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  1. Does Ryan Palmer wear a custom J XI? It looks like the white and gum but with a custom designed upper
  2. Let me know if you have one
  3. Was the Nike release not today or are they releasing more Friday? And I imagine with how limited these supposedly are, there wont be many retailers getting them
  4. I have noticed that like Jordan Speith, when frustration hits during a round, I take my dialogue external and talk out loud. I see numerous amateurs and professionals do this but I am looking to be a little more controlled and stoic like DJ or Cantlay. I am no where near as good as Rahm or Speith and when I get frustrated and start verbalizing my frustration, it's a quick spiral down for the round. Has anyone worked through this before? What have you done to help control the anger and frustration and keep your thoughts internalized?
  5. As someone who wears the shoes I buy, I don’t want to wear a pair that has foil flake off after the first few wears. The same went for the safari 11s. The foil came off and they were a different shoe.
  6. I put a golf ball under the ipad. Same end result as the headcover
  7. I'm probably in a major minority here but I have too little forearm rotation in the backswing and it causes the club to get across the line. When I do add some forearm rotation, the club looks to be perfectly on plane and even helps me shallow better in the downswing. Does anyone have some drills that help you add forearm rotation? Everything online I can find seems to help you remove it.
  8. Trade interests: Small Greyson, RLX (medium too), Peter Millar apparel. Jordan golf shoes (10.5 or 11). 1. Ping Camo Bag $old 2. Air Max 90 G Size 11 - $100 3. Jordan 11 Bred Safari Size 10 (Already authenticated through eBay) - $400 4. Nike Rain Pants size Small - $50 5. RLX golf hoodie size Medium - $75 6. NWOT RLX golf hoodie size Medium - $100
  9. How exhausting was it? Sounds like a scrambling unicorn with every phase was there. Truly impressive.
  10. In theory it’s easy, hit it better. Ball striking has more impact on your score than putting or chipping according to strokes gained metrics. I’d use the old Tiger adage “Play aggressively to conservative targets”.
  11. There's some people on here with some amazing shoe collections. I'd love to see them all. Here's your chance to show off.
  12. Keep the bag forever. I have two of my college bags in my office at home. They house all my extra sets. It's ok to be proud of yourself. We wont tell anyone.
  13. 1. Srizon Z785 5-PW Heads Excellent Shape - $old 2. Callaway Apex MB 18 Heads 4-PW - $old 3. Black TW, Orange Nike, red/white Nike, Green Nike, and Purple RLX. All Medium except green Nike which is Small - $old 4. Nike Airmax 97 size 10.5 Brand New but I dont have the box anymore - $200 5. Tabasco American Shirt size Medium - $20
  14. This. Very affordable and great fit.
  15. Right now I’m struggling with dropping my right shoulder in the downswing and almost backing up at impact instead of “covering the ball”. Are there any good drills that you’ve used to help you not drop that right shoulder so fast and not pop that left hip up? I’m trying to cover the ball better.
  16. Been patiently building my golf shoe collection. Got the AM97 for $70, Jordan IX for $120, and Jordan VI for $200. Not bad prices.
  17. Here is my test. Don't know what to make of it. I'm a high ball hitter so the shots that were hit higher obviously didn't do so well into the wind. I hit both into the wind and downwind (more sidewind out of the left than down) with a 7 iron. It was gusty so I'm not too concerned with carry distance as it would dependent on the gust. Overall wind was anywhere from 15 mph to 35 mph. This was done over 3 days. Also hit a 100 yard shot with a SW and a 50 yard shot with a LW. I think for me, it looks like the ProV1 has the best mix of everything. Left dash did really well everywhere e
  18. I'm the same way. I've been testing the 2019 Pro V1x, 2021 Pro V1x, 2021 Pro V1, BX, and the ProV1x LD. All my testing has been done on a launch monitor in the wind (between 20-30 mph consistently). The beauty of the midwest is even though it's nice outside, you have to deal with gale force winds. Will post my findings soon. Going to test wedges today from 100 yards and 50 yards.
  19. Adidas is releasing a Stan Smith golf shoe for their release. These won't get much publicity but they are fresh. Stan Smith is such a classic shoe. Adidas should really turn more of their lifestyle sneakers into golf shoes.
  20. I heard from someone that the PGA Championship version of the Air Max is going to be seersucker. That is going to look wild on a shoe
  21. Depends. Supply chains are still strapped all over the world so could be a while. Who knows
  22. I’m having a hard time figuring out if this putter neck is bent forward. When I look down at it, it kinda looks like there’s more offset but maybe this is how it’s supposed to be. If it is bent forward can it be bent back without snapping the neck off?
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