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  1. For those ordering through Taylormade website, how do you request no tipping? The custom page has "Standard" and then an adjustment of +/- 0.5 to 2" or something like that. Do I just enter -1" (soft)?
  2. I haven;t really considered Zip Core wedges but I normally use my Gap Wedge for full shots, so made sense to get something that blends more with the rest of the irons. If you like to hit partial shots and need a bit more spin, the Zip Core or specialized gap wedges makes sense.
  3. It is pretty tough to tell the sole thickness even in person because of the way the leading and trail edges are somewhat smoothened out but I think the ZX7 has a smidge thinner sole. I like the V sole a bit more in the ZX7. The topline is a bit thick on ZX7, comparable to the 785.
  4. There was some interest in comparison pics between 785 and zx7... here you go. Also added a pic of the AW The club on top is the ZX7 my 2c, having hit 765, 785 and the new ones. There is not as much difference between the 785 and ZX7. The new one is a smidge shorter in heel to toe. 785 is a bit more forgiving I think but the new irons feels a bit better.
  5. Any suggestions on what shaft to pair up with the ZX utility? I play nippon modus 120's in my irons, so wanted some feedback on the utility shaft...
  6. Bunch of stuff for sale... Garage cleaning time 1. Srixon 785/585 Combo set. 4-5i 585, 6-PW 785 with nippon modus 120s hardstepped 1x with MCC+4 grips. Standard LLL. Good shape, plenty of life left. $OLD shipped 2. Titleist Tsi2 18* 5wood with Hzrdus RDX stiff shaft. Standard Length, no headcover. Like new shape. $OLD shipped 5. Nippon Modus 4-PW pulls. Standard length I believe. $130 shipped 6. Taylormade MG2 wedge, used for about 5-6 rounds with modus 120 stiff shaft. $OLD shipped 7. Junior Clubs. Prodi G Driver, used for a couple of months. Length is -0.75"
  7. Anyone who ordered a TSi3 with a Raw White facing delays? Placed an order at a local pro shop early Dec and the initial order said Jan 7th and now heard it is back ordered and is now expected only in First week of Feb. 2 month wait for a driver, with a stock shaft seems a bit crazy.
  8. Interestingly, I have the big moss augusta, got the perfect mat and recently the putt out one. I prefer the big moss as it is a bit more free form if you will and can putt from different angles. Rolls well. But it is pretty bulky and will take up space. Not as easy to store away. We wanted an indoor mat that my son and I could practice when it is a bit too cold to go out. So we got the the perfect mat and the putt out. The perfect mat is good but I got annoyed trying to get the folds out. There was always these bumps and i tried all sorts of things but just couldn't straighten it out. Also, th
  9. I haven't used it on a TM head but have on a Cobra F9. I think it is fine but my kid found more success with a ladies or senior shaft. I think if the kid is <9 years old and swing speed closer to 60-70, it should be fine and the convenience of ordering the adaptor and already cut to size etc is really worth it.
  10. Actually, thats a great point. The dads who are golfers seem to be much less involved/easy going and dads who are not golfers are the ones who are a bit more intense.
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