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  1. RH barely used Sim Max 3 wood head. Excellent condition, no headcover. It is used, although it doesn't look it. No dings or scratches. SOLD Paypal only. PM with questions, no trades please. Already bought replacement.
  2. Will Move the driver head to "The bay" on Feb 3 if no one is interested. Thanks!
  3. If nothing else CBS was trying to stir the pot by going against what the PGA tour officials confirmed and already informed the players, just so they can spark conversation for their boring "Word not allowed" golf coverage. If the Pgatour has no issue with what the players did, and they did even state in more than one fashion that they do not, then end of conversation!!! Nothing to see here, move along. These are not the droids you are looking for.
  4. Selling mint driver and 3 wood heads. Used sparingly and in fantastic shape. Driver 9* right handed. Has two sets of Taylormade weights with it. Presently installed are the heavier weights which bring the overall head weight up to 201g. With a counter balanced 60g Hzrdus shaft installed to play at 45 in, it will swing weight out to, D4.5-D5 depending on grip used. With the standard weights it will be D2 or just shy depending on the grip you select. Lighter grip, it will go slightly heavier. I hurt my arm last year, so it hasn't seen much course or range time. You can tell
  5. 2019 version of the Ping Hoofer in Gray and Black. Used for like 4 months then I got the same bag with the 14 way divider in a different color. I have multiple bags, so any bag I haver doesn't see a lot of use to get worn much. Has the Magnetic pocket on the back which is a fantastic feature. 12 pockets per the website. This link describes the bag perfectly. https://ping.com/en-us/misc/stash/shop/2019-bag-archive/hoofer It's in great shape. Only sign of wear is that one little spot on the leg where some of the paint wore off from resting in the back of my vehicl
  6. Sticking by someone that makes an honest mistake and shows real remorse would be an opportunity for RL to take the conversation to the next level. Even off a chance to work with JT to show how people can come together and learn from bad experiences. After all their brand doesn't seem to be hurting much while they keep making products in 3rd world sweatshops. Who's really making a difference here or offering a teaching moment for the world? All RL did was protect their brand, which is within their right, but a cowardly way out.
  7. Did he direct the slur at anyone other than himself? No. Did he berate anyone or do some drunken online rant? No. Was he contrite and give a heart felt apology? Yes. Do I think he learned from this ? Yes. Who's in the wrong here? Ralph Lauren. It's a good thing I don't support them.
  8. Listing my RH Ping G410 LST 9* head and an extra weight. Installed is a 16g custom ordered weight, including the original 12 weight. Head weight without shaft 207g with 16g installed. Near Mint. I play several drivers so none ever get worn out much. $325 $285 Shipped Conus. Headcover included.I'm only selling because I just ordered the G425 LST. Either of the shaft combos are amazing in this head. Use of a counterbalanced shaft need the heavier weight to get the club head to D5 swing weight, no hotmelt. Non-counterbalanced, std weight was used. Combo offers with either or
  9. Barely used Taylormade SIM driver. All original. Maybe hit 20 times. Comes with Headcover. Diamana Dialead 60 X shaft, all standard length and grip, etc. I got this from a buddy that owed me but I don't need it, as I already have one, so selling. $375 shipped Conus. It's barely been hit. Paypal only for payment, No trades please. Decent offers welcome.
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