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  1. Ping Driver shaft Fujikura Speeder Pro XLT 63 X will play 45 in installed, G410/G425 tip, $75 shipped Conus - SOLD Ping RDX Blue 6.5 70g, 3 wood shaft, will play 43 in installed, tipped 1/2 in, G410/G425 Tip, Moved to the Bay Callaway Wedge heads 60 12x and 56 12 W. Heads only Moved to the Bay Callaway Xforged UT 24* Standard everything Project X LZ 6.5 125g shaft, 39 in Moved to the Bay Callaway TCB Raw irons, 4-PW +1/4 in in length, STD lie and lofts, Ctaper Lite 115 X flex shafts, Used 3/4 of a season, $925 Shipped CONUS (These are rare, Raw heads). I polished them using a buffing wheel to remove the patina so the new owner could watch them patina on their own. Grooves are sharp, but they are used, see pics. A few of the shaft bands were frayed so I removed them. BFF Custom ferrules. SOLD TM SIM 4 HY 22* Small scratch on the back toe. KBS Tour Graphite Iron shaft. 40 inches, Moved to the Bay
  2. All items are used by yours truly. I take exceptional care of my things, so they are all in fantastic shape. Ping G425 LST 9* RH head, will include Head cover and a wrench included. Shaft in pics not included. Used sparingly this season. $OLD Ping G425 Max 3 Wood with Tensei Orange 75X with Arccos. $old Srixon ZX7 4 Iron all stock, Modus 130 Tour S shaft, St length and Lie and loft, $100 shipped. Callaway UT 21* CF, 2018 model mint, with custom Accra Proto 95H M4 (Stiff) shaft, custom built by Club Champion. 39 1/2 long Std lie and loft. $$165 Shipped CONUS 2021 Callaway Xforged UT 24* Project X LS 6.5 shaft, 125g. 39 in long, $165 Shipped CONUS PM any questions. Reasonable offers considered. Paypal only accepted. Thanks for looking.
  3. Still available as of 9/16. Closing so I don't forget to. PM if interested.
  4. Bought this in March/ Used maybe 3 times. Downsizing to a smaller home with less room. No need for this. Bought direct from Flightscope. Nice tool. Asking $1700 Shipped CONUS. PayPal only. PM any questions or offers. Haven't used any stickers and comes with all original items. Works perfectly. Looks as close to new as you can get.
  5. Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it??
  6. Barely used, Callaway Forged CB, Right handed, all standard setup. Hit a couple times, just not for me. Save some money, really good shape, hit on the range only a few times. Shafts Project X IO 6.5 115g Extra stiff. Tour velvet Callaway Align grips. $740 shipped Conus. Paypal only accepted. No trades please, decent offers considered. Thanks for looking.
  7. 4-PW, +1/4 in Std lie and lofts. Barely used, was my backup set. KBS Tour V 120 X flex shafts. $740 Shipped CONUS. Paypal only accepted. Thanks for looking.
  8. If you're interested in selling the Aw wedge separately, please let me know.
  9. Going in another direction. RH Limited Edition PVD finish Hzrdus Blue 6.5 60g, not tipped. G410/G425 tip, installed in standard position, all logos facing down. 44.5 overall length. Driver will play 45.5. Shaft was extended from original length by 1/2 inch, just for clarity. Great shaft, $225 CONUS shipped. SOLD RH Hzrdus Blue Black version 6.5 60g, untipped, 44.5 overall length, Taylormade TIP, not extended. Driver will play 45.5 installed. Tip installed to play 1 notch open, so at 8.25 loft on Right handed head, on SIM2 head as the SIM drivers tend to launch high. Will also work with standard head setting just you'll see a slight bit of the graphics at address. $165 CONUS shipped. SOLD RH Hzrdus Blue Black version 6.0 70g, Stock Taylormade 3 wood shaft. Unsure on tipping, came direct from TM installed, custom order, in Sm2 3 wood. Stock length, overall length is 42.5, will play just over 43 installed. Unaltered since ordering from TM. Assuming its tipped 1/2 in, $145 CONUS shipped. SOLD Will consider combinations offers. NO I cannot remove the tips, sorry. PM with questions. Shafts are in fantastic shape, barely used.
