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  1. It's NOT personal. Lanny is critical of most golfers, it's his style, and it's always been that way.
  2. There's a good field, and the new course is better than last years. It has a lot of risk and reward holes, plus the dreaded desert for those overzealous oops shots. Keep it in the fairway, it's a relatively easy straight forward course where a good round can be had.
  3. Though I've played the same equipment brand for years, my clothing has never reflected my equipment. I am not one to advertise golf brands on my clothing, not until I get paid. lol
  4. Changing putter style without being fitted or knowing what putter design benefits your mechanics is not prudent, these days. If your current putter is, in fact, properly fitted to you, I suggest you buy the same toe/spec design. Least that IS what I will do in the near future.
  5. I've played 1 1/2... lol DASH -ProV1x with a smattering of AVX as the weather changes.
  6. It would be a Vokey marketing mistake to post images of SM9 when SM8 are still relatively new and selling. If people think SM9 is coming, they more than likely will wait to see, as opposed to buy SM8. That's what I would do.
  7. Tensei AV White AM "S in 2 iron -4 iron, and MMT 125 "S" shafts in 5 iron to LW.
  8. I don't agree with that sentiment. Back in my day I did a lot of specialized training with Agency and SOG guys, including Green Berets and Delta guys. Back then and still today, they are tough as nails, never show fear, regardless. Their training regime could break a weak person in two. Knowing that, and what has since happened to Tiger, even though it was NOT a smart decision by Tiger, I totally understand why he did it. His Dad was in Vietnam as LT COL in special operations. Every son wants to be somewhat like his dad. Mentally, Tiger was and still is way over equipped compared to Joe average on tour. My best guess, Tiger will be back to make a splash.
  9. Could be too much "IF" you discovered you weren't nearly as accurate them. All the years of wishing... only to fight back the tears... I am not aware of any tour guys that play zero-offset blades, these days. My 620 MB 3i is 2.3mm or .0025" offset, it's about as next to nada as I am aware of today. I'll have to check with my 80 something uncle about this. MacGregor made all his MB clubs with zero offset when he played on tour. Now, he won't touch dem-dare MBs, preferring CBs. You have a good wkend. The winds blowing here this weekend, so I'll be using my 2i and 3i a lot...
  10. Strong lofted irons easily leads to problems with club yardages and carry yardages. My irons have more traditional lofts, yet a jump from 31' 6 iron to 24' 4 iron is huge, it's even harder to effectively cover the yardage cause there more to be considered, such as the clubs OA Distance but carry yardage too. The problem is most golfers don't have much imagination or distance flexibility with each club in their bag. Each of my clubs have 10-12 yardages short and 10-12 yardages long of standard carry yardage. IMO - if yardages bunch up, it's cause the clubs are NOT properly setup throughout the set.
  11. Being a lifelong jock in multiple activities, I have spent fifty years training. Long-term failure of body parts is seen more often than imagined, only many people don't associate their gym activities with medical problems, later. I believe Tiger's work out regime was too fast and too much for his skeleture framework, which protects body parts when heavily strained. Also, it's the "WILL" over the body that brings someone like Tiger back after physical failure. People discover an interest in working out, so tackle building muscle, fast. They are unaware of the importance of their skeleture structure, lower core, legs even calves and feet or what should be targeted first before bulking up. Add in weak genetics and there will be long-term problems for a lot of people. I've seen guys that could bench 400lbs but their legs, the knees and lower portions were pins so under heavy strain their lower body can cause upper body parts, namely parts of the back to slowly fail, and result in medical problems. Kinda like building a multistory house but forgetting about the foundation or building a huge superstructure on a boat frame but not considering the haul's capacity. If you want your body to stay strong under load, you build it from the ground up, NOT top down.
  12. I am self-taught using 3-books and my index low was 2, now 3-5. In #1 it appears you almost have a chicken wing and #3 it appears your left shoulder/chest is pulling left too early, which leads to OT. You'll be pulling the handle hard, inward which pulls the club face down and across the ball creating a left to right fade or ugly slice for many people. When I start my transition, I keep my right elbow closer to my body (otherwise its a chicken wing), which helps me to deliver the club head from the inside, outward. I am not a teacher, so it's just my 2cents. There are two good instructors on Golfwrx. @MonteScheinblum is one.
