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  1. Up first is a Titleist tsi3 15* hzrdus smoke 6.5. Comes with headcover. Only used a couple of rounds. New +4 grip in grey. Comes with headcover. $275 Next is an Odyssey Strokelab R Ball 35”. New super stroke pistol gt 1.0. Comes with headcover. $110 last is a odyssey strokelab r ball r. 35”. Standard odyssey grip. Comes with headcover. $110 only trade would be a set of Srixon z785 or zx7 with modus 120x. Might be entertained by any set with kbs tour v x flex.
  2. 2 dozen tp5 practice 2 dozen tp5x practice 1 dozen pro v1 practice -------------------------------- $101 shipped
  3. MG Golf for sure. Love them.
  4. All prices are OBO. Only trades would be: jpx 900 forged or tour combo set at least 1/4" long PX 6.0 or 6.5 Ping g400 max 9* with X flex shaft First up is a set of PSI tours 4-pw with KBS tour 130 x flex. These clubs have been used for a couple of years now but are still in pretty good shape. Grips are MCC +4 midsize in good shape. The 9 iron does have some peeling chrome but the face is clean and grooves are good. They are 2* upright and 1/2" long. Asking $260 shipped ($300 with psi 3 iron pictured) Next up is a Srixon 765/965 combo set. The 4-6 are the 765s and 7-pw are the 965. They have KBS tour 130x shafts. 1/2" long and 2" strong. Great shape. Pictures tell the story. Grips are the MCC +4 alignment in great shape. $500 shipped. Next is a 2017 Taylormade M2 9.5* with a Speeder 757 x flex. Comes with headcover a ping grip in great shape. Plays right at 45". Has what looks like a blue sharpie dot on the white. Have not tried to get it off. $250 shipped Up next is a Tour Issue Srizon f65 15* fairway wood. Shaft is tour issue Miyazaki 7x the plays 1/2" long of standard. Club came from a srixon staff touring pro. Comes with headcover. $210 shipped Next up is a Taylormade Spider Black with no sight line. The grip is a Flat Cat Counter Balanced ($50 grip). Plays right at 34". Comes with headcover. $210 shipped Last up is a Biomech Acculock Ace. 43" long. Great way to putt, just not for me. If you have any trouble with your putting at all, this is worth a try. Comes with headcover. $150 shipped.
  5. My little brother played it a couple of years ago from the back tees. He is a +2 and putting is his strength. He played well and shot 86. He said the winds were blowing 20-25 sustained though. He said that he had a ton of 3 putts and that you cannot fathom how much undulation there is on the greens. He said number 6 had the pin up on the shelf and he could not see the top of the flag from where he was putting. He also said that the undulation of the fairways gives some crazy lies. He hooked one around 13 and had an iron in, but he said it felt like the ball was even with his waist.
  6. All prices are OBO and include shipping to the lower 48. No trades, bag is set for now. Need cash for entry fees. First up is a set of ping Iblades 4-pw. Shafts are DG S300 and are +1/4. The lie is green dot. Lofts are 2* Strong. Clubs are in great shape. Asking $675 shipped Next up is a Callaway epic 9* that comes with a Graphite Design Tour Ad Di 7x shaft. The shaft was ordered with standard tipping from callaway and plays slightly over 45". It has a left handed adapter on it which works fine, but the loft is reversed (+2 is actually -1 etc..). I do not have the headcover for it, but it will be shipped with a headcover (not an epic) and I can include a tool if you need it. $500 shipped Last up is a callaway apex ut 21*. Stiff flex KBS shaft. Pictures tell the story. Good shape. $125 shipped Let me know if you have any questions. No trades. Need cash for entry fees.
  7. yeah... we all say that until you have to spend your free time doing meaningful things. You sound like me before I got married and started doing my own lawn maintenance. It is amazing how little time you have with a full time job and golf addiction (and I dont even have kids yet.) That being said, there are alot of people that have lawns like that, but just be prepared to mow 3 times a week and spend some serious time/money on it. I have not quite gone to the reel mower yet, but I like to keep it cut at around an inch. If you want to know how good it can look and the process for getting it nice, I recommend the forum I mentioned in the first post.
  8. Pesticides or herbicides? (or both) No clue how to control it organically. Luckily we do not have those types of restrictions where I live. I use a product call Celsius WG, which will take out most of the weeds (I have bermuda grass). I have heard of people using some types of vinegar solutions for organic control. On another note, Grip solvent kills grass (found out the hard way). Might try to mist some of that stuff on it.
  9. There seems to be a connection between the two. A lot of the guys at my course think they know more than the Super :rolleyes: and are not afraid to voice their "suggestions". Anyways, the main two forums I frequent are Here and Thelawnforum.com Anyone else just enjoy the sight of well manicured grass?
  10. I would think the wear is accelerated by catching some sand between ball and face, therefore it is logical that the wear would be lower on the face than center ball contact.
  11. Noticed they were calling the Protracer, Toptracer. Are they different brands? Whats the difference?
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