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  1. I got one earlier this year. The club opened a bar tab for $150 and everyone including me got 1free drink. One of the guys I was playing with wanted to stay for another drink and since it was my turn to buy, I had to buy a round. Even the bartender couldn't believe I was paying for drinks. Also the bar tab was only open while I was there and since it was a quiet Sunday, it only cost the club $90.
  2. David Duval got to Number 1 with Tiger in his prime so must be in consideration
  3. Funny how this website works. 3 random players I have an interest in when they are playing are Julian Suri, JJ Spaun and Meghan Khang who all have some connection to people on this site. I probably wouldn't recognise any of them walking down the street but still always want them to do well.
  4. Played at Harding Park last year and we got paired with a couple of older locals. On the 12th hole(?), slight dog leg left, one guy pulled his tee shot and hit a tree branch and the ball ricocheted straight back at him, cleared him by a few metres and landed on the back of the tee. He didn't see the ball hit the tree and thought it was someone else's ball and wasn't happy that they didn't yell fore. Couldn't believe it when he went back and it was his ball. He pulled his next shot and hit the start of the steel fence running along the boundary and the ball did the same thing but this time it e
  5. Wairakei is just down the road from Kinloch so worth the effort to play there as well. Wine tasting in Hawkes Bay is great but if you are driving from Hawkes Bay to Wellington, you are almost passing through Martinborough so call in there as well if you like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Tks for suggestion on Kinloch. We did consider it but can't fit it in. We are going to hit Martinborough on the way to Wellington. Our only "disappointment" is that the All Blacks will not be playing in NZ during our stay. We definitely would have wanted to see a game live. Wairakei is an amazing place. They'v
  6. Wairakei is just down the road from Kinloch so worth the effort to play there as well. Wine tasting in Hawkes Bay is great but if you are driving from Hawkes Bay to Wellington, you are almost passing through Martinborough so call in there as well if you like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  7. I drink pretty much everything. More of a red wine person than white though. Favourites would be Pinot Noir and Syrah. Being in New Zealand, Central Otago has some great Pinots covering the full range of prices so always something to find that fits the budget. Wines that we buy consistently year in year out include Rockburn, Carrick, Peregrine, Valli and Grasshopper Rock. Hawkes Bay makes some really good Syrah and some favourites include Craggy Range, Te Mata, Elephant Hill and Trinity Hills. Still really enjoy the Bordeaux varietials though with most NZ wines being Merlot based as we don't
  8. If you like Cloudy Bay, you should try Greywacke and Dog Point if you can find them. Kevin Judd, who was the original winemaker at Cloudy Bay left and set up Greywacke a few years ago while Ivan Sutherland and James Healy set up Dog Point. If you want to remortgage your house and try something special, buy some Dog Point Section 94 or Greywacke Wild. Both wines are barrel fermented sauvignon blanc's and a step up from their regular labels. Cloudy Bay have Te Koko which is made the same way. Away from Malborough, Palliser Estate in Martinborough in the lower North Island makes a really good Sau
  9. I don't like this particular shirt but if they bring it out with a blade collar, I'd be all over it.
  10. Barnbougle is an amazing course. I played it last year with a couple from Scotland who thought it was the best course they had ever played and they had played all of courses on the Open rota. I haven't played there but everything I have heard about Cape Wickham on King Island between Tasmania and Melbourne sounds like it is even better than Barnbougle so if you are going that far, rather than going back to Barnbougle, you could look at including Cape Wickham as well. Some amazing wineries in Tasmania if that is your thing and Hobart must be 1 of the best kept secrets as a destination.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me to see DJ go to Nike. I haven't seen any comments about it but after DJ's last win when he picked his son up, he was wearing Nikes. You would think Adidas would supply the whole family with branded stuff so either the parents went out and paid for a pair of Nikes or Nike gave him the shoes. It could be that someone gave them to them as a joke present and the parents aren't smart enough to get the joke but sometimes, it's the smallest detail that gives something away
  12. The Masters, then I would probably get invited to join Augusta National and tee it up with Jack every once in a while. Also, by winning the Masters 7 times, there's a good chance you would have a few of the other majors as well. Do you think the host club for the other majors offers honorary membership for the winners?
  13. It was only late last year that Rory made the comment that the $10 million FedEx Cup bonus wasn't that important to him so I think at the level of the very top players, money isn't the most important thing in life. At the same time, Rory taking the big money from Nike a couple of years ago puts him in the position that $10 million more isn't important but it may have been if he stayed with Titleist and his other sponsors at the time.
