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  1. Let me know if you have one
  2. Are these still a thing? I can’t find any company besides Greyson who makes them anymore. For those that wear joggers on course, what brand are you wearing? I’m looking to get some but don’t want to spend $150
  3. So I wanted to go back to fundamentals but I see there are some conflicting fundamentals depending on the coach teaching them. So I'll ask the masses here. In your setup should your shoulders be over the toes of your feet or past the toes of your feet? Should your hip joint be over your heels or over your ankles? I can't seem to find out what is the correct posture.
  4. Looking for a blade style Circle T
  5. I did leave the numbers on the bottom.
  6. Great ideas all These are done. Thought I'd give you a little before and after. The stamping is still not done as I'm still trying to decide what I want to do. Before After
  7. We'd love to hear about it. Helps inspire others
  8. I think you’ve hit on something insightful here and it’s the idea of comfort zones. We all have our comfort zone where we are “happy” with our play. When we step on the tee we expect to shoot a certain score. If we’re above that score we can start to press and do what we can to get back to that comfort zone. If you’re below, you may relax or get anxious. The point is mentally you could be limiting yourself.
  9. @Obee Here are your answers Are you wanting to get to this level yourself? Or are you just curious?Probably more of the former than the latter. I'd certainly love to get closer to that area. If you are wanting to get to this level yourself:What is your current index? I'm right about 0. I'm not a huge fan of indexes is terms of numbers but in relative skill level. Most indexes are based on if the course is rated fairly, what tees you play, etc.What is your current age? 31How long have you been playing golf? 20 yearsDo you play tournaments now? YesIf so, do you play outside your club in city,
  10. For those of you that are a good plus handicap (+3 or better) what did you do to get from being a scratch to that plus handicap? The thought would be if you have a better swing you’d play better golf but I’d suspect that going from a good player to a great player requires more than just improving your swing. Did you improve your mental game, start practicing different, play more, etc.? What was your journey like? Did you start competing/wining amateur events?
  11. I am refinishing a set of irons and going to make them blank heads in a really satin look. I wanting to make them truly unique and stamp something on them. Problem is I can’t think of anything cool stamp on them. Suggestions so far from friends: social security number (I hope they were kidding)random s** positions (this might actually be funny)Jordan logo stamp (can’t find one so it might have to be custom made)snow effect As you can see I need some suggestions. What would you stamp on your clubs?
  12. All Prices Include Shipping and are OBOOnly trades I am looking for are iron shafts. Either Modus X or X100. Prefer 3-PW or 4-PW. Cameron Circle T - comes with a cameron pistol grip and circle T headcover. Measures 33”. - $2800 $2700 $oldMaltby Loft/Lie Machine - was able to buy the one from my course so no use for this one -$oldTitleist 917F3 3 Wood Head Only - $60 $oldTensie Pro Blue 70TX - 42.25" with Titleist tip - $oldWatson Hanger - $oldGolf Pride Multicompound Midsize pulls (6) - $old Pin 7/20
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