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  1. I got 2021 ProV1 balls in the mail from Titleist. Will start testing against 2019 ProV1 when the weather is better.
  2. I always played the prov1x since it's debut (10 years). Then when the spin spec switched, I changed to the prov1. Now when I pull out an x, it sounds and feels like hard plastic and I don't like it. And the left dash is long being so low spin, but it feels like I'm playing a pinnacle gold or something it's so hard. So buyer beware... once you go soft, it's hard going back.
  3. when txg tested the spin was lower on the left dash, but for mere mortals that test it, typically the spin differences off a driver are negligible. It is, however, lower on the irons. If you want to kill some spin on the irons, the left dash is the ball for you among the premium balls. AVX kills even more, but that ball is a different animal. Left dash is like the prov1x on steroids. It's not for everyone, but if it's for you, you'll like it. The 2021 balls have nothing to do with the left dash and the left dash won't be changed. However, not sure how long the left dash will
  4. Bridegstone had a great marketing plan to get folks to try their golf balls, and convince folks they are in the wrong ball. It worked really well for them, while completely confusing and misrepresenting the science behind how a golf ball compresses. On one hand, I congratulate them for the brilliant marketing, on the other hand, shame on them for flat out lying to golfers. Don't choose a ball based on clubhead speed.
  5. The higher the loft, the higher the delta between low spin and high spin balls. All premium balls are designed to have low spin off of the driver. Golfers swings are far less consistent than the differences you would see in spin between models off of a driver.
  6. I think this lesson explains where some of that distance came from
  7. The real question is, when will they stop handing out those old trophies... and start giving out belts This guy won both the Masters and the US Open in the same season...
  8. DJ and Rory like 45.5, but center strike does more for distance than ANY minute amount of clubhead speed you can get from a slightly longer shaft. I think 45" should be the max sold. I always have them cut down and add additional weight. The benefit is even more weight to the rear of the club which adds to the forgiveness as well.
  9. Why do they tour seed these golf balls? Are they really going to get feedback from pro players to modify the end product amateurs get? If anything, I would think they would make some tour only balls if they really had gripes.
  10. Similar category irons. Forgiveness edge goes to the T100 imo. T100 has a very thin top line that rivals some MBs so I think they are better looking. I personally think it's the better iron but it's personal taste thing and either will work well.
  11. jons1

    Driver options

    Taylormade Sim flavors Titleist TS / TSi flavors IMO those are the two top drivers on the market. Each have variations to target different needs / players. You may prefer one over another based on feel, looks, sound, forgiveness. Personally I think the Titleist drivers are best overall and easier to keep in play.
  12. Tiger also had a different approach. He hit 2 irons, 3 woods, stringers, etc. Bryson is literally cocking back and swinging as hard as he can to the upper deck with a putter lofted driver on every hole no matter what. That offends people. That's only been done in long drive competitions... now it's the pga tour. He figured... most of the field is missing these narrow fairways anyway.... I may as well miss them with a wedge than a 7 iron... and can you argue with the results?
  13. If I remember correctly, they were fit on a cool rainy morning last time. So to be honest, they were probably fit well at the time for that fitting, and under different conditions there was room for improvement. All in all, I think Titleist continues to produce excellent equipment and these drivers appear to continue that.
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