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  1. Looks like a fairway wood... Very similar head to the the Adams Super Hybrid. Just as others have described.
  2. Please for God's sake, RELEASE THIS instead of the current garbage insert.
  3. This is the most blatant rip off Taylormade I have EVER witnessed. Odyssey/Callaway execs should be completely disgusted with the R&D Dept and should FIRE the whole Dept. They are absolutely useless. This is not a copy of a simple anser design , this is straight thievery.
  4. J15CBs have been in my bag for 5 years and nothing can touch them. They are literally the most forgiving and softest players CB ever made. Matched with the Modus 3 125S, they are game changers. *And I was a Mizuno guy (MP-53).
  5. Those Z-Forged are some curvy and sweet looking blades.
  6. > @KrazyTrain18 said: > Between that and Stricker's 755s, we just need somebody playing an old fairway wood to build the ultimate vintage bag on tour. Having the 905R in play is epic!!!! Brian Harman and a couple guys have the 07 Burner TP 3 wood and 5 wood in the bag. There's your vintage fairway wood.
  7. > @HappyGilmore22 said: > Anyone else think he should try a heavier wedge shaft? That part of his game is pure trash for tour standards so wondering if he swapped out those 6.5's for S400's or a KBS shaft he'd be a lot better with his wedges. Trash? Definitely not... That said he has most certainly been inconsistent with his wedges. However, during the Tour Championship, he was very good on most of his wedge approaches, though he lost several of his approaches right and long. Although his driving was absurdly long and accurate, it was his short game (approaches, greenside pitching, chips) and putting that gave him the W. He was on his "A Game".
  8. > @GoIrish17 said: > They still have that stupid extra mini groove at the bottom of the face. It just makes the leading edge look more rounded than it really is. Those that prefer a rounded leading edge will like this, but I open and close the face of my wedges a lot and the rounded edge makes it hard to visualize where the face is pointed. I have a set of MD4 raw that I just don’t get along with that rarely see the golf course because of this. Personal preference, I know. > > They also just look like a rebadged version of last year’s model, which looked like a rebadged version of the model before that. With some new, science backed groove pattern. But really, that’s every company when it comes to wedges. I can’t think of many radical departures in the better player’s wedge game over the years. Maybe the flanges on Vokeys (SM7s and the 200 series), the “cavity” design on the Nike Engage wedges, the V soles on Clevelands, and maybe some unique finishes from different brands over the years which stand out. > > Bring back X Forged! Best Callaway wedges ever. In vintage finish. The Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind weren’t bad, either. I still have the original X- Forged MD Tour Finish in my bag and nothing can touch their spin and soft feel. The new Callaway Mackdaddy Forged look sweet though. Those and the MD2 Tour/R Grind have the straightest front edge I've ever hit.
  9. If one $5,000 metal piece of perfection created to get a golfball into a 4 and 1/4 in a game isn't enough, why not have two... Complete BS these can't be bought for less then a lower price used car... Disgusting.
  10. > @2over said: > OK, I'm a Mizuno guy since the early 90's MP-14, MP-33, MP-18 in the bag now. I hate to criticize but the muscle on these is too small, too low. I want a higher muscle back a' la Titleist 680 or the original TN 87. The MP-18 is better in this respect and the MP-20 is a step backward. I prefer a lower COG in my blades and don't like the modern trend to launch it a mile in the air with all the clubs. Most of us who are drawn to blades have no trouble hitting it high--it's keeping it down when we want to that is the key to a real shot-makers club... You do not want a low COG then because the lower the "muscle", the higher the ball flight (typically). You would most likely benefit from a mid COG iron, J15 MB, 945/965, or the P-730.
  11. Apparently this guy doesn't lay up.
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