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  1. Beautiful and simple bag. The putter threw me off though lol. Was expecting a 009 or other oil can type to match the wedges.
  2. 2 tried and true DI shafts are KBS hybrid proto and Tour AD driving iron spec. Played both and loved them both. Tour AD felt slightly softer and launched higher, the KBS felt a bit more stout and had a bit more boring flight. YMMV but both can be had 80-100$ through a verified ebay seller.
  3. Wondering how I can remove the rest of the black finish from my wedges.. the sole of the wedge is starting to rust and it will save me from buying new wedges! Should I grab a metal pad? Or just drag it along the cart path? thanks!
  4. Same here. No need for extra wedges IMO. 47/PW - 137 carry choke down to 125 52/GW - 120 carry choke down to 110 58/LW - 100 carry choke down to 85 Many combinations of swings in between but simplified the short game immensely.
  5. Agree with this. If you enjoy the game, who cares. One of my friends was shooting 115-120 and bought OTR maverick irons and dropped 10 strokes. All we did was look at contact and swing speed at an EW. My other friend has gone through 2 fittings and spent thousands and plays no better than before and even traded in his “fit CC” driver for a used bin driver he hits better. One of those guys is enjoying golf and the other is not…
  6. Try setting up with the ball 1-2 balls behind center.. lean 60-40 toward the target, and feel you rotate around your front leg without swaying back. This changes your swing arc to bottom out past your leg and produce a low flight. I do this with any club from 52*-4I depending on yardages and windows for flight in front of me. Also, use tempo and SS to control distance and flight too. Often times when you try to swing aggressive you will end up launching the ball higher.
  7. Strike wise they feel very centered. At the range and on course marking is mostly center mass. The only real feel difference is that the shafts don’t “bend” or load as much, so maybe the profile doesn’t match like I thought it might. I am hopeful that if I change shafts it may fix it, because I do love the heads. On the LM there really was no “fat shots” as my miss is usually thin if anything.
  8. Recently got PXG Gen 2 0311T irons, stiff elevate tour shafts. I previously played 2014 MC irons with steelfiber i110 stiff shafts. The first few range sessions they seemed to be similar yardages and flights, the only difference was it looked like the PXG irons had a bit steeper descent. Fast forward 3 rounds in, I cannot get the same yardages on the course from the new irons that I did the old. I’m consistently 7-10 yards shorter on the PW-7 and 5 yards shorter 6-4 iron. I went to golf galaxy (GC4/quad?) and 7i v 7i were very close in LA, spin, and yardage. I am just not seeing the same thing on the course. spec wise, I thought the elevate tour would be a good fit from the steelfiber. With the slightly stronger lofts on the PXG, could the shafts be the issue? Or could it be the heads with similar LM numbers? I will add that I have a quicker tempo and am a hitter versus swinger. Lastly, missed with the PXG are shorter and right while the SF shafts tend to be left. Love how the PXG heads feel, but cannot justify keeping them without the same yardage as the old clubs. some reference carry yardages (range finder shot distances) old PW - 137 / new PW - 127 old 7I - 173 / new 7i - 168 old 5i - 200 / new 5i - 195
  9. Love the 120S in my wedges currently but if you wanted to go up a touch, I would do the 125S.
  10. I have played mostly TM fairways the last few years.. M1 (16/17), M2 (17), M5 and cobra F9 and recently switched to the PXG Gen 2 3/5 wood. Absolutely love them. Relatively shallow but not too shallow, and great both tee and green. Exc/VG heads are 150-175 typically and can grab an adapter if you have a shaft you like.
  11. Have called several times. First time to discuss iron fit and options.. second time to discuss my own LM numbers and finalize purchase… 3rd time to tell them how much I enjoy the new set and thank them for their help. Have also called 3 other times for follow up questions and ordered a cover for a 5 wood I got off eBay. 4 different people and not a single one was rude or unknowledgeable. As much as I enjoy a good horror story, All these anti PXG CS posts seem like hate mail.
  12. Appreciate the feedback. I didn’t have the head separated yet, only was getting ready to drop it off. I assumed it would be closer to 1” added. The shaft is a GD AD Driving Iron which is 39” raw. I imagine it should likely sit at 40” total length post install.
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