat(lasted 5 years + without one). I was loosing shots due to slipping, I even had changed my grips from tour velvet cord to Z grip cord. I still try not to practice with one on(driver, 3 wood only) any shot with a rusted club, I try not to use one for(PW-LW). I am moving back to Scotland in a few weeks and think I will still use a glove for full shots. I use the Nike Tour Classic 3.
  2. He is so talented; along with a few more South African young players. Great to see the golf system is working in South Africa!
  3. How many of you are going to be playing? where and when?
  4. After my round this Avo; walking in humid heat and lack of water(timing of cart girl) is not so good for distance last two holes I lost 5 yards a club. shoes were great though. interesting tan lines.
  5. About to head and play Memorial this afternoon and walk, its going to be a hot and humid one. I have played 2 walking rounds in mine now and they are awesome - Tour Premiere with better cushioning. The outer material got soaked in one round on one of the stupidly wet days and they were fine the next day; very happy with them. Dry heat is much easier than humid heat!
  6. I moved form C Taper X; I flighted the ball better with the PX. I love my Blueprints, so easy to hit, look great and 6 months in are still in great condition.
  7. When I ordered my Blueprints from Ping; they didn't have PX 7.0 at all and had to order them direct from TT. As mentioned it's all about demand. Maybe they can get them for you special order.
  8. Well my putter fitting was free(no idea now) and my wedge was 100(I know a few who had free ones); now the wedge seems to be 300. Both take a long time and you certainly get a bit of a lesson from both. You can come across you just need to quarantine on your return. If it wasn't a Tuesday and my fave place closed I would head for BBQ for lunch, you have made me hungry. I am moving back to Scotland so I will be loosing all of this!
  9. The fitting prices are going up so if you are going to do it then go fast! Both fittings are worth it. The fittings through video(for my dad) at least for the putter have been great; his wedges are getting a links grind on them so that will be cool to see when they are done(5 weeks since order).
  10. Me!!!! In all seriousness the whole experience is awesome - John is amazing at what he does. My putter is pristine after almost 3 years(slight patina now to the BlueBonnet). I bought it to last 10-15 years and right now it will. My dad has a putter now as a present from myself. I have some wedges and now have some on order for my dad too; he has done well out of me and Artisan. I will head up collect my dads wedges and get mine reblasted for the second time(last time) they come back like new.
  11. wow that can't be a cheap property. I am wanting to buy one or two properties to rent for golfers in StA but won't be that close!
  12. Assume from there, it was just the SIM Fairway weight - they seem the same. Also what weight was your head when it arrived? I might order a weight from there to set up when my club arrives next week.
  13. For adding weight to this head; is it was simple as replacing the screw to a heavier one? I think I will need 2g more than standard(1/2 inch shorter and want it D4)
  14. Interesting, that's comparable to my home course, it had a Walker Cup too, it was so windy they didn't even use the back tees on the front 9 on many of the holes. To me Seminole is spectacular and far more interesting to watch over other big US course like Sawgrass and the boring wide open courses with no real personality. Quail Hollow is great too, it was a good weekend to watch golf.
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