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  1. To be honest, I think the HM "feel" noticeably better than the Forged. In addiiton, the difference in distance for me was negligible, but the HMs flew higher and spun more. I gamed a couple MP sets in the past, when I was child-less and a much better play, so I've experienced the patented Mizuno buttery feel. These days, I need as much help as I can get, and the HMs fit the bill for me. With that said, there is always a shot or two each round where the ball goes further than expected with the HMs, seemingly due to the hot face. I believe others have experienced this as well if you go read the other threads on the HMs. I'm willing to live with those, but I can understand why someone else would want more consistency that a forged iron will provide.
  2. In the same boat, not playing much and want the forgiveness. I will definitely be trying the G400 max and if I like it will get fitted. How is the sound on this thing ? I remember G driver being loud I'm not sure about the G, but I played the G30 before the M2. Being a loud driver is one thing, but the G30 sounded obnoxious. I felt like I had to apologize to people around me after hitting it. I guess most would consider the Max a loud driver, but it's not annoyingly loud.
  3. I'm gaming the G400 Max currently but used the 2016 M2 for a couple seasons prior. As you alluded to in the your initial post, the M2 is a good combo of distance and forgiveness, but if you're looking for more forgiveness, give the Max a shot. The M2 was great for me when I practiced and played a lot more regularly last season. This season, I'm playing significantly less rounds, and the added forgiveness of the Max seems to be helping me find the fairway more often. It may all be in my head, but it's working for me. I'm hitting a high percentage of fairways with the Max compared to spraying the ball right with the M2. I will add that the Max, for me, has a tendency to go left on loose swings. I can't remember if the ball has ever gone offline to the right with the Max.
  4. I gamed the G30 for a couple seasons, and like you, grew tired of the sound. Even though the driver performed great, the sound was too much and I moved on. To me, the G30 is not only loud, but the sound it produces is obnoxious and annoying. In that respect, any driver, past and present, sounds better by default. I currently use the G400 Max, and while it's relatively loud, the sound isn't off-putting.
  5. Taylormade M2 bent to 18* works great for me, and it's significantly cheaper than a driving iron.
  6. I've gamed the Ping Rapture DI and the original Crossover, and, for me, they don't come close to the M2 4 iron bent to 18* (price or performance).
  7. I had no experience with Graphite Design shafts until this season when I hit my friends Titleist driver with the AD-DI. The shaft felt so good, I threw a BB in my Max on a whim without even hitting it. My logic was that the BB would be a better fit since it's supposed to be lower launch and spin than the DI. For me, the gamble paid off as the driver feels ridiculously good while still being as long and straight as anything I've tried. It's addicting to hit. For reference, I initially played the Max with the Tour 65 shaft. It felt terrible and harsh in comparison, and the performance wasn't notable. While it was likely the indian and not the arrow, I had a tendency to pull and hook shots with this shaft. I don't have this problem with the BB.
  8. The "disappointing script" you point out is exactly the environment he thrives in. He needs adversity for the greatness to come out of him. His past life experiences have put a massive chip on his shoulder, not to mention, he seems to play best in high pressure situations. He followed up every bad hole yesterday with a great one. I don't think he's worries with what people think of him, and he's certainly not going to make any changes to flip the script after winning a major.
  9. Do you happen to know how your spin compared? I actually spun the forged clubs slightly less, had a lower launch, and similar distance. If that carries through to the wedges that could explain a few extra yards. I found this to be the case as well, and it makes total sense that it would be the reason for the extra yards.
  10. Does the HM PW have the spring face? I didn't think the higher numbered clubs did.
  11. If you're thinking about getting the 900f gap wedge, you might as well look into the T7 or S5 wedges. They will be more versatile and have the famous Mizuno forged buttery feel. S5 wedges are pretty cheap on eBay now if you get along with the shape.
  12. I'm using an M2 4 iron bent 1 degree strong to 18 degrees. It's a great club with exception to the face slot issue. The face of the club is slightly concaved near the toe, but it still performs. I'll probably send it back to TM for a warranty replacement eventually.
