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  1. Can anyone comment as to how useful the features of the Pro membership are? I received a notification for a reduced price offer this weekend which seems, considering it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Rumpilla. I just realized the penalty options below those five in the screenshot are the various combinations of two penalties; seems obvious after the fact but it had me confused.
  3. Tried out the app today... can anyone either direct me to a list of what all the selections under Penalty scoring area mean?
  4. I recently purchased two new Callaway X Utility Prototype's off EBay, 21 and 24 degree. The listing stated the the shafts were Callaway Stock Steel Stiff, so I assumed the Project Pxi 6.0 would be in both. The 21 degree arrived with a KBS Tour C-Taper 120 S instead. Thoughts on how these shafts compare? Thanks.
  5. Came across the 2015 Catalog if that helps: http://www.sunmountain.com/catalog/2015/bag/
  6. Thanks. Definitely will check out Wilderness Club, it's right off my route back into Canada.
  7. I have the opportunity to spend some time in Whitefish. I've never been to the area before. Recommendations as to where to play? Thanks.
  8. Can anyone recommend an instructor in Edmonton? It's about time I take a few lessons.
  9. I'm looking at two carts from Caddytek that are for sale through Costco in Canada. One V2 http://www.costco.ca....100041761.html and 15.3 http://www.costco.ca....100033302.html From what I can tell the main differences are folded size and number of steps to fold/unfold the cart. If anyone has feedback on either of these carts I would appreciate hearing it; I'm particularly interested in the durability.
  10. Bumping this for any thoughts. I'm purchasing a push cart (almost certainly a Clic Gear 3.5) and was thinking of purchasing a Sun Mountain Hybrid Bag to use with it. GolfTown lists the hybrid bag as web only so I'd like to hear how the hybrid bag fits in a push cart before ordering online.
  11. A little advice regarding the shaft. I play S300 in my irons. Is the standard PXI 6.0 shaft appropriate, or should I be looking to special order when that option becomes available?
  12. [quote name='Thrillhouse' timestamp='1351376792' post='5855795'] I dunno about rrf but I was scratch within two years of starting the game, most other good players I know had a similar experience. [/quote] [quote name='RRFireblade' timestamp='1351696166' post='5872239'] I've been a plus for a very long time , probably reached it in the first couple years. [/quote] As a long time hack with a desire to get good, I've wondered about this for awhile. The experience of Thrillhouse and RRF seems to me to be the norm; the first couple years of golf are a strong indicator of your potential. Is there anyone on the board who has spent years (5+) of regular golf as bogey golfer or worse and then turned it around to become a scratch or better?
  13. I golf 4 months a year. Beginning of May to end of August. Don't touch a club in the off season. Finished last year as a 9 something. First few rounds of this year I couldn't even break 100. I'm currently a flat 7. I sometimes wonder if I were to move to a climate where I could play year around how much better I'd be.
  14. Moved back to the tips today and shot an 85. Thought I had fixed my driver on the range, but no such luck. If I could just get off the tee I'm confidant I'd be breaking 80 regularly.
  15. I've long struggled with driver but it seems things are getting worse. The past couple of rounds I've been tracking both driver and 3-wood distances off the tee. Typical 3-wood is a penetrating ball flight, comfortably carrying ~240yards. Straight to slight fade. I feel very confidant with the club in my hand and the swing feels smooth and effortless. Driver occasionally produces a nice solid hit, but typically I'm hitting ridiculously high skying shots that carry about ~220 yards. Typically the fade on the ball is slight to moderate but rather than starting straight down my target line like the 3-wood, I tend to push the ball right of my target line. I'm admittedly a bit tense with a driver in my hands. I'll do some videos next time I'm at the course but I'm wondering if anyone has some initial thoughts as to what I might be doing wrong. Thanks.
  16. Moved up a tee box from where I usually play and shot a 78. Par 72, 70.7/125, 6389 yards. First time breaking 80; feels anticlimactic.
  17. Have to go with Ernie Els because his swing led to a win that just got me four dozen HEX Black for just north of a hundred bucks.
  18. I started paying attention to golf equipment about 3 years ago. When I think of Callaway I think of a ball and putter company. I've won a Callaway driver and put it up on ebay without a second thought. When I'm at a golf retailer I don't give their clubs a look at all. Until Els won the open I couldn't name any of their iron lines. I don't know why this is. The prototype utility that Els used in the open has got me looking at Callaway. Hopefully they release that line of clubs soon, as is, and capitalize on the positive momentum.
  19. Just turned on the TV. Did I hear that right; Tiger hit a wedge off the tee?
  20. I'm now questioning the validity of my entire approach to golf. I'm training for a marathon, I should see if I can get on my home course as a a first tee time single and give this a try. Be a nice change to the typical morning run.
  21. You may want to check if the rating and slope that GolfShot has in the system matches the rating and slope on the card. I've played a few courses where it didn't, enough to change my differential by a few numbers.
  22. Might be a bit late on this. Can anyone recommend a good mens league? I wouldn't mind getting out some more this year. Heard Red Tail is alright for this. Any other suggestions?
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