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  1. 1. City and State? Naples, FL 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) Outdoors 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? No 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? Dial in my distances when I get new clubs 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  2. Anyone not using the code and wants a set of Wilson Staff F5 irons then let me know.
  3. My wife picked it up at Target the other day. I haven’t played it yet but hopefully the 5 year old will enjoy it.
  4. Make some offers. Someone must need a great set of forged irons.
  5. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? True Spec Naples Grande Why are you excited to try the MC Putter shaft? Hopefully get my putts more on line to start What flex MC Putter shaft do you want to win? Firm
  6. I bought these to try but the shafts aren’t for me. Typical WS forged feel. Good shape with plenty of life left. You can see from the pics. Stock L/L/L. S300 in the TT Dynamic Gold XP with brand new set of Lamkin utx midsized. Let me know if you have any questions. I am looking for $400 OBO shipped. Also open to trades: -9.0 Epic Max LS head -Set of 50/54/58 wedges -Srixon z585s or similar -Anything you think I might be interested in
  7. I have had a similar issue with them. Some waterproof golf shoes from them a few years back. My feet were soaked by the 4th hole. I sent them all the required info and they said the same thing. Only good for 6 months from date of manufacture. I think I had bought my shoes more than 6 months after manufacture so essentially they came without warranty. I will never buy another pair of Adidas golf shoes.
  8. 1. Sign up for the Bridgestone Email Newsletter HERE. In a post below answer the following: 2. Did you sign up for the Bridgestone email? Yes 3. What Bridgestone golf balls do you want to win? Tour BX 5. US Open final score prediction (Doesn't change odds of winning)? -6
  9. 1. City and State? Naples, FL 2. Handicap? 8.1 3. Search for your home course HERE. 4. What is your home course? Arrowhead Golf Course 5. How could a StrakaLine guide help your game? Reading greens can always help with approach and putting 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Certainly
  10. What advantages do the 3D printing process being to the putters compared to older processes?
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