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  1. Assuming that's 18 holes, then never change your clubs or putter!
  2. you certainly do have a good taste in clubs. hmmm I am still leaning towards a slightly softer 6.5 Project X. I don't need extra distance and never not had steel in an iron. Smoke I am not a fan of but the KBS seems to get good reviews.
  3. Why that over steel? I have only ever used steel. Is it worth the cost?
  4. I ordered some Ping Blueprints yesterday. 4-9 iron. 4-5 weeks wait time. I am Scottish Links and Texas golf and the narrow soles were perfect even although they had more bounce than my 919 Tours. I was shocked how easy the Blueprints were to hit and previous to my G410 driver I was anti Ping guy.
  5. Currently have a 18* P790 UDI with a C Taper X in it and I have been refit to Project X 7.0 in new irons(on order) Right now, Project X 6.5 is my favourite and easy option to buy and put in the head. MMT 125 TX has also been an option. Tensei Pro 100 TX is another option but I am not sure if the extra cost is worth it for Graphite. Any ideas? opinions?
  6. Went and hit these today again - 4,7, W and these are super easy to hit, noticed no difference really to my 919 Tours in forgiveness(except for 1 shank). Surprised how soft they were to hit after all the reviews on here. Was tempted to not get a 4 iron and what for the Blade replacement but no real point. I still think the theory for me is the smaller the head then the less margin for error makes them easy to hit the middle for me, then again its depth on the face where I go wrong more often than not.
  7. I love my 919 Tours too, I just want to play blades again.
  8. perfect thank you, all the ping stuff confuses me, heading back to hit them tomorrow - I am 2 up on Mizuno so assume that's 2 up on ping. I find it weird seeing that they are decimals with the lie, they are flatter than Titleist by standard. I don't like the ping fitting system going by height and hands from the floor. Right now Green and +3/4 I think for me.
  9. good timing to visit this thread - November 6,7,8 there is a few of us coming up from Houston and Austin to golf; is there any of these that would be hard to get tee times for 8 players?
  10. If it was me - PW, 50 at 6.0 then s400 on 55 and 60.
  11. keep being tempted to order these, need help length wise - I am + 1/2 inch on a Mizuno 37.5 inch 6 iron(919 Tours so after they changed how they measure), Blueprints are listed at 37.25; now do they measure differently or do I just order +3/4 inch? soooooo confusing with everyone measuring things differently.
  12. wow, that's truly bent, I have had C Taper X in 3 sets since they were released in 2011 and no idea if mine are bent in the club heads! scary. interesting to see how much it effects a shot.
  13. I was wondering this too. I was going to order new irons in the new year and wanting to try something other than C Taper X which I have used since they launched in 2011. Right now I am going to go Project X 7.0 4-9 and 6.5 in 46* and 50*
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