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  1. So, would like a PING G400 driver shaft, xstiff, weight up to 70g., with adapter on shaft. Can be after market as well as PING. THANKS
  2. So we can blame the usa hockey team for usa chant? What the heck would we be screaming if the miracle on ice never happened? Im happy watching all this with the volume off.
  3. So just picked up this driver and love it, 9.5*, Diamana 72S.........i always like pairing driver with fairway wood - same manufacturer. Can anyone recommend what adams 4 wood might match up well with this driver? Thanks!
  4. i envision Nance doing the broadcast from a rocking chair.
  5. more golf, less interviews.......unless something crazy happened during the round. no one enjoys hanging around to be asked the mundane.
  6. Watkins enjoys the good life - an inch shorter and he'd be a perfect beach ball.
  7. Elk, but he seems to have found a niche in his off the course businesses. Chris Demarco too but i saw him at a Champions event in August.
  8. yes, or The Open,,,,1st week of august.
  9. > @"Ronnie Mundt" said: > Just let golf be golf. McCord is trying to inject his sense of humor into the broadcast and it just doesn’t work. > > > > I’ve said for years, the European Tour absolutely kills their broadcasts; they are a joy to watch. > > > > You see twice as much golf, the integrity and wholesomeness of the game is preserved, and you don’t get guys like Nantz, McCord or Buck trying to make what you are watching, about them. It’s just the golf. exactly,,,i bet you couldn't even name one of the broadcasters...which is the way it should be. the u.s. fellas trying to be the stars.
  10. i felt it was "rushed"......wish there was a major last week of july or 1st week of august instead of putting it in the spring. it's not even august and i feel the season is over.
  11. Unloading some extra's to help fund another purchase of course: Titleist 910 D3 driver, 9.5*, new GP midsize new decade grip, Speeder VC6.1 stiff shaft, great shape, 45" length, SOLD Nike Method Drone 2.0 face balanced putter, 35" new GP Tour SNSR grip, again, great shape SOLD Callaway Steelhead III 4+ fairway wood, RCH M70 tour stiff shaft, stock grip, SOLD..... thanks for looking, let me know if you need any more pics.
  12. cinnepa

    2019 US Open

    > @sekrah said: > > @MaineMariner said: > > Lol Rose doing the goofy Aimpoint thing behind Woodland as he celebrates his win. > > Goofy? It works. Anyone who laughs at that method is a chub. I think plum-bobbing is idiotic. > yeah but just finish already...it was over, you were out of it. these guys can't get out of their routine at all. yeah T-3 but jeeez.
  13. zinger..."lexi could lose the championship right here if she messes up this bunker shot". seriously? what a stooge.
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