  13. I currently game the JPX900 Hot Metals and recently hit the 900Fs with the expectation of making the switch since I've been wanting to go back to the same buttery feel of my old MP set. This is just my personal opinion, but I've played MP30s and MP52s in the past, and the JPX900Fs fall way short in terms of the buttery/soft feel. To be honest, the 900Fs do feel different than the HMs, but they do not really feel "better". Certainly not enough to justify the cost difference considering both sets pretty much performed the same for me. I've never hit any version of the AP2, but I believe Mark Crossfield said in one of his reviews that the AP2s feel closer to the MP irons than the 900Fs. Definitely hit before you buy.
  14. If you're used to firmer grips like the original MCCs, this grip is going to be shockingly spongy. I thought there was something wrong with the grip, but apparently this is the way they were designed. I'm wondering if stretching the grips a bit will help.
  15. I play the G head on a shaft with the G30 tip, and have the same problem. Instead of tapping the screw, try hitting the butt of the shaft on the ground a few times. The head will loosen eventually. FYI, this happened to me occasionally with my G30 as well but the combo above is especially tight.
  16. ALL SOLD. THANKS! I have a few items I'd like to get rid of quickly, and I believe they are priced to sell. I will respond to all serious offers. SOLD - Ping Anser 9.5 degree, Fujikura Blur 005 Stiff Mint condition. Total length is 45.25" Stock Ping grip. Headcover and wrench included. SOLD SOLD - Ping G30 LS Tec 9 degree, Diamana 'Ahina 70 x5ct Stiff Mint condition. Diamana 'Ahina shaft was originally for the Ping Anser driver. The original Ping G25/I25/Anser adapter was pulled and replaced with an authentic Ping G30/G adapter. Total length is 45.25" New Iomic Black Armour Sticky 1.8 grip. Brand New Ping G leather headcover (see photo) and wrench included. SOLD SOLD - Ping I25 9.5 degree, PWS 65 Tour Stiff Very good condition - Light marks on the face and sole. Ping PWS 65 Tour stiff shaft with stock Ping grip. Throw in shaft - Ping PWS 65 (non Tour) stiff shaft with used Iomic Black Armour Sticky 1.8 grip. Total length is 45.25". Headcover and wrench included. SOLD SOLD - Taylormade SLDR 10.5 degree, Diamana Kai'li 60 x5ct Stiff Excellent condition - Small blemish in the clear coat on the crown near the face (circled in red in one of the photos). Real deal Diamana Kai'li 60 x5ct stiff shaft with Taylormade adapter. Fits M1, R15, SLDR, R1 & RBZ stage 2 drivers. Shaft length is 44.25". New Iomic Black Armour Sticky 1.8 grip. Headcover and wrench included. SOLD SOLD - Odyssey Tank Cruiser #7 Mint condition. Length is 35". Stock SuperStroke counterbalance grip (same size as Mid Slim 2.0). Headcover and weight set included. SOLD
  17. I had the same problem as you but fixed it by adjusting the shaft and screw in your 2nd photo. First I removed the screw, pushed the shaft down as far as it would go and put the screw in the bottom hole (it was originally screwed into the top hole). I did have to drill a small hole into the shaft since the existing hole didn't match up. Now it's as good as new.
  18. It may be a little plain, but it's a solid logo (and I'm sure NBC spent some $$ for it). Efficient use of negative space and it can be used on all types of media without much alteration. The old version looks like clip art that was converted to a logo. They've dressed it up through the years, but it still looks like lipstick on a pig to me.
  19. Since the TVs are already so popular and relatively cheap, there really isn't any motivation for GP to offer colored TVs. Their more expensive offerings come in different colors which makes a lot of sense business-wise.
  20. I haven't seen her play in person, but they did mention on a telecast a few weeks ago that she went from a stock fade to draw recently.
  21. Can you describe the fit of RLX polos in comparison to Adidas or Nike or polos?
  22. Did someone in this thread really insinuate that CP3 is a score-first,hybrid PG/SG? Out of the elite level PG's in the league now, Paul is the only pure PG (pass-first player). He's certainly in the discussion for best overall PG in the league, but he's far and away, the best pure PG in the league now. Way to early for the GOAT PG discussions.
  23. It probably comes down to what you're used to. I grew up hitting off matts since none of the ranges I went to had grass ranges or good grass ranges. Also, I can tell if I've hit a good shot off a matt or if I "got away with one" (didn't know this was possible at the range).
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