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  1. I've had mixed experiences. At Quintero my buddy and I got paired up with a blind golfer (he played great) and his partner. What a great couple of guys, we had a real blast. Another great experience at We-ko-pa. Following day at TPC Scottsdale we were on the practice ground warming up next to a foreign guy and his wife, neither could consistently even make contact with the ball, they looked total beginners. When the announcer called the time, we had been paired up. Anyhow we got to the starter first and asked if there was any chance of nipping ahead as a two to save them wrecking our day and he let us. No kidding, I'd be surprised if either could have broken 200 shots around there, I'm happy to pair with most but there is a line, especially when dropping $$$ on a green fee
  2. A lot of courses in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area have moved to the hotel room pricing model. So aim for high rates and then discount if you have to closer to the play date. Rates used to reduce substantially around 16th May but next year they will stay high until a whole month later, unless demand is materially reduced.
  3. Good shout picking a venue with fire ants - should start some entertainment
  4. Correct - it was a "try on" that a lot of players would have attempted but most would have backed off once the referee ruled. BK hit a great shot and when you see it in slo-mo his club was nowhere near the point he was saying he was worried about hitting as that was so far below the level of the ball. I actually thought Berger was as bad if not worse in how he addressed the officials.
  5. Totally agree, the score is a fair reflection of play. Let's also hope the idiots that think booing the Euros, especially on the first tee, stay at home today too. The majority of the crowd seemed really fair, even applauding good play from the opposition, and then old "mashed potato, ba-ba-booey guy" has to get involved. I heard Butch Harmon say some of the US team were so embarrassed they got involved to try to get the idiots dealt with.
  6. There is no standard but to give you a rough idea, a fair few play about 1/2" longer than the length of the shaft itself
  7. I read it the other way around for Mizuno as it states the length is the measurement between the end of the shaft and a point which is 3/8" above where many other OEM's would measure from, being the intersection of shaft and grounding line. If it was below then it would shorten it, but above plus a measurement of shaft not grip would surely make it play longer than stated??
  8. Stick a tee in the butt of the grip to make it air tight and then leave it to soak fully immersed in a mixture of hot water and detergent for a while
  9. The best part about it is you can see Rors smiling when he walks away. Fierce competition but done in the right spirit.
  10. Spot on - logo too far up shaft and the feedback of that shaft playing smoother, no doubt that the shaft has been soft-stepped many times
  11. Absolutely correct. Anyone who thinks that was the right call by the officials in intervening is overlooking the facts that the ball was not overhanging, had passed the hole and so now had to magically reverse back uphill to go in defying gravity. Ironic that the Ryder Cup is introducing a Nicklaus Jacklin sportsmanship award as we had that incident, countless putts not given that were kick ins and also requiring opponents to show they can 2 putt from 6 feet on a level piece of green.
  12. Well I've got to say he acted like a complete idiot in walking up the face of the greenside bunker twice yesterday, once to look at the hole and then to leave after the shot, taking a big sod of turf out as he scrambled up. That has to go down as one of THE worst breaches of etiquette I've seen in 40+ years, totally disrespectful to his fellow competitors too. Commentators rightly didn't hold back either in condemning it.
  13. Having tried an Epic Flash SZ with a light weight as part of an experiment with a 46" long driver, it turned it from a good solid and sounding driver into something that felt like every ball was a rock and a sound that made my ears bleed. So wasn't what I was hoping for.
  14. Do you have a chart showing balance points for hybrid shafts by any chance please? looking for something to reduce swingweight versus an S+plus 80 stiff in that sort of mid / mid smooth profile
  15. Any alternative suggestions to pro Orange from anyone please?
  16. Have you prepped the tip properly? If you haven't installed a shaft or adaptor before, it's a bit more complicated than simply using any old store epoxy and pushing it on.
  17. I'd appreciate any help with suggestions please for high balance point hybrid shafts. I'm currently using a Blueboard S+ 80 stiff playing at 40.5" in a TEE ESX 220 hybrid. I want to drop the swingweight by ideally at least 3 sw from the current D6. Appreciate that is playing +0.25" over standard TEE and also have a 50g iomic grip, neither of which help but are my preferred options. Having tried backweighting with 15g without liking the feel, I'm looking into shafts in the 70g range which will give me a bit back, but would appreciate suggestions for hybrids that have a higher balance point than the S+. I know the Tensei pro orange will give me something albeit not sure how much as the S+ is butt stiff so presumably has a fairly high balance point to start with.
  18. Stock response of not all sweetness and light applies to all methods, most of the tour chose not to use any of the methods now banned which tells you something. I tried the armlock on the putting green at a demo day and with the right set up and grip you've got to be pretty poor to allow the wrists break down. Makes zero sense allowing it and not say belly putting, you aren't controlling the putter fully by placing a long grip with a flat side against the inside of your forearm (which is not flexible!), you can try to dress it up however you want.
  19. If anything, the opposite should be true. I'm never going to discourage anyone from taking up the game, so it's hard to fathom how it can take longer to hit 70 shots than someone takes to hit 100. Shouldn't be spending as much time looking for balls either, numerous pros have showed how a good score can be achieved in around 2 hours when out as a single at the front of a field.
  20. From my perspective it's nothing to do with being a purist. It's simply that golf has taken a very strange approach to anchoring. Armlock is more than a "tactile checkpoint" the clues in the name , now I'm OK with that but if you are going to allow armlock then allow belly anchoring, etc. Maybe that would work for Xander, maybe not, but either you are going to insist on players controlling the putter with your hands or you aren't, otherwise it all becomes an arbitrary judgement on what should be allowed. They stick a limit on the maximum length of a driver, why not do so with a putter too and make it say 37 inches to suit tall guys and then you can putt however you want, job done.
  21. We regret to inform you....
  22. I had a great fitting day with PXG for a driver yesterday. The fitter finished by saying he couldn't improve on my current G410, it would have been nice to find some improvement but I'm much happier with the feedback I got than someone trying to make a sale when the improvement is not there. He also enthusiastically tried a LOT of different ideas, even after he said that from reviewing baseline data it was going to be a challenge to move the dial on
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