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  1. Actually, you did. Perhaps unintentionally, but do read what you wrote. And don't try to get away or frame what is patently evident. Everyone knows what you meant. Live with it.
  2. You are certainly free to think that. In fact demean and minimize every captain/coach. Ever. In any sport. Oddly, a lot of the players themselves might disagree with you. They actually seem to think "strategy, tactics, and psychology" matter, and they appreciate it, in every sport. Of course, your opinion is much more important than the players themselves. Quote your stats if that makes you happy and helps you (for reasons I don't understand) denigrate Stricker. I do know that "it don't mean nothin' 'till you prove it all night". And Steve did. And I'll bet his team will give him serious props even if you don't want to.
  3. But they didn't play better. They didn't win more matches. And I didn't just say strategy, I said strategy, tactics, and psychology. Different parings could have lead to far different outcomes. The essence of someone that is really good at what they do is that you don't even notice how good they are. They make the perfect look normal. Want a quote? "It don't mean nothin' 'till you prove it all night". -- Hunter Thompson. Stricker proved it all night. Great selections. Great pairings. Great choices. And at the end of the day what matters is not anyone's opinions, it is this: 11 - 5 after two days.
  4. Sorry, but "lighten up Francis". The Europeans are no better in Europe than the Americans are in the US. You can complain about that it makes you happy, but really, that is just what the RC is. I choose to enjoy it. It isn't going to change. The RC is never going to be Augusta. Just isn't. There's a lot of drinks, not cream cheese and pimentos here. This is an environment that far more resembles the Stanley Cup, or soccer's World Cup than it does a golf tournament. You can either feel bad about that, or just celebrate it. To me, choosing one seems better than choosing the other.
  5. Actually man, that makes at least some sense. Padrig probably assumed Steve would send out one of his best first for the sake of momentum. Rory has been badly off all week, he's kind of a throwaway. Not a bad idea to let Stricker waste one of his stars on someone with little chance. I may be totally wrong here, but the strategy makes a little sense (even if too little too late).
  6. They do - but you gotta believe the captains are both estimating what the other guy's list is going to look like. Whoever guesses best has an advantage. Not certain Strickler could have gotten a better set of pairings if he had picked both himself.
  7. I must say, Strickler is almost the ideal RC captain. His understanding of strategy, tactics, and psychology has just been superlative. Yes, he had some great people to work with, but he way maximized their effectiveness. Kudos to Steve.
  8. I think the US just won. Spank their worst, neutralize their best.
  9. The Tour Championship - the FedEx Cup final - had a total of 11 pages of WRX comments in the thread. The RC thread has 66, with a full day of golf left. Not certain if that is a commentary about the RC, or the FedEx Cup, but it is pretty extreme.
  10. I suspect he might. The one thing he'll want is to avoid at all costs is letting the EU get any sense of momentum. I'd put my best out there right away. Suspect the Europeans will too (because they'll want momentum). But who knows ...
  11. I'm watching on NBC. For the last 5 minutes my coverage been completely hosed - bad distortion, both audio and visual (it is this broadcast, the rest of my channels are fine). Is this just me?
  12. Why does everyone keep hitting into the water (or just next to the water) on the par 3 7th? Its a massive green. Aren't there any caddies that at least whisper "pssst, your miss is to the left"?
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