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  1. I was there in 2014. One of the coolest experience I've had in my life so far. I wish I could go back one day, but you're right, companies will realize all the money they save could be used for something else. I understand the thinking, but I don't know why they made that decision.
  2. Not that weird actually. The main line of putters was called "Select" in 2012, 2014 and 2016. They released Golo lineups with different designs in 2014 and 2015.
  3. is this serious??? Flow neck JT lefty??
  4. Anyone know why they didn't announce the wedges/putters with the rest of clubs yesterday?
  5. Has anyone who ordered the Big Kahuna received a shipping confirmation? It's been 6 days and I haven't received it yet.
  6. I mean, I wish, but I don't think so. The pictures in the component PDF are darker than the chalk finish.
  7. Different shape (back part is more round) which means probably different weight distribution, different insert so different feel off the face.
  8. As I said in another thread, seems like TM went away from black PVD shafts and is now offering chrome shafts for the Spiders. I just hop they offer it in as a custom option since you can have black PVD shafts with the MyTP putters.
  9. Just noticed they ditched the black PVD shaft on the putters. They're back to chrome shaft. I hope you can change it when you order a custom one. They are offering them for custom MyTP Junos and Sotos after all.
  10. Spider X Hydro Blast with a flow neck LEFT-HANDED? Hot damn. EDIT: Just realized the putter Trottie was using in his IG stories and his Youtube videos is not in the PDF. Does that mean it's not coming out, or that it's coming out later this year?
  11. The draw friendly ball flights of the Sim2 Max we saw in the TXG video is what is selling me about the driver. I couldn't for the love of god draw the Sim Max without having to exaggerate my movement. If it helps keep my swing normal while giving me the ball flight I love, I'm all in.
  12. Woah, I think that picture deserves a thread of his own! Are these coming out in 2021??
  13. Just checked a picture from the Spider X, and the edges of the insert on the X are closer to the edges of the putter than this one. So I'm guessing it's probably a bit bigger.
  14. Oof, that's a big no for me. Let's hope the other putters they announce tomorrow have a better look.
  15. I've been using the Big Bad Wolff since July and it's still in perfect shape. Depends on the cover I guess.
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