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  1. Anyone else have any leads? Trying like heck to find this one for a buddy but coming up empty and I'm not interested in paying $100 for a hat on eBay. https://www.neweracap.com/Sports/GOLF/Ryder-Cup/RYDER-CUP-FRIDAY-GRAY-39THIRTY-STRETCH-FIT/p/12489610
  2. Agreed. Depending on what your itinerary and budget looks like I'd personally recommend doing FD/Loop/Bootlegger, stay on property (I think it's a bit more affordable than Arcadia) for 1 night, play the Loop the other way then head to Boyne Highlands and stay there or at Crooked Tree. Add an arrival round at Boyne with the Hills or Crooked Tree if you don't want to pay an up charge. If you have more than a foursome, just get a townhouse, they are cheap. Don't stay at the Mountain it's way out of the way. Play your arrival round, stay the night, play in the AM then head to Arcadia.
  3. No, or at least I don't think so. Not trying to threadjack the seller's thread so apologies there. The California series was released in two different finishes. The first came out in a gold finish that I believe was called honey dipped. The second, changed to a "sea mist" finish instead but the putter models were the same if I remember correctly but the second release had deeper milling whereas the original had shallower milling more similar to the original Studio Select Line. Not sure why they changed the finish. Second release in 2012/13: https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2013/california/del-mar/ Original in 2010/11: https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2011/california/coronado/
  4. I do. Go from a 26.5 degree Apex Smoke 19 6 iron to a Srixon ZU65 "4 iron" at 23 degrees.
  5. So I snagged mine from a Member on here and he had a PX 6.0 .25 over standard in it. I can hit some real just absolute pis$ missiles with it but I have to be on my game to be honest. The shaft is pretty damn stout for me and if I don't focus on really making sure I get around on it, I am losing it to the left (I'm a lefty) every time. On the flip side I have a ZU65 4 iron, that's probably my favorite club in my bag and has one of those ultralite Miyazaki's in it with an X flex that is point and shoot easy to hit. I am thinking about seeing if I can have one of those installed on the 2 iron over the winter for next season. With all that being said, I am also super intrigued by the Titleist 505 LOL so I might end up with one of those? Maybe even the 16 degree...
  6. Not sure if anyone else is a fan but the No Laying Up guys just dropped the trailer for their Michigan season. Pretty excited as I really enjoy their content and can't wait to see some of the courses we have featured. They even made it to Rackham! https://twitter.com/NoLayingUp/status/1448338914872340484?s=20
  7. Not that you've asked but I'll just throw it out there, have you tried a Driving Iron? If you have room in your bag, a lot of folks seem to be able to control a DI around 17-20 degrees better than a 5 wood. Yes, it will be slightly shorter so maybe not as long, but if you can put a decent swing on it, most of them are point and shoot easy. Off a Tee I have a Srixon ZX utility and a TMag M5 Ti 5 Wood. With roll, the ZX can keep up with the 5 wood. The plus though for me is that my misses with the 2 iron don't turn into huge misses like the do with my 5 wood. Then I still have the 5 wood in the bag for longer shots into Par 5's and whatnot. Just food for thought, otherwise, from what I've tested and seen, you can't really go wrong with TSI3 or a Sim Ti or Mizuno STZ or Srixon ZX5 or Rad Speed Big Tour for a Tee only club.
  8. Yea PING has as far as I know always been very good about taking care of Veterans. Only way you can get an actual PING approved discount on new products is to be a Veteran I believe.
  9. Don't forget PING offers a free set and lessons to Wounded Warriors if there is any other programs he doesn't qualify for that he'd like to exploit.
  10. I seemed to remember, relative to the rest of the tour at least that Boo Weekley was a heckuva iron player back in the early/mid 2000s but his putting held him back from winning more than he should. I think there might have been a time when he was near the top of the Tour in proximity to the hole on approach shots but one of the worst putters.
