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  1. Mizuno 300S driver. First time, when it came out back in the day, upgraded the shaft to a Fuji Speeder 727, used it for a week, and sold it at a nice profit. Second time was last year just as a novelty for $16, because it's such a beautiful club.
  2. 1. Handicap? 4.7 2. Current hybrid? TaylorMade Rescue 11 3. What is important to you in a hybrid? Relatively deep face so I can hit knockdowns, good turf interaction, as forgiving as a 5 wood, low spin, fit the ~240 yard gap in my bag, no left bias. 4. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? It seems to fit my criteria and looks great at address. I've also been wanting a Cobra club back in the bag5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  3. I own a cheap Golfworks swingweight scale. I found a weight that feels good and try to make that consistent across my clubs. Best $50 I ever spent.
  4. 1. New York, NY 2. Handicap 4.7 3. Yes, Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Edition 4. $300 or less 5. Yes
  5. If I like them, I'll pay whatever the going rate is for the mainstream OEM flagship models. I keep my drivers 3+ years, irons 5+ years, hybrid and fairway longer than that. If I played forged blades I would have bought Miuras already, so the Ping increases are not that big a deal IMO. I've drastically improved my game over the last few years, and so now I feel better about spending more on gear. When I was shooting in the mid/high 80's all the time, it felt like a waste of money. That being said I think there is a ceiling, around $700 for a driver and $2,500 for irons.
  6. Amazing giveaway! Been trying to get a Cobra back in the bag for a while and this seems like a great candidate!
  7. Anyone know if the screws will be available aftermarket for swingweighting?
  8. Pricey but if they are a unicorn iron, I could be using these for 5+ years.
  9. Same MOI as the i210 per MGS.......
  10. Yes. One or two when on the tee box or fairway. Three to five when in trickier situations.
  11. Interesting question. I'm practicing a lot this summer and I've gotten to low single digit, in preparation for defending my title at a tournament I won last year. I can reliably shoot mid-70s on familiar courses without my best stuff, and I am always in the hunt for a 70's score on tough new courses. My short game has gotten pretty reliable. But I don't think it's sustainable for the rest of my golfing life and too much work to put in to play well. Short term: I'd like to groove a reliable move for a reliable ball flight and see how low I can get my handicap. Long term: hopefully, I can build enough muscle memory to keep that reliable ball flight with practice once a week. Ideally, I could hit balls before a round and still be in the hunt for a 70's score on familiar courses and win money from my buddies. I'm also going to switch to more forgiving irons next time I get a new set. But I have to hit a good number of solid, pretty shots to really have fun; slapping it all over the place and fighting for pars all day will get old. Of course, if I win the tournament again this year that might change my long term plans!
  12. Players 4, use it for walking and riding. I have other bags better for riding, but PITA to move stuff between bags. I also use them to store all my old clubs
  13. Lol. Don't get me wrong I am still young but I'm just wondering, is it a "thing" that a power fade takes more athleticism than a tight draw, or anything along those lines? Will my ability to hit a fade with power diminish over time? Just trying to think long term here!
  14. Is there a best ball flight, generally, for people as they age? One that is easier to execute for older bodies? Or dumb question? I'm in my late 30's, and I am really starting to notice my body not acting the way it used to. I swing slower every year (still in the low teens), I get stiffer in cold weather, I can't do as many consecutive days of golf, when I walk I'm beat by the end. I work out (cardio, weights, stretching, interval training, etc.) and am in shape, but I don't see the long term trend stopping. If I can't hit solid, pretty shots, I'd probably stop playing golf. I've been a drawer most of my life, but I've gotten to low single digits the last few years by playing a power fade. I'm wondering if I should start thinking about moving back to a draw for the long haul.
  15. Played with a guy last weekend who was the longest hitter I've seen in a while. Mid 20's SS, probably low 30's when he was younger. He carried one FW (was probably a 5) and a 3 iron (in blades). He hit one of the best shots I've ever seen, a 230 yard 3 iron fade directly into a stiff breeze with the ball a good two inches above his feet, sky high and pin high to get home in two on a long par 5. I don't think he could carry a 2 iron or hybrid, he'd hit it too far for it to be useful. I have a feeling that's the case with a lot of the really long players.
  16. Guilty as charged! I shame my 15-handicap buddy who uses MP-5. When he got them I said, "Welcome to your first phase of thinking you're good enough to play blades lol". When complains about hitting fat shots and inconsistent distances I tell him he should get bigger irons. It's just good natured ribbing on the square / tough love, I'd only do that to friends! I actually do really believe that playing/practicing with smaller clubs helps you get better.
  17. Hit it at a PGA Superstore and liked it a lot, very solid old school feeling to it, like a "thwack" but still hot. I really liked how it performed when teed low, felt like I could hit controlled cuts with it all day, was still getting ~285 on mid 150's ball speed and mid 3's spin.
  18. Holy moly. If they are as forgiving as my MMC's it might be tough to say no
  19. I played a fancy TPC course last weekend, and I was annoyed that 1. they made me share a cart, and 2. the fee for my own cart was an additional $50. Round was fun nonetheless though
  20. Love my Club Glove Collegiate. I'd go for the bigger one so you can fit more clothes/stuff and double it as a suitcase. Very durable. No experience with the Sun Mountain Meridian but I'd just highly recommend going with something that's not a hard case, so you have the flexibility to pack more stuff into it. I'd also be wary of weight of the Sun Mountain, I like to buy stuff on my trips so often I get close to the check in weight limits.
  21. Getting paired up with strangers has always been a part of the game. Just get used to it.
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