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  1. The feeling we got yesterday when the season ended is the worst. Last day was Oct 11.
  2. No damage to greens. Broken laser mirrors - yes. Carry on.
  3. And how the gov has gotten away with Covid tyranny.
  4. So, BDC, just hit the ball to 20’ and you need not be concerned with dimple squash from 5’.
  5. Unfortunately for the networks, many are hitting the channel change button. Ratings matter to them, not to me.
  6. I play about 150 rounds a year and use the range before every game., and sometimes afterwards as well. BUT, I only hit 20-30 balls and use 5 different clubs before the round and at least 10 of those balls are various distances with a wedge. Makes for a good warm-up and deciphering body intricacies that day.
  7. If I had to pick a swing I would take peak David Duval.
  8. So I may be missing something here however I fail to see how anyone can notice a .5% difference in ball performance in any category, let alone the overall. Perhaps the software has a very high starting point like wine points where 85 is cr*p and 95 is excellent. That would need to be the case for such a minute difference. I’ll keep my $$.
  9. I use Herzl gloves. Kangaroo leather and extremely well made. Most durable and long lasting glove on the market.
  10. Sorry, correction: Because the rules are dynamic on the PGA Tour. Happy? And I am not arguing the point, it is only an opinion, I don’t give a sh*t if anyone thinks it is correct or not. Happy?
  11. Troy Burn in Hudson Wisconsin. It was baked out dry and the wind was steady at 25 mph wit gusts to 35 mph. The fescue was impossible.
  12. That’s why it’s “different strokes for different folks”.
  13. Unfortunately I think those days are gone at most golf courses. It is now football stadium golf where almost anything goes. By way of example: yesterday I want to the course and stopped at the range to warm up. There was a roughly 40-45 yo. guy and 3 young boys estimated by me to be about 10-12 ages. They were separated by 4 empty stalls and did not appear to be a group. One of the boys was dressed in full out Loud clothing, (fine, well dressed) another had an orange tee shirt and an orange headband - karate kid style, and ill fitting cargo shorts.The guy at the end hits his driver and the head snaps off and goes about 50 yds down range. The boy with the headband shouts “did you see that?” he then turns to the broken driver guy and very loudly proclaims “Wow! That f**king sucks”. I’m shaking my head and wondering how it is possible as the kids head to the first tee. Golf courses have sold their souls for the almighty $$.
  14. I understand that. The reply was to someone who suggested he go to OZ.
  15. He will be in lockdown in Oz - and serious lockdown at that. Better to bring the lady to the US.
  16. Have not played the Soft yet but today I gave the Speed an 18 hole test. Man, these things are so close to the ProV1; a little less spin around the greens and probably off the long clubs as well; and a few yards - 5 - or so longer off the driver. For the price I will use these again.
  17. Interesting for me to see the evolution in the series of golf balls. At some point all of the major brands top balls have been the “best” for me. Now I just narrow it down to several choices and essentially play one of those based on instinct of the weather. High wind? Bridgestone. Very warm? ProV1x. Rain? Maxfli Tour. Not a science by any means but it works - somewhat - LOL.
  18. I am absolutely dreading the day I hear a newscast report that someone pulled a Mac 10 out of their golf bag and “took care” of a perceived offender.
  19. I had a great day on course today, shot 76. Normal score for the past 10 years has been 80-88. It has been 13 years since I broke 80. Today I holed out 3rd shot of 66 yds out par 4 which is #2 hdcp hole on course. Had another couple of birdies, a few bogies, and then got to #17, 2nd hdcp hole on course and jugged my 7 iron approach shot for a deuce. Best day with the irons ever, Who Hoo!
  20. From the number of matte balls I see people find in the woods they must spin extremely well!
  21. Nope. They are all about allowing the going forward as far as possible. Don’t you dare back that thing up!
  22. One semi-private course I know of adds extra groups to the tee sheet given to the starters. The sheet will read: XXXX 4 players @ 8:45. (This time will have been booked 8 days out.) XXXX 4 players @ 8:46. Same thing with the next tee time - 8:55 and 8:56. So if you had the 9:05 time you are not teeing until 9:25. Not acceptable. Weird how a business accepts pis*ing off members and regulars for the sake of a few hundred $. Well, $400 per group.
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