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  1. Micro-Cart GT in Gunmetal/Flash Thank you for the opportunity to win an awesome push-cart!
  2. +1 I jumped on this deal as well, mine should be delivered today. 13 Midsize X-10 (new logos) & two i-line putter grips for $32 delivered.
  3. Go Cards! Seriously though, I enjoy your For Sale posts, always interesting gear at good prices. GLWS.
  4. I personally liked the aesthetics of the club as much as the results. The rounder crown and just deep enough face fit my eye well, It also setup perfectly square. Like many Ping drivers, the loft was higher than stated on the sole. I never had my 9* measured but it had to be closer to 11*...
  5. Mizuno MX-23 irons w/Dynalite Gold shafts. Very demanding for a GI iron and harsher feeling than a cast iron. I hit them at least a full club shorter than any other iron I have ever hit, even on good strikes...
  6. I had a 9* w/Prolaunch Red that I had a short love affair with, moved on as I felt that I had to have something adjustable. Sold it on here about a year and a half ago. It was in perfect condition, it had the darkest, shiniest black paint ever. I still think about that driver...
  7. I had a retail HiBore XLS and it was a cannon. Truly the longest 3-wood I have ever hit as well. GLWS.
  8. CostCo had 3-packs of Callaway cabretta leathergloves for about $15 when I was there this weekend. They have 4-packs for $25 online: http://www.costco.com/Callaway%C2%AE-Men's-Leather-Golf-Glove-4-pack.product.100054759.html
  9. [quote name='toc' timestamp='1438904654' post='12092586'] Very cool that they're back but those prices are absurd. [/quote] I was surprised to see them in stock at [size=4]Golf Galaxy today. I was even more surprised by the price, [/size][size=4]$10+ for a corded grip is expected, but [/size][size=4]$7.99 for a non-corded grip is steep! [/size]
  10. I tried to haggle price once at my local store, they were not interested. However the store near me does put out coupons, things like $10 off $50 or an extra 10-15% on trade-ins. Their return policy on used clubs was not negotiable either...
  11. How much for the Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Speeder in the first 2-ball pic? Nice looking gear. I too once owned multiple 2-ball putters. GLWS
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