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  1. I really believe no courses need to be lengthened for PGA golf. The set up needs to change to more accuracy demanding conditions. Really tough accuracy conditions. Water the hell out of it so there is little to no roll. Grow the rough - long thick rough - staged at 3“ to 5” Contour and pinch the fairways tight in all the right spots, so that accuracy and the rough is a challenge. Play all bunkers raw, without any grooming. Stimp the greens at 8-10 so that a premium is on short putts - accuracy again. These conditions are conducive to seeing much more
  2. I gave the 21 TP5X 5 rounds of playing and have decided it does not suit me. I have never been a Titleist fan, but found the 21 ProV1x fits really well.
  3. Guess we will just have to chalk it up to one of the mysteries of management and committees.
  4. I get what you are saying, but I think the question is a common one among mid-amateurs. Why does tournament play get special treatment with respect to relief and GUR over the daily player? I have seen this countless times where daily players play out of and over all kinds of crap conditions, just like the pics here detail, and then the day a tourney shows up they are all marked GUR. Hardly equitable rules and conditions.
  5. I just wondered how deep the stupidity would run.
  6. Also, does that mean if one does not possess a cellphone they can’t score a competitive round?
  7. Just out of curiosity, are they allowed on the various tours - PGA, LPGA, Euro, etc?
  8. 5’11” I now use a 35.5” putter. 25 years ago I used a 33” putter. Then went to a 34 5 or 6 years later, and used that length until this year, and my back is thanking me for it. I am RH and L eye dominant. Normally a very good putter but if I do get off track I will pull putts for a day until I resolve the outside takeaway. One benefit to the extra length is long putts are easier - not needing to hammer the ball so much.
  9. People do that here as well. That’s what interests them, and they don’t view it as a nuisance, so have at ‘er. Personally, I have not and will never have the need to have a cell phone while playing golf. Maybe I’m just a traditionalist in that regard. For more than 350 years no one needed a phone on the golf course. Now?? I don’t understand why they are needed.
  10. This is why it was such a treat to watch the USGA Women’s Open last weekend. Really well behaved fans, I believe restricted to members and guests. There was no yelling, shouting nonsense, disrupting players. Just respectful golf.
  11. Do you know what is even worse to watch? 4 players, 3 carts, and 1 massive bong heading away from the 4th tee, the bong billowing smoke. By the time they get to the green - par 5 - they are very stoned. One of the group spends 3 minutes walking to the hole and back before putting, approximately 30-35 feet. Squats down behind the ball studying the line for more than a minute. Gets behind the ball to putt and takes at least a dozen practice strokes. Finally putts and the ball rolls 7 feet! Nothing we could do but laugh watching this spectacle. On the 6th hole the Mar
  12. We don’t carry phones with us when we play. 1 less distraction for everyone.
  13. Spoke with a young fellow at the course today who was going out to play his first round with the P7MB. After, he was pleased with the clubs, however he found out that the set has every iron 2* weaker than the last TM MB set. On top of that, he had ordered them a further 1* weaker without realizing the already 2* weak from TM. He was very happy with the performance though and will adjust them back 1-2*.
  14. I am happy with the difficulty of golf. It would be nice if I had more affinity with consistency though, I must admit.
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