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  1. Shenandoah Valley is a very good choice, haven’t played the other Front Royal courses. The Frederick MD area has lots of very good options. IMO Locust Hill is ok, has dropped of some over the last couple of years. Not worth driving from Baltimore to play. Lots of far better courses mentioned above.
  2. Had ‘67 Wilson Staffs with the sleeve, may have started a year or so before but can’t remember
  3. I saw what looked liked to me, small blades of grass growing up thru the sand. I couldn’t believe it! Must have been something else, there were not many but enough to easily see.
  4. Yes, and in the off season maybe experiment in the lab with a traditional iron shaft length setup lol.
  5. PP62, profiles on Ping site, putters, select model, grips.
  6. What has happened from the time when he came out and won those majors and now? Did his injuries and equipment changes have something to do with it? When he was a titleist guy early on.
  7. Maybe Phil will replace him in the booth if Phil goes into tv.
  8. How different is his doing this versus what Tiger does walking the ball in and pointing at it? same type of things only by different players
  9. Anyone tested ‘21 V1X or TP5X vs Tour BX? great insight and testing by G-Bone, good info. In other post too.
  10. G-Bone has the most through and complete ball reviews.
  11. Richard, love your stories and recollections.
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