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  1. Rolfing is nada and can't say why either.
  2. Be careful. A lot of people buy low-end LM's as opposed to the high-end units pros benefit from. IMO - A large moveable mat like "Country Club Elite Golf Mat by Real Feel", and large net would be less costly and easier to move. But we're all different. I have a smaller version of that mat in my office, has two type of turf, that is used to chip balls at a net in an adjoining office door jamb. LM's are like GPS/Laser units; cheap ones are NOT accurate. My buddy bought an inexpensive $80+/- GPS watch. I bought a Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Sapphire and Garmin Approach Z82 GPS/Laser unit. His watch is often 10-15yrds off from either of mine; that's a club or two depending on the person. Mine are within a yard of each other, but not cheap. Just saying...
  3. Let's hope he's a late bloomer. I got one guy that took twelve years to reach his potential. Some human investments pay off.
  4. I am not convinced being somewhat a beginner and concerning yourself about what might happen when, due to offset is prudent. I'd focus on grooving a swing into muscle memory and then look at specs more becoming those mechanics, what ever it may be. Offset is there to help the user keep his hands in the proper position ahead of the ball at impact. Minimal offset is found on irons like T100 or 620 CBs, which are not typical learner irons. The other aggravation, many OEM's are not posting offset or bounce on their websites, so as not to influence buyers. Stupid excuse, for sure.
  5. I want to feel vibration in my hands as the strike compresses the ball at impact; then connect the vibration to the sound of impact and know what happened to the ball at impact, and where it is generally going. That's the reason I play 620 MBs. I get more of that from the MBs than 620 CBs. Oh, need to acknowledge MMT 125 shafts, as they do a wonderful job of letting ball striking talk to my hands without damaging my body. As for using Persimmon woods, haven't played with them in fifteen years.
  6. From what I see, Notah Begay is still trying to develop an announcer's personality, and only time will tell. I am suspect his relationship with Tiger at Stanford is behind his career on camera. I wish him well.
  7. Whether you use blades to develop your game depends on who you ask. Blades can help improve ball striking skill, but it won't come without testing your tenacity and patience. Its a long-term endeavor. Though I am old school, I stay away from suggesting blades to anyone. Mostly because more people today lack the tenacity or ingrained desire to be a ball striker and let score happen as a result. Being a ball striker is why, at my age, I carded 2 over last Sunday, and hit a sweet 21' MB 3i - 195yds straight at 70yrs old. When I was 40yrs old, and 8 months into learning the game my uncle recommended blades to me; so I bought a set of Mizuno MBs. Fortunately, 'attention to detail' has always been a factor in what I tackle. In addition, I have never been one to want quick and easy. I relish being challenged, still. As far as I am concerned, if you're a ball striker it's easier to control trajectory, spin and distance control using a blade as opposed to forgiving CB. I have a set of 620 MBs and 620 CBs. Even though blades and CB can get the ball to the hole in the same number of strokes, each exists for different reasons. When I hit a sweet CB 3i it doesn't give me nearly as much satisfaction as when I hit a sweet MB 3 iron. But you choose and good luck.
  8. Agree with Monte. I noticed ball position is back too far. Shoes are no big deal. If balance is in-check, shoes or no shoes are not an issue. I used to practice barefoot. Also, those shoes don't have much of a sole, so the mat has the ball noticeably above your feet. If that's how you frequently practice, I'd invest in a large mat where you stand on the mat and hit off it.
  9. Titleist and TM even Callaway are not culturally the same when it comes to how they manage their tour presents, tour roster, marketing and fiscal approach. TM and Callaway are merchandisers, Titleist is not. How Titleist introduces clubs and such to the market makes the difference evident. Yes, each is capable of mass-producing what ever, but custom forged designed irons doesn't come cheap; there has to be some merit tied to the investment. But think whatever.
  10. Titleist just publicized making a set of irons for AS... same with JT. We will see if either of those sets make retail. Companies don't easily invest like that unless there's something in the making. Of course, another factor may be that Scott is NOT meeting his game side contractual commitments. Reason maybe for him to be uneasy and searching, in hopes, so Titleist gave him room. Another factor that may be in play, but we're not hearing is overall tour costs has increased while retail sales may be down from projections. Lots of reasons to cut back on the stable.
  11. Club ho's pay the price. Golf clubs are like P-cars, what's in stock is priced based on limited supply and lots of demand. Thankfully, I don't change irons often. Though my 620 sets cost about around $1700 ea out the door, that didn't include Steelfiber or MMT shafts. My Driver and 4wd shafts alone cost $350 ea. Back in early 2k, I paid $700 ea for 3 Honma woods. Recently, I was at our LGS and iron pricing didn't seem out of hand. However, I did notice a price jump in SC putters from $350ish to $400ish. Again, supply and demand is affecting pricing on certain items. I want a new P-car but not buying. Limited allocations have led to a 75k premium on the one's that interest me.
  12. I understand, social media platforms and forums gave a voice to people that otherwise wouldn't have one. From what I read, Grindworks only makes irons, wedges and putters, NO woods/Drivers. I like P.Reed, he has been with Grindworks for a while now, consulting on design and playing a few OEM drivers, etc. What's the big deal? My question is how well are Grindworks irons selling?
  13. I support honor where due, but only if the deserving person is keeping pace. If he's too damn slow to get to the tee, I will jump up and whack my ball. If someone doesn't like it, they can complain to the tournament committee or the 'hand.' Pace of play is more important than honor. I won't put up with slow pokes.
  14. While waiting in the cart to hit my ball, I have music playing though a mini-Bose speaker, but don't closely listen so don't have favorite music. It's a custom mix of music on Pandora channel.
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