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  1. I do not assume, much less about people I am not familiar, their game, or based on what's in their bag, etc. I've played in serious amateur events and big $$$$ money private tournaments, seen some strange people. Played with some guys that appear like low-rent dogs, yet played lights out for big money and didn't have a penny in their pockets, and won. Seen a few guys with less than 12 clubs in the bag playing in serious money games and team events, and win or place in the top five. Even watch a supposed +2 club champion totally collapse during a rd after talking way too much sm
  2. I am sure some people on Golfwrx been carrying around clubs they never use. Not a good habit to get into but a few of my buddies do that. They have favorite clubs they always pull, even when it makes no sense. I am big into course management so use most of the clubs in my bag, but which ones depends on the yardage being played, and what course mgt and conditions dictate. My least used club is 4wd, only used on long Par 5s and really long 460+yd Par 4s when 2 iron isn't enough. Most of the better golfers I know, like myself, don't carry unused clubs or change irons or scoring c
  3. @MonteScheinblum Offered up an excellent suggestion, Steelfiber. Consider i95cw, they cost around $50+ ea + install. There are solid reasons why they are popular on all tours. They feel and play like steel but offer the benefits of graphite. It's good your MD is familiar with your condition and how it may or may not be affected by the type of shaft. I have 3 buddies that are MD's, one is my orthopedic surgeon. One plays steel, the other two play graphite. I cope with osteoarthritis in my hands, hips and knees and played PX 6.0 and 5.5 for eighteen years. Good graphite shafts
  4. LOL When I read the title, I thought this thread was about the First Tee organization. Typically, I tee off with a slightly used ball, but there are days when a nice shinny new ball is used on the first tee. When that happens is pretty much impulsive and depends on the quality of course. A high end or private club, new ball, muni track, used is fine. My golf balls last 4-8 rds before they are discolored or scuffed and go in the shag bag. As long as the ball is not cut or bruised and when wiped off with damp towel, (I seldom use a ball washer) it looks clean, it goes
  5. I don't know your age, but I am 70 and still benefit from long irons including 4, 3 and 2 iron, and currently carry a 16* 4wd and 9.5 driver. I actually take great satisfaction from a well struck long iron, short irons are no-brainer. Won't tell anyone what they should carry equipment wise, mostly because skill and approach to the game probably differ. I'll just say, loft numbers mean nothing. What means something is how far you "CARRY" each of those lofts and how far you carry the closest wood?
  6. Not so much forgiveness, but maybe more to do with balancing the head and the effects of cavity back.
  7. I tested many shafts before buying new Ventus Velocore Red for driver and fairway wood. I wasn't big on "red" color either, but haven't noticed it since. Go figure. That said, Red does get its fair share of attention especially when a 70yr old smacks the ball 250-270 yards down the middle. Youngster playing partners wonder how the ole man out-drove them. Lol
  8. @MtlJeff - Having done a lot of business in CA, no doubt in my mind, it's a cultural difference thing.
  9. From my due diligence, most common graphite shafts on the market are light weight 60-80g shafts with soft tips to help those needing graphite for maybe medical or physical challenges, and to maintain reasonable distances. The problem with those shafts is with the soft tip section, dispersion can be all over the place, unless the person has a slow SS. An acquaintance has 75g "S" shafts in his irons. He hits the ball all over the place with no distance control. Last time we played, he pulled his 7i for 160yd shot into the green, and hit it 190+yds; we guessed at the distance cause it flew t
  10. It's difficult to get a longer and straight leading edge from most OEM wedge makers. Actually going to a custom builder is best, except as other may have mentioned, it costs $$$. OEMs focus on certain specs that are best for mid-hi caps. From heel to toe, I like a sharp and straight leading edge, with minimal cambered sole. So had LW adjusted on a grinder. Didn't have to take that much off 2016 Vokey 58/8 "M" and because it's playing length is longer than stock, swing weight wasn't noticeably affected, it's still D9/E0.
  11. I bought a few sets of MCC standard & Align, but always went back to standard Tour Velvet "R" with +3. Last year when I bought 620 series irons, decided to switch 2-GW to standard TV Align +3 and quite pleased with the change. I still have CP2 Pro on Driver, 4wd and LW, all +3.
  12. I am well aware, but was responding to someone that couldn't get Taper Tip in MMT. Parallel was most likely the first tip introduced back when, and TT later.
  13. I very seldom lose balls and hit them rather decent so a ProV or AVX ball can last upwards of 4-8 rds. As long as the ball is not scuffed or scared in any way, and it looks good after cleaned, I will keep it in play for casual rds. But in a serious $$$ game or tournament, I use a new ball each day.
  14. Sound like they were re-rated but instead of immediately getting new scorecards, wanted to use up their pre-printed stock. We had the same situation at my last two clubs. I would not rely on other websites or sources. Rather trust your club or what Ghin says; the two should be the same.
  15. That is true - Why? Best guess parallel tips are for custom fitting - or fitters that build clubs. Before I bought my Titleist 620 Series sets I checked with Titleist custom and was told pretty much the same thing. Not surprisingly though, as I understand it, higher end irons from OEM's use TT. Unless the manufacturer is like PXG.
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