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  1. When it comes to punching out, normally long-iron makes no sense; normally I use 7 iron or shorter. Though I play to a low-single, I do not play those conditions like tour guys. I don't miss the fairway much but when I do, it's a Par 5 or long Par 4. That's when I may want to bite off a bit more so 24' 4 or 27' 5i is considered, but never a wood and I don't carry a hybrid. That club choice depends on the lie and conditions, even game, but NOT remotely the norm. A few rounds back Par 4 dog-leg right, my drive leaked right into junk behind a large tree. Rough was not
  2. I have never been hung up on distance, and don't believe most golfers are outside Golfwrx, unless they have a seriously competitive instinct. Next weekend I am playing with a buddy that is in early 50s, and his drives have been 20-30yds past mine. What's fun as I get more comfortable with my new driver shaft, my drives are catching up and at times, passing his. Though he says nothing, it gets to him. That's when he starts hitting it harder, which often means losing it right into ugly. Of course, I am smiling on the inside... I'll keep at it till I can't. Have a good weekend
  3. Yep, every one has bad days, sh** happens. But when someone's bad day affects a lot of people or all members, it has to stop...no excuses.
  4. It sure would be nice if ALL cup setters were as diligent and precise as you. At my last two clubs we made sure who ever was setting cups that morning, he/she was properly trained, as if a PGA event was happening that day. When I fix a green ball mark, I try to do 2-3, as does my wife and most close friends. Pvt club members learn that early on. Also, members rotated taking care of fairway divots on the hole they live on.
  5. Congrats... you're making progress. Side note; most people do NOT have a clue how far they carry the ball, much less how far it travels, regardless of club; they guess and exaggerate. I've asked many people I play with how far they hit a given club, most are honest and say not sure, but many throw out a guess, and go looking for the ball based on the guess, only to be found by me behind where they are looking. I am 70 and all about carry and oa length of each club. My MB 35' 7i carries about 148yds finishes about 150-153yds depending on conditions, and the ball I us
  6. Green sections can be rather large or not so, depending on size of green. Every decent course moves the pin every morning. Whether the course keeps the pin in a day's section depends on whether GPS and pin yardage is used. If the course doesn't have GPS it's irrelevant. On a course that uses GPS in any fashion, holes are not in the same place, but often very close, so it may appear as if it wasn't moved if someone plays on the same day all the time. Some courses only have 3 green sections, front (Red), middle (white) and back (blue). If that course has GPS in carts, it's unl
  7. I recall it but not details. Since taking up the game, I have been a Mizuno but mostly a Titleist guy since playing. I played 905-S for a long time; like the R9, better have a solid swing otherwise the ball wasn't going anywhere.
  8. 905-R was the 460 head, shallower face with larger sweet spot, and more forgiving comparable to today's Ts2. 905S was shallow front to back, COG was closer to the face and 400cc, and 905t was kind of an odd ball, don't recall its specs.
  9. It's been awhile, but yep, there are 7 days in a week. lol We had it explained to us in kinda of a unusual way, using 6 days, with one day always being the same, and the other 6 days when the pin is moved to a new section each day. At my last club I was on the committee to decide if we install GPS in carts. For GPS with pin positioning and yardage, greens are divided into sections. So when a GPS shows a pin position, it's really showing the pin in a certain section. If GPS says its 120 yds to a pin, it's to the center of that days section. So all the GPS unit is showing is t
  10. I am not sure look/comfort is behind hitting deep face better, it's more about your swing. Think of deep vs shallow as one has more vertical face space vs lateral face space. Deep face internal design provides a different trajectory, compared to Shallow face. IMO - deep face needs a bit more SS, and it tends to be less forgiving yardage wise with off-center strikes. FYI: Deep face was quite common in older drivers. Shallow drivers are the result of CAD influence. I played deep-face heads (905-S 9.5) for a long time, then switched to TS2 9.5 which is more shallow and forgiving.
  11. Dang, I though Pings S59 irons were introduced back around "07-08", and Blueprints are much more recent. I would think, iBlades and tungsten would be more forgiving than Blueprints.
  12. Ts3 and Tsi3, 917D3 and 905S are considered deep face. Deep face drivers are not as common today as they used to be. I suspect CAD has affected design in such a way, deep or shallow faces are not as important as internal design.
  13. Not sure if you're aware, but most courses divide greens into six sections, one for each day of the week, guided by GPS and Satellite mapping. Thus, when we play a certain course on Thursday, the pin is going to be in a relatively similar position, as opposed to pin position on any other given day.
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