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  1. This 15 degree 3 wood has seen about 10 balls since I ordered it from Callaway. See pics for condition but it is in excellent shape. The shaft is the Japan only X flex version of the ZF. Great stable shaft but just not for me. Only issue is when I was trying to get the sticker goo off I seem to have rubbed a little too hard. The prism graphics on a certain part right below the grip are dull. No actual damage but a small spot doesn’t shine in the sunlight like the rest of the shaft. I tried to capture it in pics. Club plays 42.75” and has a brand new UTX midsized grip. Comes with headcover. I am looking for $325 Shipped. I am also interested in interesting trades. Let me know what you have
  2. Where? I saw plenty of their stuff on eBay but was top dollar.
  3. The one in Fort Myers just opened. Looking forward to taking the family
  4. Dropping price to $325. Let’s get this thing moved to someone that will use it.
  5. 1. City, State? Naples, FL 2. Handicap? 8.8 3. Current Irons? Apex DCB 4. How would the Launcher XL Halo irons help your game? I would love to get these for a friend that has a really hard time launching the ball. He is new to the game and struggling.
  6. You might want to look at this BST thread:
  7. If anyone is looking for a 3 wood with the ZF I have one in the BST in an Epic Speed.
  8. Black Matte for me. I would love to rest it against my Stability shaft.
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