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  1. I lost some distance with driver and irons around 68 due to a medical condition. Thought that was how it was going to be from then on. Got the medical condition taken care of and got back to the gym, switched to Steelfiber 110 stiff shafts and long story short, gained some yardage back. Put new Ventus Velocore shafts in woods, gained more back with them. But not till I switched to PX 5.5 shafts did I get more lost yardage back with my irons, and I am 70. I was never a big hitter, and I am still quite strong so haven't lost but a few yards per club. That combined with my attit
  2. When I say lazy - what I mean is recently my buddy handed me his Ping 5i and nonchalantly I stepped over the ball and smacked it straight 180yds. I knew what the head would do, I can't do that with 620MB 5i or any of them. You'd think the 620MB PW would compare to Vokey PW, it feels completely different. When over my MB's I have to pay closer attention to my take away, tempo and hip/shoulder turn away as all of it influences where the club head is when it drops into the slot, and reaches impact. It's only a dime sweet spot (figuratively) so easy to fractionally miss and lose 10+yards, espe
  3. I have 2 sets of irons - 620MB and 620CB irons. Comparatively speaking, 6i to 6i - I hit the CB 6i further by about 2-4yds than MB 6i. The MB"s in my hands are really target shooting irons. That distance spread is common through out the sets too. I have CB 3-6i and MB 7i-PW in the bag. With either set, lazy is not an option. However, I have 3 sets of GI irons in club storage that allow me to be what I refer to as lazy over the ball. That means I can address the ball and target and not think about my swing mechanics nearly as much. IMO - More forgiveness does NOT
  4. Of the batch you list PX 6.0 = 120g and stiff tip. I played those shafts for many years, then switched to Steelfiber i110cw Stiff for 1.5yrs, until recently when I switching back to PX only 5.5 stiff which are 115g and stiff tip. From personal experience the other shafts are not comparable to PX 6.0. Good luck. PS I don't use jumbo grips, have a quick tempo, and use TV Align standard with +3 wraps, and have large hands.
  5. Beautiful set of irons at a good price. From me messing with 718MB with PX 6.0 before buying my current irons, 718MB's are a bit easier to hit than 620MB irons. Good luck.
  6. Sorry, but did you miss read what I wrote? I've seen many golfers that are decent get lazy with SGI iron, and hit a stinky shot. My buddy plays Ping and does it a few times per round. "If a person is use to SGI, my Titleist 620 MB will make the same lazy level of ball striking, worse." I've seen it. Blanket statements fit the majority, not the exceptions. Think, for a minute - I am talking about decent golfers. Good golfers allegedly can hit any club decently. So can many of my buddies with indexes under 8ish. I can even if it has a 133g X7 shaft, I just won't hit it as f
  7. I have always been a hard hitter. Over all the years only had one shaft break - in my trusty of Titleist 905S 9.5 head. Probably my favorite driver. Believe it or not, it was Grafalloy Blue shaft fully inserted in the hosel, snapped off at the top where the shaft entered. That's the only one. Whether or not something breaks depends on quality and that depends on price. I don't see either of the Ventus Velocore shafts breaking, or the graphite Steelfiber i95 in my 2iron, and PX 5.5 in my irons. Course it could always happen but I doubt it. The quality of manufacturing in ea
  8. My driver cost $500, shaft $350; 4wd cost $300+, shaft $350. If you factor aftermarket shafts in my irons, the 620 3-PW was $1500 plus aftermarket shafts = $2200, and SC putter in 2012 was $350. That total is less than the carbon brakes on the Porsche. Don't tell my wife.
  9. It's not enforceable, plus telling people which tees they can play WILL have consequences for the course; golfers won't return to the course and will say bad things about the course. Most people that shouldn't play the back tees know it and don't. Course there are those few that want to or think they should till they get a taste of the abuse. Unless they have the game, I see very few people these days venturing to the back tees or anything much over 6500yds. Kinda reminds me of going to a club fitter and have him ask me my age (55ish) I told him and he, using his vast wiz-bang
  10. I am not one to look for a formula that tells me this or that is best for an old far*. The right yardage or tees for me is what I can live up to and walk away with a smile. Trying my best and overcoming obstacles makes me feel strong. So far that's proven to be under 6700yds and under 71/130, with average around 6400-6500yds. What I am not doing is looking for golf to make me feel good about my game or lack of practice. Golf isn't designed to do that, neither are golf courses as they are designed to bring challenge. We're the one's that are suppose to step up to the challenge NOT redesi
  11. The italic I agree with but the bold disagree with. I've seen it first hand when friends try my 620 irons. The MBs have very little forgiveness so someone use to SGI hitting my MB 7i usually gets lousy result. Your swing has to be grooved to get consistent results. However, they feel a bit better when hitting 620CB 7i, there is a smidgen more forgiveness. If a person is use to SGI, 620 will make the same level of ball striking worse. If I get at all lazy MB 5i will be short by 15yds. Yesterday, friends were kind with their observational words when I hit a stinky drive on a
  12. PS - Years back, I had MacGregor make custom set of irons 2-LW for me. The LW is 60* with a very wide sole but only 2* of bounce. The wide sole creates effective bounce making the club real easy to use out of bunkers.
  13. @pinestreetgolf- I saw Seve 3i beach video years back. there are even vids of instructors demoing Seve's 3i bunker shot. Guess I wasn't clear enough and maybe we'll have to disagree. I am a pretty good bunker player and there isn't much of a thump sound when hitting from muni deep sand or on the beach in deep sand, not even shallow firm beach sand as I have practiced that many times here in SOCA. The mechanics are the same but the sound is different based on depth of sand and whether or not the bunker is padded with 1.5-2" of sand on top. I've played many tour venues with padded bunkers t
  14. Unless (no charge) single carts are mandated by State health officials, most courses will charge for a single cart, it's normal in most states. As to feeling unsafe, that is subjective and if that's how you feel best conduct more thorough due diligence when setting up tee times. Time time spread during mandates forced 10-12 min spread in TT. Now that mandates are moving back towards normal, TT spreads are gradually moving back to 7-8min as well. So let the pace of play whining begin.
  15. I've hit 68 & 69 ten or so times. The only thing that was happening in those rounds that wasn't in other rounds was my clarity of mind. I was as relaxed as I could get without falling asleep standing up. Every hole seemed to fit my eye without concern. Wasn't talking much to anyone. Every one of my shot assessments came easy and easy to focus on while my body executed without issue. I wasn't trying to make shots, no experimenting just executing shots, always in the fairway, and getting up and down when I missed a GIR. Most important, I was hitting the ball solid and wasn't paying at
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