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  1. Just got one- will let you know how it works out
  2. My son uses prodi-g and has liked them a lot. He recently shot up a bunch (9yr old, 58"), so planning to send them to ping to get adjusted but we needed something to play with while the clubs are getting fixed, so got a set of TS3 57s. So having used them for a few days, here are my thoughts: 1. Prodi-g's is the gap between FW and Driver (22* to whatever driver you are using) but for the most part that can be filled by having an 18* 5 woods. Ping doesn't have a 60* wedge either. 2. I don't know the static weight of the clubs but the TS3's do feel a touch more heavy as I think the swingweight is likely higher 3. Ping FW and hybrid I think are much better but my son seems to like the TS3 irons a bit more. The one thing is that the TS3's do feel like they have slightly lesser offset, so it took a while to get the face angle square at impact. 4. The pings have been super durable, only had to change the grip out on a couple of wedges but other than that solid. haven't used TS3's long enough. Does anyone know if the Ping adjustments when you send them in includes increasing clubhead weight as well?
  3. It is interesting though, if it is a few kids and not 1-2, then there might be something to it Locally in Norcal, I see a lot of kids moving to TSi1 and seeing better results. For my son, I don't think it is quite 20 yards but I do see a bit of an increase, mainly due to increase roll.
  4. A couple of like new putters for sale. 1- Evnroll 35” ER2V short plumbers neck putter. Used for 1 round and a couple of sessions on the putting green. Includes headcover. $290 shipped 2. Bettinardi BB28W 34”. Like new as well. Has the sink fit grip on it. No headcover but will find a spare or some good packaging to ensure it travels safely. $210 shipped
  5. Wonder if it is because she is international? and maybe they don't have the same fields like we do here...
  6. just add a . to any email address to generate a new email address. [email protected] is the same as [email protected]
  7. Should clarify, the head was $300 after selling the shaft
  8. I ended up getting a TSi1 for $300, and my son seems to be hitting it better than his cobra. Much less dispersion, perhaps a touch more distance. Good luck!
  9. A few things for sale… Mevo Plus, bought used from another member here but haven’t really used much since I got it. Condition is great, comes with case, some metallic stickers and all accessories. $OLD shipped Titleist TSi2 7 wood with RDX black stuff shaft. Won’t split shaft and head. No headcover. There is a small mark on the top line. $OLD shipped Ping g425 3 wood head only . Includes headcover. $OLD shipped (shaft sold) Srixon zx5 5iron with stock nippon modus 120 stuff shaft. Z grip on it. $OLD shipped
  10. My buddy and I got in... giddy about participating! Might need some training before hand
  11. I am looking to add a putting green too. Any tips on brand of synthetic turf? What is the rough cost etc?
  12. We have a few driver shafts with Cobra adaptor as well as an F9 cobra head listed on BST. PM me in case you want to experiment
  13. I have a like new Sim2 Max 10.5 head for sale along with the headcover. Used a couple of rounds. $OLD shipped son shot up a few inches in the last few months, so a lot of clubs for sale: cobra f9 junior driver head with stock cobra 41”, $100 shipped
  14. Curious to know about this as well but as a frame of reference, boys 9 priority status 10 got their invite end of March or so
  15. I haven't checked the priority table recently, but the score is much more important than winning the local tour. Winning local tour bumps up by 1 status over the score baseline.
  16. I think for girls 10 and under, it went down to priority 6. For boys 8 and under was priority 8. For boys 9+ was priority 10.
  17. I think its easier to find weights to adjust sim 2 headweight but perhaps Mavrik is a bit more difficult to do so?
  18. Thanks, totally agreed. In our case, as I mentioned in my original post, I say that this is what I do "I am of the parents should maintain emotional flatline philosophy, so try to not show disappointment or excitement." So my 9yo does not really mimic me. Having said that, as we have played a ton of tournaments, he seems to be doing much better. He had a tournament today where he started off with a triple, but ended up not getting upset, birdied the next 2 holes and finished +1 for the round. My own observation is that kids have expectations, and they need some number of rounds to realize that golf is a volatile enough and as others have said, as kids mature they find their own. I also realized, this is the right time for him to play on his own, so he owns the outcome. So I am there to be the cart pusher, snack handler, umbrella holder and fist bumper. As he gets to play local big kid events, will be the ball spotter.
  19. I think within boys 9-12, for the most part most kids shot under 90. There might be a handful of kids who are qualified through sibling exception etc. On the girls side, agreed. They went down to priority 6, so you should expect higher scores. I for one thought that the field size was good/fun experience. We got done in 4.30 mins every round.
  20. We were just at Pinehurst... someone made a comment, don't know how far it is true as I have not validated this claim. No USKG world champion is on the PGA tour right now. Colin Morikawa finished 34th and 4th and Will Zalatoris finished top 5- those are the 2 best examples
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