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  1. These matches always demonstrate one thing... to be really great at golf, you need to be an athlete first and foremost. Outside of that, it's a pure spectacle.
  2. Ticketmaster has ruined golf events, just like everything else. I can't believe they now allow people to resell and charge anything they want through their platform, taking advantage of the limited tickets the PGA Tour is still enforcing (despite evidence that the masks most people use border on useless, and if you're outside and vaccinated your completely safe). Since when did Ticketmaster get into the scalper business, in addition to their monopoly to raise prices?
  3. The manufactures show them trying new things... often they do not go in the bag until they've tested for a long time or finally give in. Once guys get dialed on something, they don't change that often, they just advertise that they do. Driver changes happen more frequently, but not irons and wedges. And they have every possible measurement of the old stuff they like, and remake them to exactly the same specs. That's the only way they can typically get something in the bag. But when you switch manufactures, you're kind of screwed and have to start over. Some of the bigger names can have them create prototypes that are more similar to their last companies set. And sometimes they are welcome changes and they just take to the clubs. Like when Rahm was interviewed at the US Open and talked about how he's more or less tortured the staff at Callaway for some time to make him a putter that he likes (aka something like his old putter from TM) etc.
  4. I've done that drill. It's called the I've got no freaking clue WTH is going on with my swing right now drill Either he was trying to work on a feeling through impact, he wanted to work from an area where there was more relief through the ball because the poana grass was super grabby / into the grain, or he just saw the ants that follow Bryson's golf ball from course to course and decided he would put an end to them. I think it was the second one.
  5. jons1

    Brooks bryson

    Both of these guys are basically unbearable. You can be a class act and win tournaments, there's plenty of examples. The childish behavior of these two isn't good for the game, isn't even a rivalry, it's just a pathetic example of the current self absorbed generation. Every time they give an interview it's totally ridiculous. Brooks always looks like he just smelled a fart and couldn't be jerkier. Bryson is always rambling on about how every shot he hits is perfect and he only loses because of bad breaks. It's mental.
  6. They are both even par... please pair the two idiots together.... you know who I am. Let's see the eye rolls and awkward silence for a 6 hour round unfold tomorrow.
  7. Rickie threw the kitchen sink at being a major champion and couldn't make it happen, and tried pressing further to get it done, and pressed too far and broke the formula. Too many swing and life changes, and a new ball didn't help.
  8. When you're playing at a level as high as these guys are, the margin of error between a good week and a bad one is really small. Any small difference can be the difference. Just think of the events where folks win by one shot over 72 holes... one shot is nothing. You have to know EXACTLY how you're equipment is going to perform. Changing golf balls, wedges, putters, and lofts are the most dangerous thing pros can do, but balls are the worst.
  9. I'm glad we're all in agreement that both of these guys are complete d bags. So everyone can stop acting like they're part of the Brook Shields fan club and call a spade a spade. The guy is just an egotistical narcissistic d bag rolling his eyes and crying online about at a self absorbed head case. They are poster boys for that entire me me me attention whore generation.
  10. He's won with inferior equipment. lol Tiger Woods using a Bridegstone ball stamped with a swoosh and clones of Mizuno irons is about the weirdest of the switches players made, and he did alright as well. The more demanding the person switching, the better it seems to go. And Tiger is the MOST demanding when it comes to his equipment.
  11. Almost every player for the negative. The worst changes involve golf balls, because they can make clubs that are fairly similar or even prototype clones, but golf balls seem to really throw players into a tailspin.
  12. Definitely not. I tell ya, country clubs and cemeteries, the biggest wasters of prime real estate
  13. Security executes what the PGA Tour, sponsors, and law enforcement expect of patrons, and they enforce it where it's blatantly ridiculous (which is usually after warnings). There's a laundry list of things they don't want people doing. What you're saying makes no sense at all. And that pretty much sums up the entire Brooksie crowd. I have yet to hear one super fan of this guy make any kind of logical argument for the behavior, including the man himself. Me personally, I don't care for either of these two self absorbed tools. They are both an embarrassment to the tour and themselves. But Brooks (seriously, the name alone should tip people off that he's a pompous d bag) is just considerably worse between the two.
  14. It's showing support for a player that isn't in the tournament? Makes sense, said no one. His spin about rivals and just trolling is a thin veil that most folks with any kind sense can see through. And if he keeps it up, he might not like the Ryder Cup experience he's about to get. Want to take a wager on what happens when people start yelling Bryson at him all day? He will be whining all over social media, the press room, with his caddy, security, even some 80 year old lady volunteer marshal at the event. It's just a rivalry and the fans are just trolling Brooke Shields
  15. It would probably help his case if he didn't look like he smelled a fart all the time. He looks like he needs to lighten up and have some more fun on the course.
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