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  1. Hey Doc Griff, Thanks for replying and the vid. Cool setup. I noticed your projector seems to be behind you a bit. Does this cause shadows then? I have a good plan for where I want to put everything now but I am having a hard time finding consistent advice as to the placement of the projector. It is a short throw projector so I don't know if putting it behind my swing area is even an option.
  2. Saw a guy in my town selling his garage sim as he never used it. Went over and bought everything but have no clue what my first steps, next steps, all steps should be now. I am not an apple product user, mainly pc laptops in my house and I am willing to buy/get whatever will help me optimize this setup. My question is this. Can someone give me an 'order of operations' in terms of what threads to read first so I do this all right from the get go? Assume I am clueless and speak to me like you would speak to a small child. Thanks in advance :)
  3. If driver is still available, I'll take it. Pm me or reply here either way please.
  4. Is there any way to get some sort of a list of followed threads emailed to me or some manner to find which ones I had so I can go back and get them myself?
  5. HI, I haven't been on the site since late 2014. I was diagnosed with cancer so haven't been able to play golf since then. Haven't really had time to stay current etc. Anyway, I am on the right side of the battle with the cancer, and I am looking to get back into the game. When I logged on today all of the old topics I had bookmarked to follow in my personal content are gone. I had a ton of information there stored in regards to both equipment and instruction. Basically years of following the forums and keeping relevant material to me. It would take me months and months to figure out what is mi
  6. 1050 GH stiff...........best shafts I have ever hit, regret giving them away with my last set. Need em back bad!
  7. The following caption is not for the original pic, but the pic in post #21. Please scroll back to that post for the reference. [i][b]"...who said camels don't like water..." [/b][/i]
  8. [quote name='CaptRyan' timestamp='1408327392' post='9954399'] Visual impairments aside, golf balls are meant to be white. Look at the tour and the #1 ball in golf, the Titleist pro v1/x, they don't have a yellow option. How many tour guys are playing golf balls other than white? [/quote] Ok officer, I put my visual impairment aside, but now I really can't "[i]see[/i]" your point.
  9. [quote name='CaptRyan' timestamp='1408322579' post='9953855'] [quote name='oiler3535' timestamp='1408285201' post='9951033'] Most of the big companies do release yearly. But Srixon is roughly every 2. Seems like the pros tend to get the newest balls in even years and then they're released late in odd years to the public (earlier in Japan). I'm actually surprised we haven't heard of them playing the new balls yet. Though I was disappointed in the 13/14 balls. For me (SS ~100) the Spin Skin has seemed to lower durability with negligible increases in spin. Still good, but no longer head and sho
  10. [quote name='Rusty1885' timestamp='1408314081' post='9953113'] I've got the same from a road bikers, I don't know why they do that as I could have easily catch up with them on my golf cart. You just have to ignore them and understand that you just can't fix A-hole, it's in the gene. [/quote] Hahahahahahaha.....the image of someone chasing a biker in a golf cart, clubs in tow, is awesome....too funny.
  11. HI, I have a regular flex Diamana Blueboard 83 x5ct in my 3 wood. It was trimmed 1/2 inch extra for a total of 1 inch to play slightly firmer than the regular flex. Does the extra half inch get me right to a stiff flex, or just short of stiff, firm? I want to put this same shaft into my 7 wood. Standard tipping from Mitzy Rayon is 1 full inch for a 7 wood. I already have an extra blueboard in regular flex. Would tipping it 1.5 total inches affect the integrity of the shaft or should I buy a stiff shaft instead and tip it just the 1 inch. I would like it to play as similar as possible to the
  12. Yeah, I agree with the above. It is all about defining the levels to compare. I.E. What does it mean to be "competent" at golf and "competent" at pool. Without a clear definition of what we are looking to measure, we can't really compare or determine what is more difficult to get to.
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