  13. I can't imagine that one... but who knows... LOL ZERO offset like KZG ZO Blades, requires a persons hands to naturally create the correct amount of offset going into impact. I haven't tried zero offset irons in years, I think I forgot. Even my 2k custom-made MacGregor MB Butter knives have +/- offset close to my 620MBs. In today's golf climate, I can't imagine Titleist making t100s or any OEM making irons with zero offset. Honestly, 99% of the people that play t100s, are NOT likely to have zero offset hands, or that level of ball striking skill. But there are exceptions to every rule.
  14. My pivot left is natural, no thought. Without screwing it up, I can't imagine anyone with a proper setup and action, purposely thinking about their pivot as it happens.
  15. LOL You must be invisible - there is no video, just the control bar.
  16. I agree 100% with that statement, except add what most people purposely overlook; there is NO such thing as a perfect human or Christian. In other words, man can't practice perfectly what he preaches. You have a good day.
  17. Pelz is a good scientist, but I haven't always agreed with him. I did the cement test years back. On cement surface, as the ball slows dimples take hold a smidgen leading the ball to fall off-line, but its only noticeable in the last few inches before the target. The smooth surface of cement doesn't provide anything else to affect the ball. However, on fast greens, the grain affects the ball over a 5' putt, from impact, long before dimples.
  18. Both sets of my Titleist 620s have minimal progressive offset, but the MBs have less than CBs. If my hands are NOT in the right spot at impact, it's a quickly noticeable miss. Both of the sets have heel to toe length progression too. I've been playing Titleist blades for a long time. Titleist maybe did THE best job blending 620 CBs with MBs. For me, 681s were relatively easy to strike well, only I never owned a set. The most difficult blade to strike well was Titleist 670MBs, 2-PW.
  19. You B a lucky man. I've had a motorcycle since HS, and a scooter since 1990. But over the last 20yrs, between the gym, track time with P-car and P-car club and golf, golf club responsibilities, and company's, no time left for scooter riding. It needed to be ridden. Best part was it felt good to be able to offer it to a guy that couldn't afford a comparable ride. He was one helluva happy guy.
  20. IMO for those irons to catch on, a user should be playing older traditional specs. Otherwise, 681 specs would more than likely be troubling for most users. My 620 MBs have minimal offset, 681's have even less. Stock 681 offset is .080" on all irons in set; more than my 620 7i less than 6i. Another potential issue, lie angle gets flatter in long irons, which demands a solid swing, and lofts are traditional, 49' PW, etc., while overall lengths of ea club is shorter than my 620s.
  21. Lots of people use drivers over 45" but they keep it under 46". Only a few that I am aware of have made their desire to go past 46" public; namely Phil and Bryson. No doubt there are others.
  22. I as much as said being Christian defines our priorities and decisions in relationship to our careers. And has NOTHING to do with level of success.
  23. Damn, I really like the look of A.Scott's new 681as irons and JT's 621jt look fine as well. What's interesting about the difference is Scott's have more bulging MB and greater offset but sharper leading edges vs my 620 MBs. Sharper leading edges help to keep my swing shallow, does the same with A.Scott. I'll take the sharp leading edges and bulge MB of Scott's 681as with JT's minimal offset and spec design = perfect iron for me. I can only hope one or a mixture of both come to market.
  24. That's an assumption for which I disagree. I am sure we agree, Ricky is a good man, husband and soon to be father. But what people overlook is he's a long-time Christian, as are his parents. That implies his values and actions will overshadow his commercial activities as well as how committed he is to golf. I know that because being Catholic has overshadowed all my business activities. Personally, I'd rather see him be a great husband and family man, and a really good golfer as opposed to him being #1 at golfer and let his family go, wanting for... Which is what happens with most tour guys in the top 10.
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