  10. Near New, briefly used G425 3 Hybrid. Custom order. Hybrids just don't seem to work for me. Standard everything except it has a custom order 80S Mitsubishi Chemical shaft and Golf pride C2P Blue and black grip. $275 shipped CONUS Paypal only. Has range time only. Bought last month for $100 more than that, so it's a steal at that price. Next - 2 g410/425 Right handed Driver shafts. Either of the shafts below will fit into the G410 or G425 Ping clubs, driver or could be cut down for a 3 wood. Counter balanced Project X Hzrdus Yellow 76 g 6.0 Flex Hand Crafted. 44 in overall will play 45 in installed. New GP Align grip installed at standard setting. Not tipped. Custom built by Club Champion. Could be cut down and used in 3 wood easily. SOLD. CONUS Paypal Only. Slightly used VA Composite Vylyn shaft. Custom built and Flow'd (PURED). S flex 70g, 44 inches overall will play 45 installed in Driver. Not tipped. $140 shipped CONUS Paypal Only. Could be cut down and used in a 3 wood easily. SOLD PM questions, no trades please. Offers will be considered. Thanks for looking
  11. Irons and hybrid still available. Deal fell thru. Closing so I don't forget. Pm if interested.
  12. Excellent backup set of Apex Pro Dot irons from 2019. Used very little, maybe 8-10 rounds. Standard lie, loft and 1/4 inch long, KBS Tour-v 120 X shafts direct from Callaway. New CP2 Golfpride grips, 1 extra wrap of tape under grip, logo down. $750 shipped CONUS. Apex Hybrid 20* custom built by Club Champion, shaft Pured. Veylix Rome 988 S flex tipped 1 in. 39 5/8 overall length, new Align grip. Will come with original stock headcover. $145 shipped CONUS SOLD SIM 5 wood, barely used. Exceptionally clean. Hzrdus Yellow 83g 6.5X. Note the Shaft logo is up in Standard hosel position because I played it in the upright position. You can always pul the tip and turn it around if you prefer. Shaft, 42 overall length. New CP2 Grip, Can't find oringinal headcover, will include a headcover. SOLD. shipped CONUS. Paypal onlly, no trades please. I have way too many clubs. PM any questions or offers.
  13. I don't think CC sent me a lighter weight head on purpose. The manager is one of my best buddies. Now it could have been that they mixed my order up with someone elses since that comes from the Chicago facility. I did contact CC and they couldn't get any new weights at the time, due to everyone being out of them so I just went and bought my own after waiting a few weeks for them to come back in stock. As for Ping and the 181 g, phone support could have given me the wrong info, but that's what I was told on the phone. Even now my weight without adapter is 204 with a since I upped the back weight to a 20g weight. Either way the head I got was not spec'd to even standard. Took me a bit to get it to the right weight. Present config. 20g back weight, head 204g without hosel adapter. With hosel adapter 208. If you're saying it should have been 208 as standard then yeah, it appears I received a lighter head since I'm using a heavier back weight to achieve 208g. As for the SIM2 @phizzy30 Interesting that you added the hot melt. Did you by chance add it to the Toe area. I'm finding the SIm2 is more draw biased than SIM was. I'm playing the 9* head turned open .75 to combat that a little bit. I also am trying it at 45.5 overall length right now, but will likely cut it down to 45.
  14. I didn't weigh it with the adapter when I received it, probably should have. I have since used the adapter on a shaft I had laying around, however it was 198g with the 14g weight, no adapter. I called Ping about it and they said it was likely just a mistake at the factory since the head weight without any added back weight on the LST model is supposed to be very close to 181g, which mine is. Likely someone in China just grabbed and installed the wrong weight. It is stamped with a 14 on it and I verified it on my scale.
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