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  1. Agree. I wash golf shoes all the time. Many of the top shoe cleaning kit companies sell a washing machine kit. It’s a matter of knowing what settings to put it on and using a mesh bag. My shoes always come out looking fresh.
  2. I would buy a half size up. They’ve always run small for me
  3. I’ve been doing the same. I finally scored the safari breds today actually. However, I’ll probably still buy a lot of the AM90s, they don’t compare to how good the AM1s were
  4. Need to be in really good shape
  5. I think Bryson subscribes to this school of thought too. He has like 200 ball speed sessions
  6. I get that but this is over speed training and not driver speed training swinging. I’m talking about actual speed sessions where you’re hitting balls as hard as you can like Long Drive guys do to train
  7. This year I’m moving away from the speed sticks and going to do more driver speed sessions. I’ve seen anywhere from 20 ball sessions to nearly 200 ball sessions. Does anyone know what the “best practice” is for gaining swing speed? How often should I be doing these sessions?
  8. 11s are by far the best. I play all the time in them. I actually like playing in the 1s but I’m so scared to because they’re worth so much money so I only do it sparingly. The 3a are good too but you have to wear pants with them IMO. I’ve been hunting for 9s forever and cannot find them. I think the 4s will be good. Saw on IG the following release dates for 4s: white cement - early Feb (Nike are tab) Bred - April/May (Jumpman tab)
  9. Has anyone compared the traction from the AM90 to the Gfore MG4.1? These bases look identical. I loved the MG4.1
  10. Pat Perez IG showing the Jordan 4 golf shoe. These go so hard. Going to be difficult to get your hands on these
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