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  1. If golf is a traditional game and sport, why did it change the RC then? Because Jack felt sorry for beating the UK badly every 2 years. I don’t think the euro players would want it changed back to its traditional format.
  2. Can’t stand him. Makes golf hard to listen to.
  3. While he didn’t say his iron sucked, not a good look for his equipment sponsor or for him as a player. IMO Ping should give their sponsor money to someone else.
  4. Watched a little of the senior event yesterday, LannyWadkins couldn’t stop talking, extremely annoying.
  5. Apologies if it has already been pointed out. What is the cause of the variation in color on the greens? Darker areas, lighter areas. Thanks
  6. Maybe they preferred being on course.
  7. IMO, Nantz is getting tiresome, droaning and boring.
  8. Jordon’s bag, anyone get a good look at it? had some neon green and a graphic on it. Not the blue and black AT&T he normally has. Thanks
  9. Shenandoah Valley is a very good choice, haven’t played the other Front Royal courses. The Frederick MD area has lots of very good options. IMO Locust Hill is ok, has dropped of some over the last couple of years. Not worth driving from Baltimore to play. Lots of far better courses mentioned above.
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