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  1. Appreciate your thoughts. Killer instinct and WILL guide someone to win by a huge margin, totally stomping their opponents neck till they just give up. Then there's this: How often do we hear - we want to see a real competition, in tennis 5 sets and a gazillion tiebreaker points leading to a winner by a margin. In golf two-three guys coming down 18 within a stroke of each other, anyone could win after a play-off. In football, we want the winning teams score to be slightly more than the opponent, same in baseball. I like seeing a team or competitor annihilate their opponent. Football players carried off the field cause someone really took out his opponent. Some people never quit... SOG team members never give up; it's a frame of mind. Their "WILL" to win and or overcome obstacles drives them. Then there's Tiger, and his SOG officer dad. It was that orientation in his youth that made Tiger grow into a major force. He was comfortable stomping on the field till all they could do was step aside and be amazed as he set win records. I don't know all the tour players background, but Tiger, Reed, maybe DJ and a few others won't quit when they have a comfortable lead. When you have the lead, that's when you figuratively step up your game, and step on the opponent's throat to WIN by a big margin. To see who's who, I don't look at a persons numbers or their home life, as much as a person's frame of mind in competition. Being a professional golfer is different from other professional athletes. Professional golfers often win as a result of other golfers giving it away. The winner didn't take the win from the field, like Tiger. Call Reed what you will, make every imperfection Reed has a reason to hate him. He's still a competitive fighter and doesn't care whether people like him or not, and he's not put off by the booing, etc. He knows, like Tiger and others, can't make everyone happy. Your bold statement is IMO spot on. Euros - though individuals - behave, for the most part, like a natural team, they are all from small countries where America had a hand in helping their homeland at some juncture. Whereas, our team is made up of many spoiled individuals that don't know how to meld, much less be a cohesive team that is confident enough to take and give. They force it which is why it doesn't work as well. Each of us has different perceptions, most of which is based on our lives.
  2. Bold assumptions and question. Yes, government tested me back in the 70s. They are the one's that discovered the conditions I cope with today, and my intelligence quotient. And, contractors are not selected for black-opts or team leadership if they lack self-control and have anger issues.
  3. Yep, well-built bunkers at high-end private clubs are easy to control the ball from. Typically, they are padded, and quality sand is not deep. I haven't been to Pelican in a while, should be in pretty good shape. My buddy was at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club. He said it was in nice shape.
  4. Bold is true. NO, I am NOT, never even implied that, just clinically educated, NOT licensed, reason I employ psychologists. I own service businesses that focus on Fortune 1000 tech sector. I don't yell or lose control, ever, my voice is such, don't need to.
  5. Yep, short side yourself and bogies start popping up. Sad, but the cost of that pretty white (bunker) sand and crystallized sand are mucho dinero. An acquaintance owns a few courses, and put in new bunkers in one, cost him 900k Probably why muni's go the cheap funk, sand/clay/dirt, and what makes them worse, sprinklers wet them down every day, so they get harder and harder.
  6. Yes, it does. As I've said before, I am clincially trained, plus I employ a few psychologists, my wife is a Clinical Director over clinical psychologists, then there are my buddies; an agency psychologist, a psychiatrist/MD and an Orthopedic surgeon, don't know how he got in there. Measuring people depends on where their experience is founded. You have a good wkend.
  7. Congrats. Keep at it. I am working towards shooting my age, 70. Been a few strokes off, but no cigar, yet...
  8. It was mention above, green size determines. I would add green speed is also a factor that determines middle or front and back yardage. I play more known and unknown difficult courses so mostly let course management determine shot plan. If the green is large, pin away from the middle, I might go flag hunting, depends on the situation. If the green is on the small side and irregularly shaped, I go to the middle, knowing if I leak a bit either way my ball worse case, is still within 2-putt range.
  9. More like storm Whistling Straits to take points and the dam Trophy after stomping on the necks of opponents. If you want to win, it's about your frame of mind, or lack thereof. With all the damn money now flowing to players and around The Ryder Cup, its NO LONGER an exhibition event. Little David's, together, want dearly to slay Goliath.
  10. I wouldn't say he's the worst, but he wasn't the best, and I like Stricker. He's too malleable for leadership, though. When Tiger was playing, he was the only one openly willing to play Tigers ball.
  11. Maybe so... IMO - Striker made a judgmental error. How many times was Rahm diagnosed with Covid, yet he played? Some men, recently sick, maybe convulsing and puking their guts out, even wounded, still have a degree of spirit and fight in them that is beyond the imagination of others that tend to whine about their boo-boos.
  12. Have you been in combat? I have. Be careful what you presume about people you don't know based on social media lock-jaw. What you allude to is loosely based on social media remarks by strangers.
  13. I can't blame Captain America... Reed knows, he has the needed winner temperament to step on his opponent's throat, shake hands and move on to his next opponent. He's a point winner... that isn't afraid. If I am going into combat, I am NOT picking nice guys and or friends. I want to win and to do that a team of warriors must be willing to take their opponents to the ground, hard, if need be. Manipulate the words however to fit the event scenario. Its about the man is he able to go the lengths to win.
  14. Something similar happened to me a few years back. I knew about arthritis in my knees, but one morning woke up to what felt like a lump and pain forward of my left wrist. Lucky me. I lived with it for a while but when it didn't go away, I visited my Ortho. Whoopee, it's osteoarthritis affected cartilage. Its symptoms grow slowly over years, lucky me.
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