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  1. Looking for a long drive shaft to test. Want it to measure 48” installed. X or XX flex
  2. It’s the same same regardless of indoors or outdoors. They just call it indoor or outdoor because they assume if you’re outdoors then you’re at a range with full flight.
  3. Do you know of anywhere that does this besides Artisan mentioned above?
  4. I am looking to go through an in-depth wedge fitting that not only looks how you hit full shots but also looks at how the wedge performs on half shots, pitches, chips and out of the bunker. My first thought is maybe something like HotStix or Cool Clubs. Has anyone been through an in depth wedge fitting? If so, where did you go? Obviously this must be conducted outdoors.
  5. 1. Nike Air Max 90g Size 11. Worn Once - $80 2. Jordan 4 White Cement 10.5 Worn Once - $295 3. Jordan 11 Concords Size 10 - $425 4. RLX Golf Hoodie Blue NWOT Med - $90 5. RLX Golf Hoodie Grey Med- $75 6. Lot of 3 GFore Shirts. Black and white is small. Other two are med. - $75 7. Vokey SM7 Slate Blue 60M with Modus 125s - $80 8. Vokey SM8 Black 56M with S200. Awesome Condition - $115
  6. They said that people not selected would not be notified
  7. I’m not sure they’ve announced? There wasn’t much clarity on this outside of how to enter. The fact that you don’t see any on eBay and supposedly there’s two pairs in stockx makes me think nothing has been sold. Resellers would have had those up ASAP
  8. Ok so I get to be the one that embarrasses himself... Disclaimer: I don't consider myself a very good ball-striker to begin with. This year I'm averaging 71.6 in tournaments (local, regional, national, etc.) and I feel like the distance you are talking about is my worst. 70 and under, I'm comfortable. 80-130, I don't have the success I should. As you can see, from the fairway I'm better from 100-200 than 75-100. Main issue is distance and not direction. If there's a problem with direction, I say it's likely due to face control.
  9. I'm looking for a stat tracking system that gives you the most amount of information. I am fine recording all my shots and distances as I already do that but am looking for the system that provides you the most insight into your game.
  10. Does Ryan Palmer wear a custom J XI? It looks like the white and gum but with a custom designed upper
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