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  1. How many wives on the pga tour have covid?
  2. 2015 Cameron Select Newport Deep Milled34 inches long15 gram weightsLamkin 3gen EBL grip$220 shipped TaylorMade Forged 300 irons Nice shape old school irons3 thru PWTT Dynamic Gold S300 with SensicoreLamkin Crossline grips.5 Length over standard$99.00 shipped
  3. 2015 Cameron Select NewportDeep Milled34 inches long15 gram weightsLamkin 3gen EBL grip$275 shipped 43 inches longTFC 909 SR ShaftGolf Pride grip and G25 hc$49.00 shipped 43 inches longDiamana Kai'li 75g stiff flexWrap grip and 910 headcoverI have a TM wrench for this if you need it$39.00 shipped
  4. Every time an item sells this is what i'm putting
  5. PING 10.5 G25 Driver Adjustment tool and G headcoverPING TFC360 SR flex shaft45.75 Lengthsold $89.00 Shipped Scotty Futura Phantom Mallet 2 putter Futura headcover34.5 Lengthsold Scotty Cameron PP Newport Mid Slant with Black Ox Scotty Cameron Headcover35.5 Legth with Black shaftSOLD Scotty Cameron Studio Select Laguna 1.5 10 gram weightsScotty Cameron Headcover34.00 lengthSOLD PING Redwood Zing Redwood Headcover35.00 Lengthsold $139.00 shipped
  6. Time to unload some putters that I've collected and haven't used over the last couple of years. I think the only putter that I took to the course was the BeNi Anser 2. Before the Forum update I had close to a 50 feedback score with no negatives. SOLD!!!PING BeNi Anser 2 35 inches long Winn grip I have a newer PING head cover for it $109.00 shipped SOLD!!PING Anser Black Satin Redwood 35 inches long PING Blackout grip I have a newer PING head cover for it $99.00 shipped SOLD!!!Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport Mid 35 inches long Cameron Design red grip I have an Odyssey Versa or Ice
  7. > @Mitchell said: > > @MtlJeff said: > > > @Mitchell said: > > > Mat562 is greatly missed, hope you are well my friend. > > > > Jasanski was like the Scottie Pippen of our UK posters... everyone remembers Matt lol....but I remember Jasinski was a regular from across the pond and dissapeared too > > Jasanski was definitely quality individual, we shared an affinity for the old Taylormade 300 tour fairways and Accuflex ion copper Creation shafts. ? > > I remember the day he joined all the way back in 2008. He showed up agitating
  8. > @Mitchell said: > Mat562 is greatly missed, hope you are well my friend. Just had mat562 sighting the other day. He made one post and disappeared back into the ether.
  9. Sightline on the Newport is a bummer.
  10. I just did a quick bit of looking around. If it's not fake it is heavily sanded. Not worth anything approaching 200 dollars.
  11. I came across some gun metal 588 blades at PIAS. The ones I was looking at had huge offset especially for a blade. Even the PW had too much offset. Still almost bought them though. ?
  12. I see jonescott has moved on to swing coaching. When he plays Augusta for the first time he'll probably win because it's not that hard of a course.
  13. SJW logic on full exhibition here.
  14. > @"Doc C" said: > Sweet putters! > > This quite possibly is the perfect putter. I need more pics to make sure though. Lol
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