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  1. I have a few items for your viewing pleasure today. Not looking for trades and as always, OBO is on the table. Pricing includes shipping CONUS. 1. Titleist 620MB's - 3-PW, X100 Tour Issue Dynamic Gold shafts. Standard loft, 2 Degrees upright. (easily changed if needed by a local shop) New Golf Pride MCC Midsized +4 grips installed. I bought the heads here and installed the shafts. These have seen the range 2 times and played 9 holes prior to figuring out they aren't for me. $950/OBO 2. Titleist 710MB's 3-PW heads in great condition. Perfect for building a classic MB set. As you can see in the photos, there is ding on the 5 iron that doesn't affect playability. The Bay has these occasionally for $150 for a set of 4-PW. My price is SOLD $150 shipped 3-PW! 3. Titleist 915 D4 9.5 degree w/ Tour AD DI 7x shaft (no headcover). This thing Bombs the ball with low spin. The AD DI shaft is a beast and it's just to bad that I am getting to old to hit it anymore. My back issues are your gain. SOLD for the whole club. (might be willing to separate if it makes sense) 4. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9 degree driver w/Aldila Roge 70 (with headcover) - I loved having this in the bag until I replaced it with a Triple Diamond. Once it came out of the bag, it never made it back in. Looking for a new home for this sweet thang. SOLD $250/OBO 5. Callaway Epic Max 3 Wood (with headcover) - Picked this up from a friend and never put it in the bag. Still rocking an old Titleist 3 wood for now. $245/OBO 6. Scratch SB-1 DS 3-PW set - I have held onto this set thinking I would finally be able to make these work for my swing......but reality has set in, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. These are pure butter when hit well and completely rewarding for a good player. I would hold these up against any other irons on the market today. 3 iron has S300 shaft and the 4-7,9,PW have Tour Issue X100 shafts in them. 8 iron shaft broke and I never got it replaced. DriTac grips have some wear but still very comfortable. $750/OBO 7. EVNROLL ER5 Hatchback Black 35" w/Super Stroke Slim 3.0 and Headcover - I bought this on a whim after making everything I tried in the store.... and then missing everything I looked at on the putting green. It rolls the ball right away and that clearly doesn't work for my junked up putting style. I paid full boat for this at the store, so now you get to save some money and have an amazing putter. $325/OBO 8. Bettinardi BC4 Putter 34" w/Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 (no headcover) - I search high and low for this putter for the last 4 years after selling my old on and regretting everyday after that. Bettinardi's Black Carbon putters always had the best feel to them and roll the ball perfect. It is really too bad that I have fallen head over heels for mallet putters. Bought his on the Bay for $250 earlier this year. Willing to sell it for $200/OBO 9. Nike Method - Model 004 - 33" w/ Super Stroke Slime 3.0 (no headcover) - Here is another putter that starts the ball rolling as soon as you touch it. No bouncing the ball toward the hole, just end over end rolling.....for days! This thing drains putts as long as you start them online. $150/OBO 10. Titleist 913 D3 7.5 degree driver head (with headcover) - Extremely Hard to find 7.5 degree driver head. This driver head has ultra low spin and murders golf balls off the tee. Great shape with no issues. $125/OBO. 1. Titleist 620MB's: 2. Titleist 710MB Heads - 3. Titleist 915 D4 9 degree w/ Tour AD DI 7x shaft - 4. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9 degree driver w/Aldila Roge 70 - 5. Callaway Epic Max 3 Wood - 6. Scratch SB-1 DS 3-PW set - 7. EVNROLL ER5 Hatchback Black 35" w/Super Stroke Slim 3.0 and Headcover - 8. Bettinardi BC4 Putter 34" (no headcover) - 9. Nike Method - Model 004 - 33" w/ Super Stroke Slime 3.0 - 10. Titleist 913 D3 7.5 degree driver head - pin 10/21
  2. Would you be willing to separate out the Super Flash and flash module?
  3. Can you do any better on the Blackjack? PXG’s website has those on sale for $285 right now.
  4. I appreciate the thoughts and response. My years of experience on this site are that all negotiations start low. When I have sold in the past, I have put what I would like to get for my items and then figure in some level of negotiation as well. As I stated, I wasn't attempting to upset you. If your price is firm at $250, then that was the response I was looking for. If you had room to move, then I was checking on that as well. If you don't want the cash or don't want to sell it to me, that is completely your option. However, if you are looking for someone with cash to send to you for the item you want to sell, I'm right here with cash in hand. As for "exemplify the problem with low ballers", I have gotten some crazy responses in the past as well. For those that didn't want or couldn't meet me where I wanted to be price wise, we parted ways. If you want to sell it, PM me your PayPal and we will get it done. If you want to keep it, great.
  5. Time to continue to PURGE the extra's. As usual, all prices are OBRO with shipping CONUS. Lowball offers will be dismissed. 4.) Titleist Vokey SM4 Wedges, 50 and 58 Degree, Wedge shafts. Used for part of a season but plenty of life left in these two. $125/OBO for the pair, shipped. 5.) Titleist 712 MB's 4-PW. Standard Loft and Lie. X-100 shafts. Used for half a season before getting 714's. Great clubs for the next owner. $350/OBO shipped. 6.) Titleist 710 MB's 3-PW. Standard Loft and Lie. Tour Issues X-100 shafts. Great clubs. Left the bag for the newer model. Time for them to have a new bag to live in. $250/OBO shipped 1.) Scratch SS wedges. 50,56,60 degree. Used during two practice rounds and figured out the bounce wouldn't work for me. $SOLD. 2.) Tour AD DI-7x for a 3-wood. Planned on getting this one in the bag but never put an adapter on it. $SOLD. 3.) Titleist Diamana 82 flex-X. Plays at 44.5". Titleist OEM tip. $SOLD.
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