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  1. I had the D/S grind. went for in the middle.
  2. I have taken two weeks off here in Scotland and now it seems the weather is turning cold! ouch, I have not checked to see if my i59 3 iron has arrived with my pro. glad you got your clubs quick, do you range much in the winter then?
  3. Only set I have kept is my Sb1s from 2010, this they will always be my spare set. Correct me if I am wrong but for me they were just copies of the Mp33s with the leading edge grind. Interesting what @FairwayFred says.
  4. Haven't got it yet. Still waiting for the pro to call. Sorry.
  5. my wedges are far better though!!! I am always scared to go graphite in any iron, interesting to see how it goes for you......
  6. I play blueprints, I will be getting my 3 iron i59 to go with my set next week, same shaft etc. I can update then if you want.
  7. Hmmm interesting. Well I have moved back to Scotland from Texas. My golf bag has the same setup. Only thing I am changing and hoping to get in the next couple of weeks(Ping i59 deliveries!!!!) is a 3 iron instead of a 2 iron, for me I want the 3 iron to go a certain distance and I feel my 2 iron is a little jumpy and goes too far a few times to make it useful. The rest of the details are in my signature. The biggest differences I noticed after getting used to Texas golf and back to Links - Chipping - the ball bounced then bounced and then spun, such a difference to Texas where it just stopped. Greens - I am lucky my home course has had amazing greens and yes slightly slower but just as good. My home course in Houston was Memorial Golf club where the Houston Open is now and the greens there are so good and hard. Off the tee - I was over thinking things with not enough drivers compared to Texas, I am very rarely using my 3 wood but again I only really used my 3 wood for second shots in Texas. I think I will hit driver more in the future here and not over use my driving iron. Irons - no difference, yes the turf is entirely different but you hit the ball first, my blueprints seem great off any turf for me. Bunkers - they are penal, avoid them but the biggest thing I noticed is there is the sand is so different, my sand wedge bounces less in Scotland compared to Texas, I just adapted and now back to normal bunkers for me. Links golf; yes you have to adapt to the wind, yes you putt from off the greens but to me that's just golf, get the ball in the hole and don't over think things. You have to be much straighter off the tee than I was used to in Texas, rough is much more penal here; If I am good off the tee then I score well, poor off the tee and I am terrible, right now my chipping is the only thing I have been good at. St Andrews to me is such a cool place; I have just spent a lot of money purchasing a place there for short term rentals and now spending lots of money to get it up to being a great place to stay. There are so many good courses around Scotland but that can be said about most places, I am a golf snob but I am so lucky to be a member of an amazing golf course.
  8. great review. thanks for posting - makes me wish my 3 iron would show up. just so I can freeze to death in the Scottish winter on the golf course!
  9. hmm I just went in to get my 3 iron only and it has now been delayed until November 15. oh well - it wouldn't have stopped me being terrible in todays round.
  10. Yes like my friend I played with, so far this week he had played - OLD Monday, EDEN Tuesday and NEW Wednesday, he was having a day off Thursday then seeing where he can get on Friday. You Played some amount of golf so you have a lot to type about!
  11. First hole is a nothing hole, 4 iron - SW but its an old course just there for fun. It's a pretty easy course - I couldn't release the driver, 30mph wind and still shot 2 over. I would certainly play it again for fun but not as an every day course.
  12. Funny thing I am now playing the New this afternoon. Price is decent too.
  13. Glad you have had a great experience! I much prefer the Jubilee too, just he first 2 and last 2 holes are better. In all honestly neither are amazing though but fun.
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