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  1. I play 47-52-58 and do not play one. I tried in the past but always found more options hurt me more than helped. 47 - 135 52 - 120 58 - 100 i can do enough to shorten the swing or smooth out tempo to find the gaps.
  2. Happy tuesday! Two basically brand new Cobra F9 Tour 3 and 5 woods. Hit 5-10 times each. Mint condition with headcover. 160 ea or 300 for both (shipped).
  3. Thanks for doing this! LH LargeMy current glove is Nike Tech Extreme or Tour ClassicI usually go through about a glove each month to month and a half.I would like to find a glove that lasts longer and handled rain a little better than most gloves.
  4. Beautiful DI club. Reminds me of the srixon U series in looks.
  5. Today have a set of hi toe wedges in good shape With a month or so of use. They have TI S400 shafts and play about 1/2” over “standard.” 56 has brand new Lamkin crossline and the 60 had a random TM grip. 175 for both shipped. Prefer to sell together unless I have buyers for both.
  6. One item today... used but still in good condition 3 TP UDI head only. Bent it 1* strong to 19*. Standard lie. $old shipped
  7. I got one from the same/similar seller I am sure. Mine was black though. Depending which seller you got it from, I have used two of them and never had any issues.
  8. Loved the 83 stiff blue board in 3/5W and the 63 X in the driver. Oddly enough, never really got to mess with a 73. I did have a 73 stiff whiteboard in a TEE CB2 3W that was awesome.
  9. Lol what are the odds.. I was searching but didn’t even see it. Thanks
  10. Good afternoon. Got a replacement 3 iron head but it has what I am guessing is a shim? Seems odd since this head should be .355 so what would it shim too? Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Same here for me.. RAC TP 05 CB meets P-7 series.
  12. His bag of clubs or his bag of putters?
  13. Funny, the exact same thing happened to me via online order. I talked to customer service who are sending me one.. but still bad CS either way. GLWS
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