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  1. Hopefully the Epic Speed fairways will still have an adjustable hosel.
  2. Am I right in thinking Accra had a line of steel iron shafts (tour steel??) about 15 years ago? The one I'm thinking of was a fantastic stepped shaft, I tried it in a demo club, loved it and then it went out of production and was impossible to find. Just had a paper shaft band under the grip to tell you which club the blank was designed for.
  3. Well worth checking sole width - I find that can have more impact than a crude bounce number
  4. A 7 wood is now simply about the same loft as a 5 wood was 3 or 4 years ago
  5. So similar carry and ballspeed with Max despite it being 10.5 vs 9 LST. Compare like for like and that 450 RPM spin margin would narrow and the Max would be looking even better
  6. Those bullet weights can be a PITA to remove, I've had to drill a couple on Hi Toe wedges
  7. I'd be interested to know that too. Can't decide to stay stock or try the Fuji 869
  8. 23 degrees is a fair bit of loft for a tee club, that's a 4 to 5 iron equivalent in a lot of modern sets. I'd look at something with less loft, a shaft change is limited as to what it will achieve.
  9. Not for me - he must be scratching the chrome using coarser grit paper doing it like that and it certainly won't work if you have an antique / raw finish head. The first step is to buy a ferrule that is a sensible fit anyway, you should not have to take a lot of material off. Then an old pair of denim jeans is your friend. Instead of doing that with sandpaper, cut a strip of denim that is about 8 inches long and twice the width of the ferrule. Double it over (to reduce the width) add acetone and do the same shoe shine technique he is using in the video with the sandpaper. Doubling it adds a bi
  10. I found the plus launched sufficiently higher that I could go with the 9* rather than 10.5*. That in turn brought the spin down to less than the 10.5 LST and was more forgiving. As always you have to try each to see what your results look like.
  11. It may be the solvent. Don't ask me why, but a number of the odourless solvents do NOT activate the glue on the tape and you may as well be pouring water on it. Try pouring some of your solvent onto some spare tape and then wipe your finger on it to see if it can glide across the surface. If your finger sticks, use another solvent. Just to add that I always apply a little heat with a gun to the side of the tape that faces the shaft. It makes it a little more tacky so adheres better.
  12. I don't have a raw adapter to hand at the moment. Take 1/4" off for the butt thickness of the grip and from memory insertion depth is a maximum of 1.25" against the overall 1.5" length of adapter, maybe even closer to 1" So that would get me to a raw shaft length of between 41.25 and 41.5" as stock
  13. The stock Callaway flash length of 43" comes with a shaft that is 42" from the end of the grip to the end of the adapter. So sounds like what you have is stock
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