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  1. IMO if a person is not a strong ball striker, 2 iron is not the best choice. Unless you're going to put in a lot of practice time, it will be more trouble than it's worth. Though today, forgiving is the core topic, 2 irons are not common, nor are they inherently designed to be forgiving, even if it has a CB design. It's the length of the club combined with loft that makes them difficult to strike well. I have five "2" irons (MB & CB) and one "1" iron. the two irons are 39.5" and 40" in length, the 1 iron is 40" in length too. My swing was grooved with long irons and I learned the game using a 1 iron, so no need for a utility or hybrid. Having said that of those irons the easiest to hit is the 718 T-MB 17' in my bag. It has a 90 gram Tensei AV White AM2 high bend stout "S" shaft, cut to 39.5" playing length.
  2. Nope. Its not something I ever bothered to keep track of. My uncle had a 15.5' 1 iron that was part of his MacGregor MB set. Back in 2k, MacGregor made "two" 2 irons for my custom 2-LW set. The butter knife 2 iron is 16', the other is a CB 18'. PS, look for Mizuno MP 29, 1 iron, it's 15' circa 1999.
  3. I hear ya... The salient point is it can be done by someone that has the frame of mind to step up and make things happen under pressure. But we're all cut from different cloth. Next time, maybe you'll beat him, if you want it badly enough.
  4. LOL you're not old enough. The Mizuno MB 1 iron at 40" I learned the game with has 15' loft. It's in the storage cabinet and gets to the golf course now and again when I want to test myself.
  5. Can I just say, if someone needs more spin improve ball contact? I am a high-spin player, still, and played ProV1x for a long time, then cause they added spin to ProV1x, I switched to ProV1... until AVX crossed my path. NO issues with any of these balls when it came to green side spin. My issue is always the natural trajectory of the ball. ProV1x is now too high, ProV1 is good and so is AVX, only AVX is a tad longer than ProV1. When I discovered DASH -ProV1x I became a happy camper, it does everything up to par. So, now, I let the weather determines which of those two balls are in play.
  6. Let's see how you all feel at this 70yr old's 178 rounds and the wife played 150 rds. My max was 240+rds the year before Covid shut down CA. Every vacation, including the 3-week golf trip I just got back from, I played every other day, sometimes every day. Only my wife played every round with me. I have never played too much golf that I needed time off.
  7. It's NOT 5 but 10 stroke swing... and if you've done it, you'd then know it's possible. If you haven't done it, that's on you. I did 68 in my late 60s... and 70 carding 73/74 - 2 over par. How old were you allegedly did better? Its a golf discussion forum where damn near everyone floats ideal. Then there are some of us that actually play the game, still. You have a good day.
  8. I hear ya, and you'd be right if we're considering "long run" as a measure, and not adding in assumptions. If anyone, including Derek was LONG run, good, he'd be playing on the PGA, so it's not a valid argument.
  9. It's regional. I don't play much during the week, but it happens, and tee sheets seem filled during prime week days too. Here in SOCA we have an inordinate amount of lazy asses, looking to leave work early to get around traffic congestion, so they hit golf courses in the afternoon/twilight. Hustling to finish doesn't necessarily mean they play fast. Motivation changes a bit on weekends; they play after 12 cause rates are the least expensive.
  10. Being competitive does NOT or should NOT mean having to beat the best of the LPGA ALL the time. Twenty (20) strokes back over a tournament is holding his own, no different from all the women that are 20 back in the same theoretical event. Anyone that plays in competition knows a low-single or scratch can swing as much as 10 strokes in either direction on a given day. My low is 68, and I was playing to a 2. I've reached under par more than a few times. I've seen some damn good scratch and + guys on testy strange courses play lights out in tournaments, and seen some low-single digit guys beat scratch and plus guys under similar conditions. The variable is what level of pressure a person is comfortable with.
  11. If you're talking about the pvt Hacienda that I've played, (it will eat your lunch) those are some highly impressive scores. Yep, very few women could measure up on that tack even from woman's White tees. At best, we can only compare a few days of scoring against multiple days of a tour player. What makes the comparison unreasonable, we assume the best of tour players and the worst of scratch amateur, not including the off scores of tour players. You know, all those gals that fall down the stack rankings for months sometimes years on end. @Forged4ever Depth of Field reasoning, today, is kinda of blowing the truth out of proportion and calling it an argument. If you read Rahm's recent remarks about AmExp (PGA West course) setup, it doesn't bode well for tour youngsters. I've played each of the courses in PGA West rotation, many times. But when rough was legitimately up and fairways were tight in the landing areas. Those tough courses were made so much easier its amazing... not good. Rahm was right.
