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  1. Have you carefully checked built length. You can easily get those sort of disparities by shafts being cut a fraction short or a fraction long, I'd check that first before automatically assuming that the problem is inconsistency with head weight. Given your MD wedges are D4 stock I'd have no issue trialling D3 for PW and gap in a set, I'd probably go heavier on 9 too and slope down from there
  2. I've met him a number of times going back to his top years as I was a member of the same club he practiced at. Away from the media circus he was an absolute top guy, good company and fun to be with. He also cares deeply about the game's development, no sour grapes for me he has all the money he needs and my take is he is totally genuine in what he says. I agree too!
  3. So we got precisely zero black Friday deals in the UK. Clearly Bob doesn't care about this market
  4. Nice choice - that is precisely what I am thinking of
  5. Still at full price of £269 for us UK guys at the moment - what did you go for?
  6. I'm in the UK so don't get to see the US site because of GDPR and not updated for UK Black Friday yet. Thanks for confirming
  7. I totally agree, when things are going his way he is imperious, but never one to gut a round out. In fairness I think a lot of pros would have taken 15 as a setback they would have struggled to recover from, but with Rory you know the difference between him making birdie there and an unfortunate bogey is amplified, he has no interest in second place either.
  8. He lost 2 strokes there, 3 putted the next forcing the issue and then hit one miles right on 18 as by that point he's gone from the adrenaline of being in the hunt to deflated. I'd back Rory to make 4 on 18 all day long if he needed it, the tournament was done by then. That's 5 shots right there and without the extra pressure that would have been on CM. MOMENTUM
  9. He caught one of the worst breaks I can ever remember seeing at a key time on 15. Talk about momentum breaker.
  10. Steel are easy as no issues with overheating or twisting which toast graphite. Like many I'm glad a bought a JB's puller while he was still making them, my local clubmaker uses that as his goto as well above far more expensive models
  11. Any other feedback on either the proto or gen 4 hybrids please?
  12. Anyone able to compare performance of Gen 4 hybrid vs proto please?
  13. The quest to simply make courses longer is pointless. The 10th at Riviera is a good example of how to build a hole which typically averages around par for the week but issues a fair challenge to all standard of golfer.
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