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  1. Rory is my favorite player but come on, I feel like writers don't even try anymore and these days athlete nicknames are all terrible. When you compare "Rors" to "Black Mamba" or "Sir Charles" or "Charlie Hustle or "Sweet Pea" or "The Mailman" or "Broadway", it just doesn't compare. Even "Golden Bear" and "Bantam" and "The King" are so much better.
  2. I was told by the guy at my local shop that Ping had a shipping crate with $50M worth of product drop off a freighter down the ocean a few months ago. So I assume this has significantly pushed back their timelines. Wouldn't be surprised if this affected their decision on when to replace the current line. In any case, looking forward to the i210 replacement pics!
  3. Yeah it makes sense what they are doing. Hoping the i210 replacement will similarly blend with iBlade to be a little more compact, and be partially forged as well. Looking forward to the i210 replacement!
  4. They look great, but way more like a blend between Blueprint / iBlade than a i210 replacement. Seems like they are consolidating irons at high players end of the line. Hoping I'm wrong though.
  5. I hear what you're saying but I pray that you're wrong
  6. At golf? She beats pieces of s*** like him for breakfast.
  7. 1599 is steep but if it's as good as we hope.......
  8. Love my MMC's but these could really be a contender!
  9. This is TaylorMade's version of untipped. Notice the length of space between the adapter and the Velocore logo. So this will play truer to flex than a factory standard Ventus Velocore. SOLD
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