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  1. Hi all, bag is set, more or less for the season, so here are a bunch of things for sale... 1- TSi2 10.5 driver with AD XC 7s shaft (plays about 45”) and raw white 75s (plays 45.5”) shaft. Pretty clean driver and shafts. Some light scuffing on the sole, mostly from hitting the ground. Includes head cover Head $old! 2- TSi2 16.5 4 wood, stock length and AV white raw 75s shaft. Includes headcover. A couple of minor paint chips close to the top line . Not that noticeable but took a couple of pics. $old shipped 3. M craft iii/3 putter. Like new shape. Includes h
  2. Thank you for sharing that link, super interesting, though I also have a bunch of questions on the data (I head up a Data Science team, so this is my job ). Is high school golf the right benchmark? Is it more relevant to use say AJGA/JJGS rankings once you hit high school? Separately, on a relative basis, the odds seem fairly decent for golf when compared to say Tennis
  3. Looking to buy a M Craft IV 35" in either black or blue.
  4. Agreed on the tournament scores- so I don't care if he shoots 50+ I want him to develop good/sustaining habits. We are in the midst of basketball picking up, so that should keep him busy a bit outside of golf too.
  5. Thats a great suggestion- will try something similar. my son is a huge Steph Curry fan (like most NorCal kids), so I use some sporting analogies from basketball to help.
  6. I sure hope so Using a poker terminology, he does not go on Tilt, is usually composed enough to hit his next shot. One example from yesterdays round. Duck hooks a drive into the left rough. Starts crying. Go to the ball, find that he has opening between 2 trees, hits his PW perfectly avoiding those trees and about 15ft away. seems composed. 3 putts from 15ft, including a lipout and starts crying again I think what I want to find is a way to make it more enjoyable/fun for him.
  7. I am curious- how do you develop that fun, foster it as a parent or is it just a personality thing?
  8. It was a rough day yesterday where he missed a couple of really short putts and all of a sudden developed a duck hook, I likely would have broken a club if I was playing I think was hoping to get some general strategies that folks have developed to handle and release emotions
  9. Hi everyone- I am guessing this topic has been discussed a fair bit but I wanted to get more ideas/feedback on junior (8-9 yr old golfers) emotions. For context, my son falls into that bucket, started playing in tournaments a year ago and has done well, scores like typical kids in this age, even par to bad rounds in the low 40's. He really enjoys golf, would not mind spending everyday playing, practicing. The typical tournament though, goes like this- on the drive over, super excited, you can sense it the day of the tournament and warm up, likely within the first 3 holes he would hit a bad sho
  10. Ah yes, that is the reflection as the poster above said. It is spring finally in Bay Area
  11. TSi 3 driver head 10*. Used for about 7-8 rounds. Head and sole is super clean. Some tee marks low on the face that can be cleaned up. Comes with headcover. $OLD shipped (Shaft not included)
  12. Yes, they were cleaned. Honestly, don’t know. The only thing I can think of are that the ball I use does have a sharpie, perhaps that? It is not noticeable in person though.
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