  11. Huge fan of the looks. Would LOVE a plumber's neck left of the Proto. I love the coloring on it and the way the smoother lines blend together visually. Normally that take on a Spider/#7 style (wings) filled in or not usually has harsh lines or holes or just doesn't flow.
  12. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel! Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Detroit location on Woodward in Royal Oak! 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Never 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Definitely Irons and Wedges, I feel like this is the most suspect part of my game that I might be way off in terms of what I play. Particularly with regards to lie angles and swing weights.
  13. I've been debating picking up a Vessel for a long time. I think they look fantastic but I ride for most of my rounds and I've heard they don't hold up as well on a cart with the strap so I've been hesitant to drop the $ on one.
  14. Pretty sure P.Reed and Justine spent the weekend looking for houses in Europe on Zillow as that's the only way he is making a Ryder Cup ever again. JUST KIDDING! In all seriousness though, from my as far outside as a fan can get looking in perspective, I don't think he is on another Team as a Captain's Pick. Again this is just my $.02, okay maybe $.03 but.....he and Jordan had some awesome success but Jordan didn't love playing with him so he went partners with someone else in 18 and did just about as well. Reed got to play with his idol instead and still couldn't get it done, he ended up with 1 point on the week. Every Team Member on this US Ryder Cup squad got a point this week. I don't see the need to sacrifice any Team chemistry or what they have going now for that. Bryson and Brooks qualified on their own but with as heavy favorites as the US was this week and how badly we needed a WIN, you can bet your @ss that if they had said anything other than they'll place nice together this week, they would have been sitting till Sunday. And guess what? It worked, they did it, as fake as anyone wants to say it is (the "feud" OR the lovefest) they seemingly put their crap aside and got the job done. P.Reed has shown he is completely incapable of that at every turn in his career no matter how many opportunities he is given, regardless of how nice he is to his fans or charitable he is. Bryson is pretty cool too with the fans that don't give him crap but that doesn't mean people still don't like the guy. Putting all of the kicked off the college golf team stuff aside since people eff up when they are younger and just looking at more recent RC stuff: In 2018 he got to play with Tiger, and instead of just saying they didn't have it that week, he just had to roast Jordan and blame him when Jordan did pretty damn well without him. This year when he doesn't get picked? Stricker goes OUT OF HIS WAY to say what class Reed had when he was told the news he wouldn't be picked...how'd he follow that up? By liking every single negative tweet he could find about the pick. Again, chance to redeem himself and he doesn't do it. Stricker almost went out of his way to either let the guy say/do NOTHING at all about it OR politely root from the sidelines and Reed goes the other way with it. Heck look at Bubba in 2016. A guy with a lot of Ryder Cup experience that maybe isn't always the most liked or relatable guy on Tour. I think we can all agree, especially 4-7 years ago, there were A LOT of mixed feelings about Bubba and probably still are. Bubba doesn't get the Captain's pick that year, when he was ranked 9 in the OWGR...everyone picked below him was lower including Ryan Moore who was 20th. Did Bubba throw a hissy fit? Nope, called up DL3 and asked to be a vice captain to support to Team. P.Reed is ranked 11th, and got passed up for 12th and 14th right after he said he was almost dead? And he wants to act vindictive and bitter about it? WHY would anyone want him on the TEAM next go around? "Captain America" had ONE great Ryder Cup 5 years ago, sorry but not buying President's Cup success carrying over the the RC and he NEEDS to be a shoe in for the next team? Why???
  15. Exactly what I needed to know, thanks! Would hate to toss the cash at a gorgeous bag that I don't fully like so like you I will admire others who have them but it just isn't for me. Now....if they would bring some of their Japan stuff over here that's somewhat similar in design but larger, I'd be in.
  16. Good to know, that's kind of my worry. I pack my golf bag like I'm packing a suitcase to go on a long vacation. Had a Sun Mountain 3.5LS for a while though that I made do with. Any idea if this is similar size cause I think these are absolutely gorgeous.
