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  1. I read on the same other forum their golf balls sales went up 176% in the last 5 years. Vice golf balls are produced mostly by Foremost, so they're safe. I'm curious about companies like OnCore, Seed, Cut, etc. If other factories are indeed unable to accommodate DTC companies left behind by Nassau, how many will disappear?
  2. TM Japan website says March. Embargo date is January 25th, so we'll get more information in a week.
  3. Are these special models made for the Tour guys? Because if you check the pictures in the "2022 Spider GT putters - Pictures found on TaylorMade Japan website" topic, you'll see the GT red has white sightlines, not black and that the Rollback and Notchback don't have copper weights on the bottom.
  4. I found pictures of the new TaylorMade Spider GT putters on TaylorMade Japan website. Spider GT Silver
  5. Trottie practicing with what appear to be a new Spider putter:
  6. Found this in another TM topic, credit to @Scrabtree1 The Spider GT models didn't have any red on the face.
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