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  1. That's for the feedback so far.it sounds like this will be a hit or miss project. but I'll probably have to find a hybrid shaft that will work too. purpose is just for fun to see if I can have a full bag of 8 iron length or shorter. I've played with an R9 steel shaft at 43 already and the head caused the shaft to bend/shift inside the adapter so now that I'm thinking of this I might have a similar affect with this build so I have to make sure I'm swinging it somewhere I can quickly retrieve the head incase it snaps off. but so I far, need to set it more upri
  2. I'm in the process of building a "one length" driver just to see if it will work. Based on swing weight relation to shortening a club I've come up with needing to add in 93 grams back to the head (playing length of my current driver is 44" and will be shortening my build driver to 36.25" - currently play F7 Ones 4-7 and standard length Mizzys down to wedge also an F8 One Hybrid) to have it play "similar" since I don't have direct access to a scale yet. The Parts: - M5 head - 10.5 - 5 20 gram weights - 2 stock weights What I will need is some a
  3. Does anyone have the US Kids Technical Specifications Sheet that was once available? (NOTE: file no longer exists / link is broken and is just for informational purposes): http://www.uskidsgolf.com/sites/uskidsgolf.com/files/USKG-2014-TechnicalSpecs.pdf Looking for the tour series part of the document. Thanks.
  4. In tournament play, would you incur a penalty if you drew a line on the grip of your club to indicate how high or low you are supposed to grip it?
  5. For those that have replaced or needed to replace the shaft of a US Kids Tour Series iron, what is is the tip diameter (set in question 54")? My 9 year old child is not quite at the level of getting adult heads due to the weight but is swinging with decent speed (65 mph average with the driver) so I'm leaning towards upgrading the shafts.
  6. I may be out of the norm from the rest, but I am a late-30s-early-40s-year-old player who has went the extreme as far as shaft weight reduction. I went from dynalite gold XP S300 (115g) played for years, to XP95 (95g) played for the last 2 years, to recoil 65 (65g). I could not be happier. I have always enjoyed a lighter shaft as it's less effort for practically the same result (outside of the graphite versus iron debate = off topic). as far as going from the 95 to the 65 there was some adapting required (for me one range session). It comes down to getting your feel back of where exactly y
  7. Hey all. I'm looking to replace the shaft on my Mizuno Bettinardi C03H putter but am unsure of what the tip diameter is. Any information would help before I go about ordering the replacement. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up getting the clicgear cover. So as far as gate checking, am I still able to keep it in the travel bag or does it have to be wheeled around like a stroller?
  9. Hey all. For those that travel via airplane how do you bring your junior's push cart? Push cart at question: Clicgear Model 8 I was thinking about this but am unsure how well it would do as a checked bag: http://www.clicgear.com/accessories/m8-travel-cover.php Thanks.
  10. Hey all. I recently picked up a set of recoil 65 F4 shafts (4-PW) to replace the steel shafts in my set: King F7 One: 4-7 JPX EZ: 8-PW I know that the F7 Ones have a 7 iron shaft butt trimmed to length; where as the Forged Ones have flighted or 4 iron shaft in 4 iron head then butt trimmed to length. What differences would I see if I shafted the F7s matching head with shaft versus using 7 iron shafts throughout? Thanks.
  11. Hey all. I recently picked up a pull out Fubuki Ax h350ct shaft. Before I take it to my club builder, I need help in identifying how much (if any) of the tip has been cut off already. Does anyone know of a certain measurement, off of an identifying mark or a baseline number, I can use to help me with this? Thanks.
  12. Thank you for the response; that was exactly what I was looking for.
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