  14. My story doesn't involve me and not just 1 drive but the 4some behind us. We were playing a fun game as a six with more beer in the bags than clubs. On the 4th or 5th hole, we let a group play through. We sat on the bench beside the ladies tee while this group played through. Not a single drive got past us with the worst drive ending up about 20 yards behind the tee. By this time, we were rolling around on the ground with 4 p****d off golfers hitting their second shots from behind us.
  15. Nickent 3DX are great hybrids. I have just tried to replace mine and demoed all the latest offerings. The only new one that was as good was the Ping G30 that went slightly higher and 1 yard further. It would take someone with more money than me to pay 600 odd dollars for a couple of clubs for 1 yard so the Nickents got regripped and back in the bag
  16. There was a NZ Ferrari Club event on the other weekend that we went to have a look at. Thought we were too late but then a whole lot of noise started coming down the road with 2 Ferrari La Ferrari's - 1 red and 1 black at the front of the convoy. I know red is the traditional Ferrari colour but the black one was amazing. Also an Enzo, F50, F40 and 288GTO plus a heap of 458's 430's etc. Recently saw a McLaren P1 and Porsche Carrera GT but these weren't on the road.
  17. Maybe he is a Jordan Spieth fan and they are allowed in the ropes
  18. I've played a few times in the past couple of weeks in 25 degree temperatures. Shorts and polo shirt!! Of course, in NZ we measure temperature in Celsius. Might get 9 holes in this afternoon once it cools down a bit. Sorry!!!!
  19. [quote name='Anchor44' timestamp='1409003385' post='10006285'] [quote name='Pinsplitter59' timestamp='1336512885' post='4874922'] I am a swing coach hater. they are so full of it, you can tell by watching their DVD's etc that really they know no more than i do. its the player that makes a swing coach, and as long as they do no harm to a good player when they are lucky enough to find one, they will become rich and famous. Foley has made the big mistake of doing harm, so if Tiger has the mental clarity and courage he will do what his gut is telling him and walk away from Foley. its madn
  20. [quote name='PZero' timestamp='1399930785' post='9281749'] [quote name='Trevorn' timestamp='1399922490' post='9280803'] The win last year at the John Deere Classic was a bit of a fluke with the holed bunker shot so if you take that away, he has been close a lot of times and keeps putting himself in contention without actually closing the deal. [/quote] You sound like PLHR. He made a clutch shot to get him tied for the lead and then ended up winning after multiple playoff holes against Zach Johnson and GrahamDelaet. That's not a fluke win, he earned that sh**. [/quote] Nothing like PLHR
  21. It wouldn't surprise me if Jordan takes off like David Duval did once he got his first win. The win last year at the John Deere Classic was a bit of a fluke with the holed bunker shot so if you take that away, he has been close a lot of times and keeps putting himself in contention without actually closing the deal. Once he gets another win under his belt, I can see him going on a bit of a run. Hopefully he will stay around longer than Duval but I think he could be a consistent winner for a long time once he gets going
  22. Does anyone have an educated (or uneducated) guess as to where his money comes from? Other than Nike, the sports drink bag sponsor, Rolex and appearance money, where else does he get his income. My understanding is that these lists only include golf or golf related income and not outside investments etc. I would imagine that Nike must be well over what they are paying Rory but still a big gap from whatever he gets from them to 71 million.
  23. The story I always remember about Johnny Miller is one he told about when he was really at his peak in the early - mid 70's. I forget the exact details but he was paired with Tom Watson when he had 1 of his 61-63's. Came off the 18th pretty pleased with himself until Tom Watson told him that if he had been putting for him, he would have had a 58!! Don't know if Youtube etc has video of him at his peak but I think a lot of the younger people who only regard him as a grumpy old announcer would be amazed at how good he was for a short period of time.
  24. A pro walks onto the first tee to find a gorilla taking some practice swings along with a guy carrying a golf bag. The pro asks the guy what the story is. The guy tells him that the gorilla is a great golfer and it will play the pro for $100 a hole. The pro takes him up on the bet. The first hole is a 350 yard par 4, the pro hits a good drive down the middle about 270. The gorilla stands up, whacks the ball to 2 inches from the hole. After the pro plays his approach to the middle of the green and misses his putt, he concedes the hole. Second hole is a 550 yard par 5 and the gorilla does the sa
  25. He is still the biggest name in golf and probably will be for the foreseeable future but I don't think he is the marketing powerhouse he was before his scandal and never will be. He lost a lot of sponsors and hasn't been able to replace the lost sponsors with anything near as comparable. I don't follow Tiger too closely but other than Rolex and the sport drink as a bag sponsor, has he picked up any other new sponsors? I doubt whether Rolex is paying him anywhere that Tag Heuer were paying him as Rolex seem to be the Taylormade of watches and sponsor anything that move. I think he has lost hi
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