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  1. Ping Blueprints Red Dot 4-PW with KBS Tour 105 Shafts plus 1/2. All specs standard L/L/L and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 60R Grips. No face wear and minimal bag chatter. Very good condition! Asking 900.00 850.00 OBO.
  2. Mavrik 9 degree sub zero with Rouge 60 stiff shaft and z cord mid size grip. Driver is used but in great shape as pics show. Comes with wrench. Asking 245 shipped OBO. Not really interested in any trades, thanks for looking!
  3. Thanks for pointing this out, dot pics added and as noted grips are golf pride z cord mid size.
  4. As title says rare hard to find double dot raw Apex Pro 3-PW with S300 AMT shafts. All specs are standard L/L/L. Grips are Crossline Mid size. Irons are developing a very nice patina!!! Set has been sparingly used. Would consider trade for a good condition set of P7TWS with S400 shafts. Asking 1,250.00 OBO.
  5. Irons are 4-PW with Nippon 950gh Stiff shafts plus 1/2, grips are golf pride tour velvet. Have been used sparingly, no browning but typical wear. Asking 850.00 OBO Jones bag is the players series and has been used 3 rounds only. Asking 150.00 plus shipping
  6. Blueprints 4-Pw with Nippon 950 GH stiff shafts at 1/2 over and New tour velvet grips.Standard L/L/L. Great condition as pics show, 9 iron has a small ding on leading edge but does now effect play in any way. Scratches on faces is not face wear or browning but rather marks from hitting off of mats at range. Asking 795.00 shipped OBO, no trades please. Thanks for looking!
  7. Yes they were listed yesterday and I had to take new pics, evidently I used pics that were not allowed.
  8. Very Rare and almost impossible to find 99% new set of Nike VR Pro II Blades 3-PW with S300 shafts, all specs standard. Just hit a few irons on the range off of mats so can no longer say that they are new, bur close enough to say 99%!. Haven't seen a new set of these in years in this condition! Getting used to the Blueprints and have decided to keep them in the bag so going to let someone else enjoy these! Not sure what to ask but since they are so rare but I guess let's say $1,350.00. Please let me know if any questions and please no low ball offers or trades. Th
  9. They are available however if interested!
  10. Evidently I posted the pics wrong? Got my hand slapped!!!
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