  17. No way, for sure a WILDCAT!
  18. Agreed! Although, just with 1/2 of that statement as I haven't had a chance to play the Loop yet. Perfect way to describe SB though, "faux links" and to be fair I don't think that's a bad move on their part. If they went full links style, I am not sure how much of a "resort" course it would be in terms of pace of play and enjoyment. I think that might be a bit out there for what some groups that do the Gull Lake package might expect and as a result they put together something with a Links feel. Regardless though, I really enjoyed the area and the course. Definitely will be back again next Summer for some buddies trips as I want to try Stonehedge and Medalist plus play SB again as I had fun there.
  19. Quick update on the weekend trip with some buddies! Ended up at Bedford Valley on Saturday afternoon. Was in decent shape, some spots were a little burned out/firm off the fairway but other than that the fairways were fine, greens were rolling true, and bunkers were solid. I want to say we paid like $35 or something, was well worth it. Just a solid little warm up round, enjoyed the routing, some kind of goofy holes but nothing too out there. Trees lining most fairways but they weren't jam packed so you weren't totally in jail if you found them. Stoatin Brae was Sunday morning and I really enjoyed it. We ended up only paying $75 since the greens had been punched. Not sure when they were punched but I'd guess it was about a week ago since they had started to heal already. I liked the course a lot. It was cool being sort of in a "raised" pasture feel? I will say, it didn't really feel like links golf to me though. Granted I haven't had a ton of experience with that "style" of golf but this didn't really seem like it was it. I could imagine if it was baked out, middle of July, I'd probably have a different opinion but the ball wasn't really rolling out a ton in the fairway, and definitely wasn't "jumping" on the greens. We played at 8AM and it was a bit dewy out so that probably softened everything up. One example though on the front 9, I forget the hole, but the pin was just stuck in the front left, probably 3-4 paces off a false front. I hit a pretty high 7 iron that left a deep ball mark just at the top of the false front and stuck probably 6 feet from the pin. Really wouldn't have expected that to "stop" on a links green. All of that being said, I still really enjoyed the golf course. Super ample fairways, hard to lose a ball, in really good shape despite the punched greens and you could get pretty darn creative around the greens which was fun. I also noticed that in front of the greens the rough was grown up pretty high which would make it difficult to play the ball on the ground. I can see why folks might have a different opinion since it doesn't seem to be the "links" golf they advertise. BUT that being said, if you want to play a well kept, fun golf course, that has some cool views and isn't going to beat you up too bad, it 100% checks all of those boxes and then some. Overall it was a solid last minute weekend trip with the guys, toss in Firekeepers and I definitely won't hesitate to do it again to get a quick fix instead of driving 4+ hours up to the TC/Petoskey/Boyne/Gaylord area.
  20. I've bought 2 shoe bags, a dopp kit, a duffle and 3 different bags over the years for the and have only received 1 logo. I've never noticed any real or major defects on any of the items. I noticed one of the bags I ordered didn't have like the extra Zipper pull on the Zippers but that's about it from a quality stand point. The one bag I got with a logo was from the Olmypic Club for a USGA event that looked like a bag they either gave away to participants or was on sale on site for people to buy. Small logo on the long pocket on the side, didn't mind it at all and it fit with the Red/White/Blue theme of the bag.
  21. Bedford Valley? That's the one my buddy is kind of pulling for on Saturday?
  22. Thank you! I am coming from downtown Detroit and my buddies are coming from the Midland area so I'll see if I can make that work, I've never played there either but I'm always down for checking out a new brewery.
  23. Heading to FireKeepers Saturday night for a end of season overnight buddies trip. We are doing Stoatin Brae on Sunday morning, anyone have suggestions for Saturday afternoon? Coming from different places in the state so want to stay around Battle Creek. Haven't played hardly at all in that part of the State so I was thinking Gull Lake, Stonehedge? Thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
  24. 1. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE. Doneso! 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? YEP 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? Tour, Standard, Tiff/Gray/White 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Traxion Pistol GT 1.0 Tiff/Gray/White
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