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  1. Not difficult at all when the ball is on sand. As noted in prior post, next to impossible when the ball is below the surface level of the fairway. Honestly I don’t know why I bother. It’s like we are all liars about our divot lies. Same premise that the rest of rules imply - everyone is a cheat. I’m out.
  2. And I get that as well. The difference is, every night the entire “field” is combed over and made as pristine as possible. That means that a max of 144 players for 2 days, and 70 for 2 more days have played and the course has had a full maintenance and grooming. As opposed to average courses of average financial means where the fairways are unattended all season long except for cutting. So the divots from 20-40 k golfers are what the average person plays in, at least around here. Some are partially grown in but still a hole, and some have had a sprinkle of sand put in that
  3. Wow! That one is actually filled in! Where do you play where that happens? Not only that it looks like there was seed in the sand as well - almost unheard of. Only ones I get to play out of are between 1/2 and 2’’ deep. And there is no skill available to anyone to get a shot when the top of the ball is below the surface of the fairway and snuggled up to the front of those divots. Guaranteed bogey of worse. So I understand all too well the frustration of playing out of divots because most of them are just holes in the fairway. And lets be clear: there is no comparison to the pla
  4. Ordered set of 1210’s graphite shafts on Oct 5th. Still waiting.
  5. I have the Ping irons in my sig still to come in on order. Will probably upgrade my driver to a ZX780, maybe the 580, and will look at changing the 4,5 hybrid. I also bought an original Callaway Tuttle for $39.00 in exceptional condition. I’ll use it on very fast greens.
  6. I spoke with my retailer and indicated if there is no firm shipping date assigned then I would cancel the order. He asked for a day to contact Ping. I agreed and the next day I was told build today and ship tomorrow. So, it appears I have a chance of getting them in 18 weeks total if this is true.
  7. On daily casual rounds I tend to go at almost anything. The only reason I won’t is if the lie has a chance of damaging a club or injury to me. In competitions however I am more conservative and “take my medicine”. Playing high risk reward shots is a lot of fun. If it fails, well it was a 1 in 10 or 1 in 100 anyway so so what. if it succeeds, oh sweet glory, I am a happy camper.
  8. Ping had these 30 years ago. Google
  9. If I can verify this tomorrow at my retailer then I will cancel the order and refund. This was the first time I have ever ordered from Ping, and with cancellation, the last. There are many good sticks out there including the ones currently in my bag.
  10. You want to talk about wait time. Ordered 1210’s on Oct 5 and still not here - 16 weeks and waiting.
  11. Current version of V1 & V1X in Canada are 65.99 regular. So I suppose the new ones will be 69.99. Ridiculous! I refused to buy them at the last price, and now even more so. Not that my position will matter diddly squat to titleist.
  12. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that DJ switches depending on the courses he is playing.
  13. I have never needed my index/hdcp in casual rounds for 15 years or more.The rounds are just that - casual - and I don’t play for anything; not money, nor prestige. It’s me against the course. During completion, my index is verified at the pro shop and the strokes given/received are already identified on a card assigned to me. Then my FC will compare with me, switch cards, and away we go.
  14. I happened to be at our pro shop on the last day open for 2020. The staff were cleaning out the shop counter storage and had at least a dozen of each cellphones and rangefinder/gps units on the counter. They were all unclaimed lost and found. Incredible, I thought.
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