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  1. Some of the volume does. It just depends on the amount picked up from the shipper. Eventually the networks will be overlapped and the delivery times and lanes will match.
  2. Let me see if I can shed some light on this. SP is part of the FXG network. FXG will pick up SP packages from said shippers(which/and who determines the shipping type), then send them to a SP hub to be worked and allocated to USPS or FXG stations. SP was basically ran by USPS, but now FXG is pushing to put SP in the FXG network due to the amount of packages being sent. FXG will soon be introducing the next phase of the Delivery Optimization (DO) initiative – dynamic matching – which is part of the effort to integrate the FXG and SP networks. This will basically match SP packages w/ GND
  3. forgot to post yesterday, that I sent you a code Ill pm you mine I used one from Arizonalefty59. Thanks! I also got one from theammons and bellken. Only needed 1. If anyone needs one let me know as I have 2. Make sure you thank theammons and bellken.
  4. If someone doesn't mind throwing me a code it would be awesome! I haven't gotten a email since Xmas with one.
  5. Limited Time Sale: Buy 2 for $40 on Nike RZN Speed Golf Balls! Must Add 2 to Cart for Discount.
  6. Just a heads up. They are having 30% off clearance today, and the 25% stacks with it.
  7. They have 25% off today for cyber monday....buying some NDMC for $8 each.
  8. Damn it....the one day I don't get on WRX.
  9. I have MFP and I have yet to get a code for UA. Just a bunch of emails on unhealthy eating.
  10. My cousin is and he absolutely loves it. Has no issues taking his family there. I have not played it or been there, so I am going by word of mouth.
  11. Anyone in the Cincinnati area been to Beckett Ridge lately? I have not played there in a few years and have a chance on Monday. Just wondering if it has been kept up or not, I know it got bought out recently.
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