  12. Watching TV golf easily misleads viewers. I've played every course on Maui, many times. The Plantation over 30 times, and under all conditions, the worst though was a few times in wind and rain. When there's NO wind at Kapalua, the course has no defense against even a good golfer. My lowest score in benign conditions was 73 and "Regular" tees were playing over 6800yds. My last score was 78, but my worst score was years back, 85, when the wind was howling across the course. Hell, when the wind is blowing even nearby Kapalua Bay course will eat your lunch. That said, I was there recently, before the tournament; they slowed the greens to offset the undulations.
  13. Still, I play my best golf in the AM. Midday or later, my body is winding down. It's harder for me to hold my concentration to score well. That can be seen in my work schedule too. I am at the office at 6am. Plus, slower golfers tend to play in PM/twilight.
  14. Yep. IMO where most people error is not understanding how much "frame of mind" plays into going from low-single/scratch to a higher level of "+" play. We can see that just by looking above at "Lowe" scores, and index and who those scores relate to on the LPGA. When I was a 2/3 I played many times in a Pro-Ams with a now-retired TX LPGA pro friend, and we had some private $$$ rounds too. I've seen her go low and beat me with a stick, but I've also beat her on a few days. Going back to "frame of mind"; if a scratch or low-single digit player puts touring pros on a pedestal, that person will undoubtedly never measure up.
  15. I would be surprised if PXG or a vendor had Steelfiber "FC" profiles in 4 or 5 on site. And FC shafts are a bit more than stock SF i95. Also, Taper Tip vs Parallel Tip may be factors as well.
  16. Didn't read the whole thread. IMO there are two categories of golfers. Golfers used to playing in leagues and easy courses, and golfers used to playing difficult, highly rated courses and regional tournaments. The guy that reaches "Scratch" playing "one" relatively easy rated course is NOT the same as the guy that reaches scratch playing diverse highly rated 138/145 courses. The same applies to low-single digit players. For the longest time my 2 was from a 74.6/135 7k+ course. Now, my 4 is most off 72.4/130 6500k+ rated track. Which is better depends on the person's mindset and what level of pressure he/she is used to.
  17. Long story short, started golf at 40yrs old, with an off the shelf set of Pings. About 8 months into learning a relative advised me to switch to blades to improve ball-striking. So I bought a 1-PW set of Mizuno Blades, played them for a number of years. My golf goal has always evolved around solid ball striking, sweeping motion, trajectory, spin and distance control. Master those and score takes care of itself. There were a few other sets mixed in, but irons longest in the bag were 2-LW custom set of Macgregor blades, then 2-PW Titleist 670MBs, then 2-PW Callaway's Original X-forged then 2-PW Titleist 716 CBs, to current Titleist 620s. To this day, I still get excited smacking a solid 620 long iron. Played the other day, finished 3 over, as I chase my age. It can be done. Tom Watson is 72 and shot 68 the other day.
  18. Rolfing is nada and can't say why either.
  19. Be careful. A lot of people buy low-end LM's as opposed to the high-end units pros benefit from. IMO - A large moveable mat like "Country Club Elite Golf Mat by Real Feel", and large net would be less costly and easier to move. But we're all different. I have a smaller version of that mat in my office, has two type of turf, that is used to chip balls at a net in an adjoining office door jamb. LM's are like GPS/Laser units; cheap ones are NOT accurate. My buddy bought an inexpensive $80+/- GPS watch. I bought a Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Sapphire and Garmin Approach Z82 GPS/Laser unit. His watch is often 10-15yrds off from either of mine; that's a club or two depending on the person. Mine are within a yard of each other, but not cheap. Just saying...
  20. Let's hope he's a late bloomer. I got one guy that took twelve years to reach his potential. Some human investments pay off.
  21. I am not convinced being somewhat a beginner and concerning yourself about what might happen when, due to offset is prudent. I'd focus on grooving a swing into muscle memory and then look at specs more becoming those mechanics, what ever it may be. Offset is there to help the user keep his hands in the proper position ahead of the ball at impact. Minimal offset is found on irons like T100 or 620 CBs, which are not typical learner irons. The other aggravation, many OEM's are not posting offset or bounce on their websites, so as not to influence buyers. Stupid excuse, for sure.
  22. I want to feel vibration in my hands as the strike compresses the ball at impact; then connect the vibration to the sound of impact and know what happened to the ball at impact, and where it is generally going. That's the reason I play 620 MBs. I get more of that from the MBs than 620 CBs. Oh, need to acknowledge MMT 125 shafts, as they do a wonderful job of letting ball striking talk to my hands without damaging my body. As for using Persimmon woods, haven't played with them in fifteen years.
  23. From what I see, Notah Begay is still trying to develop an announcer's personality, and only time will tell. I am suspect his relationship with Tiger at Stanford is behind his career on camera. I wish him well.
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